Top movies in the next year 2013 that you must see

By on January 13, 2013


If you are looking to hit the movies this next year and wonder what you should see then grab your calendar and mark these dates. This past year was a year of great movies like Safe House, Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises but 2013 holds promise for some even more exciting blockbusters. Here is what to expect.


1. The Fast and The Furious 6

Some of you wonder how any film can create six movies but Fast 6 has developed from the demands of the viewers. Did you know Fast 5 grossed over 200 million in 2011? People love great characters, nice cars and the excitement that the Fast series brings.

Keep your eye out for May of 2013 because that is when Fast 6 hits the box office with Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker at the helm.


2. The Wolverine

If you are a Marvel fan then you already know the specs on the upcoming release of Marvel’s “The Wolverine”. Its release is July this summer and Hugh Jackman is back starring as the Wolverine himself. Look for some great fighting as Wolverine travels to Japan to train with a samurai warrior.


3. Monsters University

A great movie for this kids this November will be the Monster University. If you are like my family, Monsters Inc. is still popular (perhaps too popular) and we look for Monsters University to be a great sequel. John Goodman, Billy Crystal and Steve Buscemi lend their voices to create another great Pixar animation.


4. The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp will debut this May. It traces the footsteps of a band of Rangers chasing down a gang of bandits. The lone ranger to survive a brutal ambush sets his sights on retribution. Do not miss Disney’s The Lone Ranger.



5. A Good Day to Die Hard

With a release date of February 14th, you might be able to “surprise” your girlfriend with a romantic date. If, of course, your girlfriend enjoys car chases, explosions and the image of Bruce Willis gritting his teeth and spraying bullets‑you should have no problem. Die Hard 5 stars Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney as the father son team navigates their way out of Russia and a terroristic plot.


6. Iron Man 3

If you are a science fiction fan and you enjoy some great adventure, you will enjoy Iron Man 3. This Iron Man hopes to dive a little further into Tony Stark’s character and reveal the inner man of the Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow return to fill their roles in Iron Man 3, set to release this May.


There are many  more movies coming out this year (2013), but I believe these are 6 movies you must see.

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