15 Best TV Series on Netflix

By on February 9, 2015

If you’ve recently signed up to Netflix, it can be hard to know where to start, right? There are so many TV shows out there on offer and so many people are talking about different shows… Where do you start? What do you watch first? Don’t you want to experience losing days upon days on a Netflix binge like the rest of the world seems  to? (Yes – it’s totally worth a day or two off sick!)

We decided to bring to you our favourite and best TV shows to watch on Netflix right now.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab that remote!

1 – Breaking Bad

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_01

It took the whole world by storm and with the follow-up TV show Better Call Saul soon to be on our screens, it’s about time you caught up with the legendary TV show about cooking drugs, having cancer and being a genuine badass in the brilliant Breaking Bad.

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_011

We laughed, we cried, we gasped, and above all, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we binge-watched our way through this hit show. With more twists and turns than any other TV show we’ve ever seen, and more storylines than we almost could keep up with, it’s a brilliant watch that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. Plus Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) is super hot when he’s not getting beaten up or off his face on drugs…

2 – Homeland

It took us a while to jump on the bandwagon with this TV show but it wasn’t long before all our friends and family were talking about it so we figured we had better give it a shot.

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_02

Actually based on an Israeli series called Hatufim, we see Claire Danes (from Romeo and Juliet) playing a CIA chick with a serious bipolar disorder, and the beginning of the TV show itself almost presented itself as a game.

You could watch the first episode online between two and three weeks before it was originally aired on TV, but you needed to complete various tasks and games in order to gain access… It certainly had people talking, that’s for sure!

It’s actually a pretty well-acclimated TV show for something relatively new (it only started in 2011) and has been nominated and won a whole host of prestigious awards including two Golden Globes, and Primetime Emmy’s!

3 – The IT Crowd

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_03

Moving onto something a little less serious and a little more light-hearted and The IT Crowd is great for the geek-lovers out there and is actually a British TV show! Following three office IT guys, it was hilarious and totally relatable and one of the main reasons why it was so well received because there literally is an IT group like this in almost every work place…. Just saying!

4 – House M.D.

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_04

A medical drama starring the infamous Hugh Laurie and we come to something you’ve not really seen on TV before. Rather than your traditional hospital dramas, we are following a doctor that isn’t greatly received by patients or co-workers, and has more than a few problems of his own to deal with which inevitable leads him into hot water on many occasions. Running for eight seasons, it has gained worldwide following and although unconventional, certainly made way for a new niche of medical dramas in the TV world.

5 – Misfits

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_05

Another British TV series and we come to Misfits – a group of young badass kids that are sentenced to community service. The weird thing about this seemingly normal sounding TV show is that not all is quite as it seems. It’s not long after an electrical storm that the group realise they have some pretty cool super powers but let’s face it – these are kids that are in trouble so as you can guess, they don’t always use their powers for good….

6 – Heroes

Another one that we didn’t watch until fairly recently, Heroes is another American TV show that the entire world went bonkers for. Running for four seasons, it took a while to pick up pace but once it did, there was no stopping it and fans were beside themselves when the TV show stopped airing.

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_06

Ordinary people that again seem to have found themselves with some pretty superior super powers, it’s set in the same kind of way as regular comic books which had geek-lovers around the world marvelling!

7 – Dexter

Dexter Morgan is a very hot and very smart blood spatter pattern analyst for a police department in Miami and as you can probably tell from his job description, he finds himself in some pretty gruesome situations. Sadly, that’s not all he does for a living… He’s a secret serial killer that goes around popping off the bad guys of society at the same time!

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_07

How does it all work out? Well, you’ll just need to tune into Netflix to find out!

8 – 24

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_08

Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) is the star in this hit crime TV show that spans twenty-four hours per hour-long episode. The CTU or Counter Terrorist Unit (the department Jack is an agent for) finds themselves solving all sorts of nasty crimes, and although at times pretty gruesome, has had the entire world gripped!

9 – House of Cards

It started as a small British mini-series after being adapted from a novel, but that particular one didn’t hit quite the realms of fame that the US show did and it is now renowned for being one of the must-see shows on Netflix right now.

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_09

A political drama that sees a political dude trying to get himself more power (shock, horror!), it’ll have you gripped from start to finish if you’re into that kind of thing. We prefer something more light-heart4ed but we must admit, this one is a thriller and a definite great watch!

10 – American Horror Story

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_10

Each season covers a smaller, self-contained mini-series in this American TV show but starts with season one in LA when a family moves into an apparently haunted house. Known as an erotic thriller and horror TV series, it’s one you probably won’t want to watch alone, but is a great one to get your teeth into! Why not ask your fella to pop over and keep you company while you watch it? Imagine being snuggled up on the couch, hiding behind that cushion…

11 – Orange Is The New Black

OITNB is a relatively new TV show on Netflix right now but one that seems to have made an impression with the general public both sides of the pond right from episode one. It’s a comedy – crime – drama show with Jim out of American Pie in it! That’s where you’ve seen him before!

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_11

It’s actually a TV show based on a personal memoir from a girl that was actually in prison and so far, has received a whopping 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations!

12 – The Walking Dead

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_122

We LOVE a good zombie watch and it was about time they brought out a really good zombie TV show, wasn’t it? The Walking Dead most certainly didn’t disappoint with gore, laughs, scares and even a love story or two thrown in for good measure.

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_12

Following a group of quite odd friends that come together and try to stay alive in a zombie-run world, there’s everything you’ll expect – suspense, horror, gore and more, and everyone that has watched it has proclaimed their love for it. Isn’t it about time to jumped on the bandwagon?

13 – Him & Her

We come to another British TV show now and although relatively unheard of, is an absolutely brilliant watch. Following a strange young British couple, you see everything REAL about the average relationship these days – those awkward moments with the toilet door open, farting,  dealing with each other’s friends and more.

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_13

If you want something real that you can relate to, this is a great one to watch and has had us giggling for hours!

14 – Prison Break

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_14

With the delectable Wentworth Miller (swoon – those eyes), this hit TV show covers two brothers fighting for justice… as such. One of them has been ‘sent down’ for a crime he didn’t commit, and the other is trying everything in his power to bust him right out of there! Does it ever happen… You’ll just need to watch and find out! 😉

15 – Lost

This ABC drama followed a group of survivors from a plane crash, stranded and ‘lost’ on an island that proves to be more than mysterious. It’s pretty heavy but there’s some nice eye candy along the way, and the six seasons had the whole gripped with will they / won’t they’s, whodunnit’s and a whole host of other dramas along the way. It’s one you’ll Netflix binge on, that’s for sure!

15 Good TV Series to Watch on Netflix_15

There are so many great TV series to watch on Netflix these days, on both sides of the pond, and these are just a few that we’ve kind of fallen in love with over the last few months and years. Maybe you’ll find your new favourite in here too?


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