Tasty Low-Cal Cocktails!

By on January 23, 2013

Summer will soon be upon us again ladies, and it is time to get ready for the beach! It’s almost February now and before you know it, bikini season will be right here. It’s time to get the latest hottest cocktails ready with a low calorie recipe so that you can be beach ready in no time at all!


The Mojito

In the summer months, you want something that is sweet, refreshing and low in calories so you don’t have to be scared about baring your midriff next to the pool. The Mojito is a perfect example of this, and although must sugary drinks scream at you to put it down and turn to soda water, you can either dilute the sugary beverage. Why not try mint, lime and soda water with half the syrup and one shot of white rum? This will be a tasty delight at less than 200 calories per drink!

The Mudslide


This is a perfect drink for the late winter/early spring months when you are going to want something thicker and creamier to help you make it through. The mudslide is a classic example of this – Kahlua, vodka and Baily’s Irish Cream is a wickedly sweet concoction that still only has around two hundred calories or less per glass.

Champagne! (YAY!)


Champagne is better for you than most other drinks in the bar! Yippee! It was only going to be a matter of time before someone suggested that we drink more champers! A 4 oz glass of wine will set you back around a hundred calories each and when you consider that the “average” glass of wine is a *little* bit more than 4 0zs, (cough, try triple!) you will be happy in the knowledge that a glass of the real bubbly stuff is only around 85 per glass. It’ll last longer as it is filled with bubbles which make it an even happier drink even still!

Tequila – It Makes Me Happy!


Rather than downing shots of the Mexican stuff or opting for a margarita, why not opt for a shot of tequila with soda water for a tasty drink that will get you happily sizzled at the same time? On the rocks with a slice of lime, tequila with soda water is a refreshing drink that only contains around one hundred calories. Try mixing this in with some of your cocktails, especially if you ice it up and chuck a load of soda water in there too.

A Slice of Cake


You know you can get different flavored vodka’s these days, right? Well why not try creating your own tasty low-cal cocktail? For example, vodka infused with vanilla, when mixed with low-calorie ginger ale, tastes exactly like a slice of carrot cake! It’s a slice of heaven, that’s for sure! Why not try mixing your flavored vodka with other drinks that are low calorie for a delightful new addition to your parties! The good news about the “carrot cake” cocktail is that it only contains around 100 calories!

Summer is almost here guys and girls, and with these beautiful new tasty low-cal cocktails, you will be ready for the beach-themed festivities to begin in no time at all!

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