60 Matching Sister Tattoo Ideas

By on January 3, 2016

Sisters share unbreakable bonds. They have a unique connection that keeps them together. Most sisters are best friends. They share everything and they know that they can always count on each other. Showcase the love that you have for your sister with a matching tattoo. Tattoos are an excellent way of strengthening the bond between you and your best friend. They’re special because each caries a different, special and very personal message. Make your pick and check out these 60 amazing matching sister tattoos. Let yourself feel inspired by these cool, innovative ideas.

1.Simple Heart Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_01

Sometimes the best tattoos are the simplest ones. This cute heart tattoo is ideal for sisters. It caries quite the significance, not to mention that it’s incredibly discreet and sexy.

2. Heart Fingerprint Matching Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_02

Fingerprints are unique, and each and every one of us has a distinct fingerprint. Show the love that you have for your sister with a matching heart fingerprint tattoo. It looks so simple and yet it carries a significance that only you and your sister can understand.

3. Infinity Arrow Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_03

An infinity arrow tattoo stamped on your wrist will instantly make an impression. It looks sleek and modern, not to mention that it bears an incredible significance. It is the perfect idea of a matching tattoo to get with your sister.

4. Big Sister/Little Sister Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_04

The message of this matching tattoo does’t require an explanation. We love the thin font and the birthday idea too. It gives the tattoo a contemporary allure and it will constantly remind you to take care your sister.

5. Graphic Infinity Arrow Matching Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_05

Give a twist to the classic idea of the infinity tattoo with a bended arrow. Make sure it is stamped somewhere where you can always remember and cherish it. Its significance – the bond between sisters is unbreakable.

6. Sun & Moon Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_06

Keep it cool and simple! Get a sun and moon tattoo with your sister and each time you look at it, you’ll be remembered of the connection you two share.

7. Aztec Inspired Moon Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_07

Aztec inspired tattoos are the best. Make sure yours and your sister’s is someplace where you can see it. Personalize it after your own preferences and make it your unique sign. Both of you will recognize it everywhere you go, and your beloved sister will be with you even if you’re miles apart.

8. Simple Hearts Sisters Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_08

If you’re looking for a cute matching tattoo to get with your sister, then look no further. This amazing hearts tattoo with a “sisters” writing at the bottom is just what you need. It’s fun and easy, yet incredibly meaningful.

9. Matching Wings 

sister matching tattoo_09

Matching wings is the kind of tattoo that tells you no matter where you go and how far you “fly” your sister will always be there for you to support you. Together you are unbreakable!

10. Birds Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_10

This minimalistic tattoo is absolutely stunning. It is small and discreet, so you can have it done anywhere on your body. The wrist looks like the ideal spot. Wear it with pride and cherish your sister.

11. Constellation Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_11

Linear tattoos are in trend these days. They’re really beautiful and contemporary. This constellation-inspired matching tattoo is amazing, not just because it looks good but also because of the message that it bears.

12. Birds, Birds, Birds

sister matching tattoo_12

Matching swallow tattoos are fun, sexy and quite exciting. Both you and your sister will love the idea. Pick your design and spot and enjoy! It’s amazing what a striking effect can simple yet alluring tattoo can have.

13. Yin & Yang Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_13

Make the connection that you have with your sister mean something, and get a yin/yang tattoo. This will show her how much you care for her. Compliment each other and show the world that together you can conquer everything.

14. Sun/Star/ Moon Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_14

This gorgeous tattoo idea will definitely appeal to you and your sisters. It’s fun and simple, but at the same time meaningful and original. Go for the easiest, most linear idea and you’ll have the coolest, most impressive tattoo.

15. Sunflower Inspired Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_15

A half sunflower for you and another half for your sister is the kind of tattoo idea that siblings should consider more often. This funky, graphic and incredibly well-done tattoo looks stunning. What better way to connect with your sister than over a tattoo session?

16. Double Arrow Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_16

It looks like the arrow is a preferred tattoo among women, sisters in particular. It symbolizes strength and it is a perfect idea to use as a commitment vow. To give the tattoo an extra flair of originality, make one arrow smaller, just to distinguish the bigger sister from the little one.

17. Bow & Arrow Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_17

A bow and arrow tattoo is a killer combination. It is an excellent idea because the two elements compliment each other perfectly; they cannot function without one another, just like you and your sister. Have these matching tattoos stamped on your finger for an even bigger wow effect.

18. Faith Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_18

Check out this amazingly stamped “faith” tattoo! The font used is so sleek and beautiful, even a bit delicate. It is a great idea of a tattoo to get with your sister because it shows that faith conquers all. Faith makes our dreams come true.

19. Dove Inspired Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_19

Doves are a symbol of purity, freedom and love. They’re stunning birds and this idea of a tattoo will certainly appeal to your sister’s senses too. Opt for a simple but interesting design; you can even add a twist to the usual drawing and opt for a heart-inspired shape.

20. Love Message Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_20

A tattoo that says how much you care about your sister will definitely make you two a lot closer to each other. It will be like your signature message and it will mean the world to both of you each time you say it to each other – “I’ll love you forever … I’ll like you for always”.

21. Anchor Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_21

If you’re not a fan or bold, visible tattoos, try this discreet anchor tattoo idea. Have it tattooed just below your ear, close to the back of your head. Thus you and your sister will share a little secret nobody else knows about.

22. Heel Tap Anchor Tattoo 

sister matching tattoo_22

Now if you don’t want an anchor tattoo just below your ear, how about on the side of your heel tap? It looks so fun and simple, yet at the same time incredibly chic.

23. Infinity Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_23

Be friends forever with your sister and vow to be there for each other always with a “to infinity … and beyond tattoo”. Go for the infinity sign for some added originality, and personalize it with your own writing style.

24. Black & White Delta Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_24

A black & white delta or triangle tattoo is such a fascinating idea to take into account. Go for a simple, geometric shape and choose a nice spot, such as the upper arm. Enjoy the end result, and always remember to cherish your sister.

25. Morse Code – Lill’ & Big Sister Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_25

Have lill’ and big sister stamped on your upper arm, but have it in Morse code. The idea is cool, original and really fun. Everyone will notice the sleek tattoo, but only a few will know what it means.

26. Heart-Shaped Key Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_26

Do you want to get a tattoo but you’re out of ideas? Are you looking for something fun and simple, but also interesting and original? Because if that’a the case, then you should get a heart-shaped key tattoo. It will be a symbol of love and devotion between you and your sister.

27. Matching Tribal Tattoos

sister matching tattoo_27

Tribal-inspired tattoos are hip and quite appealing too. If you and your sister are looking for the perfect way to stand out, then this idea of a tattoo will match perfectly with your crazy, free-spirited personalities.

28. Bold Sisters Heart Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_28

A bold heart tattoo can’t go unnoticed, especially if it comes with a “sisters” imprint. This original idea of a tattoo should serve as inspiration. Modify it if you’d like and give it a personal vibe.

29. Sleek & Simple Sisters Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_29

Here’s another cool idea of a “sisters” tattoo. The writing is unique and funky, and the beautiful heart incorporated into the writing matches perfectly with the overall tattoo idea.

30. Sisters Tattoo with Touching Message

sister matching tattoo_30

A tattoo that bears a touching, emotional message is exactly what you and your sister should get. Declare the love that you have for each other, and no matter what happens in life, just be there for each other every step of the way.

31. Half Butterfly Matching Tattoos

sister matching tattoo_31

A half butterfly for you and another half for your sister is a tattoo idea that can’t be ignored. Together you are a complete butterfly that can do anything. Support your sister and get a matching tattoo to showcase the eternal love and admiration you have for her.

32. Sun/Moon Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_32

We mentioned the sun/moon tattoo in the lines above. However, we cannot get enough of it. This time around, pick a place with high visibility on your body to get this tattoo and be proud of your sister – the wrist for instance, is an excellent spot.

33. Puzzled Lock & Key Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_33

Graphic tattoos are the best because they’re incredibly visual and enticing to the eye. Opt for the lock & key combo, and make sure your sister knows she’s your soul mate.

34. Heart Lock and Key Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_34

An even better idea for a matching sisters tattoo is a heart-shaped lock with a key. The design is pretty contemporary. We love the fact that the tattoo is simple but somehow it has a vintage allure to it.

35. Messaged Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_35

Once again, if you’re fond of tattoos with a message, you should definitely go for a quote that means something to you and your sister. It has to be a sentence that describes the relationship you two have.

36. Combined Infinity & Heart Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_36

The love sisters share for each other is eternal. The bond can’t be broken, so this idea of an infinity sign mixed with a heart is perfect.

37. Colorful Owl Tattoo 

sister matching tattoo_37

Colorful, playful tattoos are for sisters who are always happy, cheeky and insanely funny. The image ideas presented above are particularly enticing. We love the details put into the tattoos, and although they’re similar, at a closer look the two owls are quite different.

38. Similar Arrow Tattoos

sister matching tattoo_38

Get a matching arrow tattoo with your sister, but modify the base. Even though you love each other to the moon and back, you can’t be the same and you shouldn’t either. Compliment each other and always be supportive!

39. Freedom Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_39

This idea of a freedom tattoo is pretty cool. One of you should have the cage tattooed on the wrist, and the other should have the birds. The message is simple – fly away, be happy and free but never forget to love and support your sister.

40. Matching Flower/Heart Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_40

A heart/flower tattoo looks feminine and interesting on the wrist. This idea is particularly suitable for women, sisters to be more exact. It’s fun, graphic and really modern all at the same time.

41. Carnival-Inspired Sister Tattoos 

sister matching tattoo_41

These two carnival-inspired sister tattoos are pretty fascinating. Both the moon and the sun are exceptionally well-crafted. Each design bears an individual figure. The accessorizing aspect of the tattoo makes the drawing unique and pretty special.

42. Heart-Shaped Fingerprint Tattoo & Infinity Sign

sister matching tattoo_42

What more can you ask for? This funky heart-shaped fingerprint tattoo with an infinity sign attached is absolutely stunning. It’s a great idea of a tattoo to consider with your sister. To keep things interested, swap fingerprints!

43. Emotional Words Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_43

Sisters should keep each other safe. To honor your beloved sibling, get a tattoo with an emotional message. Make sure it’s something you can relate you, and get the Morse code variant tattooed underneath. This will make the idea even more original.

44. Matching Yin/Yang Circle Tattoos

sister matching tattoo_44

Get a matching yin & yang tattoo with your sister, and make the bond you two have even stronger. This idea of a tattoo is pretty original, not to mention that the spot just above th heel cap is quite sexy too.

45. Red Heart/Spades Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_45

Get the smallest but cutest tattoo with your sister and opt for this amazing red heart & spades tattoo idea. It goes really well on the ring finger, and it’s pretty cool too. People don’t usually tattoo their fingers, which is exactly why this idea is so original.

46. Eiffel Tower & Empire State Building Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_46

The Eiffel Tower and The Empire State Building are two of the most fascinating edifices in the whole world. Get inspired and have these tattooed on your wrist. Let your sister pick first, and make sure the design is classic but stylish.

47. Funny Drawing Tattoo 

sister matching tattoo_47

Funky free-hand drawing tattoos are in trend. Check out the image inspiration from above. It may look like it was drawn by a 5-year old, but in essence it’s pretty cool. Gather your sisters together and get one!

48. Yin/Yang & Sun/Stars Inspiration

sister matching tattoo_48

Original tattoos are the best. Check out this blend of yin and yang with star and sun add-ons. It’s amazing how far can one’s imagination go when it’s about doing something with and for someone they love.

49. Beautiful Messaged Sister Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_49

No matter where and how far you go, your sister will always be there for you, and even if she’s not there with her body, she will always think of you. The message above is just an idea of a tattoo with a meaningful message. Do you and your sister have one of your own?

50. Matching Galaxy-Inspired Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_50

This galaxy-inspired tattoo may appear unusual for many. But for two sisters who share the same interests and passions, it actually has quite an important significance. So what if it’s weird for others? If you and your sister like it, then you should own it.

51. Interestingly Shaped Heart Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_51

A heart-shaped tattoo might seem average to many. But the shape presented in the image above is quite interesting. We love the minimalistic touch brought into the tattoo idea.

52. Matching Disney Sister Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_52

Now here’s a tattoo idea you don’t see very often – a Disney-inspired tattoo with big sis and little sis writing and a mousy drawing at the top. It’s fun and funny, but also cool and really hip.

53. Matching Heartbeat Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_54

Sisters share the same beat of the heart, theoretically. They’re similar to one another but at the same time different. Let yourself inspired by this idea of a tattoo, and make yours as cool as possible. Personalize it after your own preferences to give it a touch of extra originality.

54. Colorful Mushroom Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_55

This matching mushroom tattoo idea was inspired from the famous video game “Super Mario”. I’m sure everyone remembers the bond Mario and Luigi shared. At the end of the day, they too were brothers.

55. Everlasting Bond Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_56

The bond two sisters share is everlasting. Turn that saying into a tattoo and have it stamped on your wrist. Make it an original one by attaching a heart drawing to it. It will look so cool and interesting!

56. Micky and Minnie Mouse Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_57

We love tattoos inspired from cartoons. They’re so innocent and fun. Sisters with a developed sense of humor who had a blast in their childhood should definitely take this idea into account.

57. Big Sis & Little Sister Tattoo with a Twist

sister matching tattoo_58

Nothing compares with a big sis & little sister tattoo idea. But if you want to make it more interesting, have a mousy drawing tattooed as a replaced for the dot on the “i”. It will look a lot cooler!

58. Matching Circles Tattoo

sister matching tattoo_60

Simple, geometric tattoos are in style this season. Circles are cool, fun and really interesting too, in spite of their average design. The bigger sister should have a larger circle, the middle sister and slightly smaller, and so on. Cherish the connection you have with them with an elegant tattoo idea.

58. Matching Hands Tattoo


This idea of a matching sisters tattoo is pretty funny. But of course, it’s also a cool idea too because it clearly shows the amazing connection siblings have.

60. Compass-Inspired Tattoo Idea


Last but not least, we have this amazing compass inspired tattoo idea. It’s the perfect design for sisters always looking out for each other. The tattoo will be a constant reminder that she will be with no matter where you go, and she will always find you if you’re in trouble.

Have you made your selection yet? The 60 matching sister tattoo ideas we’ve presented are spectacular. You have plenty of ideas available; use them as inspiration for your next tattoo with your sister.


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