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    60 Mother Daughter Tattoos

    By on September 17, 2015
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    There’s a special bond between mothers and daughters that nobody else can understand. The love a mother has for a daughter is eternal, and vice-versa. The connection is special and powerful, and that’s mainly because both are women. A daughter doesn’t just share genetics and DNA with her mother; she also shares looks, emotions, and dreams. A lot of women view their mothers as their best friend. That being said, a great way of showing that magical love is through a matching tattoo. Here are 60 amazing choices you could use as inspiration.

    1. Graphic Half-Butterfly Tattoo 

    1. mother daughter tattoo

    via Instagram/elifont1108

    A half-butterfly tattoo can have numerous connotations. It could mean that when combined, the halfs become a whole butterfly with wings to fly and goals to achieve. It’s an extremely delicate type of tattoo that exudes pure love and adoration from a mother towards a daughter and the other way round.

    2. Swallow Tattoo

    2. mother daughter tattoo

    via Instagram/janielalangton

    Swallows are so delicate and elegant. They symbolize freedom but at the same time love and admiration. These emotions often shape the connection a woman has with her mother.

    3. Colorful Dragonfly 

    mother daughter tattoo_03

    via Instagram/angelolambo

    A dragonfly is an appealing insect that symbolizes depth of character, maturity and change, both on an emotional and mental level. A matching tattoo between a mother and a daughter can be an opportunity to showcase love even though times have changed and circumstances have set you apart from each other.

    4. You and I

    mother daughter tattoo_04

    via Instagram/kah-knee-sha

    This “You and I” with a heart tattoo is simple yet extremely suggestive. It basically shows that the bond a daughter and a mother share is priceless.

    5. Sunflower Mother-Daughter Tattoo 

    mother daughter tattoo_05

    via Instagram/sammileester

    “You are my sunshine” is such a powerful phrase. In the form of a tattoo with a sunflower in the background it can only mean that mothers love their daughters more than anything else in the world.

    6. Love You/Love You More

    mother daughter tattoo_06

    via Instagram/electricempiretattooinc

    Does your mother have a sense of humor? Check out this childish yet super fun tattoo. It looks like it was made by a 6-year old, which goes really well with the perception every mother has – that a daughter is a daughter and not a woman even though she’s 30.

    7. Music Inspired Tattoo 

    mother daughter tattoo_07

    via Instagram/laylad73

    Women who are fonder of tattoos that are more graphic and geometric could try out this amazing music design. It’s sleek and appealing, perfect for a matching mom-daughter tattoo.

    8. Meaningful Message Tattoo 

    mother daughter tattoo_08

    via Instagram/makaykay_xo

    Some mothers and daughters are better with the written word than with the spoken word. A tattoo dedicated to eah other may be exactly what they need to feel special.

    9. Overlapped Hearts

    mother daughter tattoo_09

    via Instagram/terry.christine

    This overlapping heart tattoo looks so delicate and ingenious. One is red and the other is green, which definitely has a particular significance for the mother and daughter in the picture above.

    10. Infinity Mother-Daughter Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_10

    via Instagram/olgapinks

    “Love you more” and “Love you most” – two phrases that can mean the world to a mother and a daughter. Have these phrases inserted in an infinity tattoo and feel like the most special woman in the eyes of your mom.

    11. Matching Butterflies 

    mother daughter tattoo_11

    via Instagram/dwagonfwy

    A matching butterfly tattoo is a great way to show how much you truly love your mother. Opt for an interesting design and personalize it according to your own preferences. Bright blue with hues of pink and yellow look amazing!

    12. Pure Love

    mother daughter tattoo_12

    via Instagram/gabriellebeth

    Less in more, even when getting a tattoo. A “Love” tattoo in particular, can have the most striking effect. Consider an appealing font and have your mother get one too.

    13. Anchor Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_13

    via Instagram/missyjess88

    An anchor tattoo can have many connotations. Since it is tied to land and sea, it can mean stability and strength. Such imposing mother-daughter tattoo can mean that no matter what happens in life you will always have support from one another.

    14. Doves

    mother daughter tattoo_14

    via Instagram/xx_sophiebabe1_xx

    The dove is a superb bird that exudes delicacy and elegance. A matching tattoo could have a lot of meanings for a mother and daughter. Even though you’re all grown up now and are ready to fly, there will always be someone to comfort you when times get tough.

    15. Mother-Daughter Inspired Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_15

    via Instagram/bcodes

    Preserve your mother’s memory for eternity with this inspiring tattoo. It is emotional and it will help you remember that your mother will always be there for you.

    16. Matching Owls 

    mother daughter tattoo_16

    via Instagram/rainbowbear17

    If both you and your mother have a developed sense of humor, then you might want to try this cute tattoo design. These matching owls are hilarious, and yet  so interesting at the same time.

    17. Mother Daughter Tattoo with Powerful Message

    mother daughter tattoo_17

    via Instagram/americangypsytattooco

    A motivational quote for your mother tattooed on your body will have the most powerful effect. It’s something you’ll both share forever, not to mention that the phrase will always remember the special bond you two have.

    18. Matching Tattoo with Dandelion Accent

    mother daughter tattoo_18

    via Instagram/cerylnaptattoos

    Dandelions are incredibly delicate flowers. Opt for an interesting drawing and pair it with a lovely message for your mother/daughter. The final tattoo will look incredible.

    19. Cute Mother-Daughter Drawing

    mother daughter tattoo_19

    via Instagram/dani.duds

    Let your inner child shine through and consider this simple yet amazing tattoo. It clearly shows how special the bond between a mother and a child can be.

    20. Clover Matching Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_20

    via Instagram/makayla.dawn13

    A lucky clover can have an amazing significance for a mother and a daughter. Go for this amazing design and mark the love you have for each other with a permanent tattoo.

    21. Cute Bee Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_21

    via Instagram/I_gearhart

    This idea of a mother daughter tattoo is absolutely amazing. The bee in the picture above looks so gentle and frail. It could mean a love of things – devotion, love, admiration, and more.

    22. Graphic Mother-Daughter Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_22

    via Instagram/jojo_raidernation

    If you want to have a matching tattoo with your mother but you want it to be unique, then personalize it. Come up with an original drawing and make it significant for just the two of you.

    23. Infinity Heart Tattoo 

    mother daughter tattoo_23

    via Instagram/witchhayzle

    The love of a mother for her daughter is forever, which is exactly what the above tattoo says. Have it drawn on your wrist and it will always remind you of the special bond you share with the most important woman in your life.

    24. Mother-Daughter Feather Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_24

    via Instagram/feetinks

    Feather tattoos often remind us of the Native American. In some cultures feathers symbolize the power of the birds. A matching mother-daughter tattoo could mean that there’s a spiritual connection between the two of you, a bond that only you can understand and enjoy.

    25. Puzzle Inspired Mother-Daughter Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_25

    via Instagram/gabsnicol_

    Mothers and daughters complement each other. They may look alike, they may share the same visions and perceptions of life. That being said a matching puzzle tattoo could mean that when the two are together they understand each other perfectly.

    26. Wings Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_26

    via Instagram/thecornertattoostudio

    Do you need wings to fly? Use one and give the other to your mother. A matching wings tattoo is truly inspiring. It’s all about the power of two people and about how far they can go when they’re together.

    27. Elephant/Elephant Baby Mother-Daughter Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_27

    via Instagram/shaylaneppl

    In the mood for a funny buy funky tattoo? How about a cute elephant family? It could go really well on your wrist, not to mention that it is packed with so much meaning for a mother and a daughter.

    28. Discreet Mother Daughter Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_28

    via Instagram/audjmcd

    Playful tattoos are in trend this season. The ones in the above picture portray the relation of a mother with a daughter; it’s simply but stunning at the same time.

    29. Heart-Shaped Lady Bug Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_29

    via Instagram/brianrva

    A heart-shaped lady bug is without a doubt an original ideal for a tattoo. The picture above looks pretty simple; and yet it can have a striking impact on a mother and daughter.

    30. Funky Lipstick Tattoo

    mother daughter tattoo_30

    via Instagram/_tattoojoey

    This funky lipstick tattoo is suitable for fashionable mothers and daughters. If you’re an elegant type of gal with an equally elegant mother, then this idea of a tattoo will suit perfectly to both of you.

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    1. Elizabeth Thorten

      May 31, 2017 at 9:18 pm

      I liked the overlapped heart tattoo design very much. I want to know if it will look good on calf or should i try it on forearm?

      • web admin

        web admin

        June 2, 2017 at 10:13 am

        I think that both would look really good, but it really depends on what works best for you. I really can’t decide since both options sound extremely cute. Thanks for commenting and good luck, Elizabeth Thorten!

    2. Libby Payne

      May 10, 2016 at 4:31 pm

      some lovely meaningful tats.I’m looking for a three part for Mom and two daughters! I got some great ideas.Thanks!

      • web admin

        web admin

        May 11, 2016 at 3:30 pm

        I am happy to hear that thsi article could help you out. Thanks for commenting, Libby Payne! Let me know how your tattoo works out! 🙂

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