10 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

By on June 20, 2016

Just because you break up with someone doesn’t mean the feelings end with the relationship. There are a lot of reasons for someone to breakup with you even though they’re still in love with you. And if you’re the one that broke things off, then it’s even more likely that the other person still has feelings for you.

Although it can be hard to tell if your ex still loves you, you can definitely figure it out from the way they act around you. Even if they try to hide their feelings, the way they truly feel always has a way of sneaking out and showing itself.

No matter the reason, if you’re curious as to whether or not your ex still loves you, there are many signs that can tell you all you need to know. Here’s how you can decipher their true feelings without letting it be known that you’re curious.

  1. They still text you all the time.

One sign that your ex still loves you is if they’re still initiating contact even after the breakup. If they’re still texting you here and there and trying to communicate with you in any way, they probably still have a lot of feelings for you. If they didn’t, they obviously wouldn’t feel the need to talk to you all the time. But since they are texting you and initiating all of the conversations, they definitely still like you and probably want you back.

  1. They like all of your pictures on social media.

A huge indication that your ex still loves you can be seen by the way they interact with your social media pages. If he constantly likes your pictures and updates – and I mean every single one you post – then he definitely still loves you. This is especially true if he ends up creeping all the way back to your old pictures of the two of you and liking or commenting on them. This clearly means that they’re just not over you and still love you.

  1. He obviously tries to make you jealous.

Making a person jealous is a desperate move to make them like you again. The only problem with this is that it’s usually so blatantly obvious that it almost never works. If you notice that your ex is bringing around new, attractive people and making a point for you to see that they’re together, then there’s a huge chance that they still love you.

  1. He is mean to all of your new love interests.

Jealousy can make people do crazy things and if your ex still loves you, he’s going to be REALLY jealous about all of your new love interests. Jealousy usually translates to some pretty horrible behavior and you’ll know if he is jealous by the way he treats your new lovers. He’ll be really mean to them, tell you that they’re not good for you, and can even go as far as approaching them in public. This is a clear sign your ex still loves you.

  1. They haven’t officially dated anyone else.

No matter the amount of new people they bring around you to try and make you jealous, if they haven’t dated anyone else then they’re not over you and probably still love you. It’s hard to move on and date someone else officially and be fully committed to them if they’re still in love with you. This means they’ll avoid any real relationships if they still have a lot of feelings pent up for you. If it’s been a while and you see they’re still single, it’s probably because your ex still loves you.

  1. They post sappy and depressing updates on their social media.

Now, as lame and desperate as this can seem it also shows just how much they still have feelings for you. Normally, if you broke up with them you would probably delete them from all social media just because it’s a lot easier to deal with the breakup that way. However, if you still have them on social media and you’re seeing a lot of breakup quotes and depressing quotes about how much they’re still hurting, then it’s a really obvious sign that your ex still loves you.

  1. They still reach out to you on important days.

Has your ex still been texting you on your birthday or any other major holiday that warrants a text or phone call? Then they still love you. If they didn’t have any feelings for you then they wouldn’t feel the need to reach out and let you know that they’re thinking about you on that important day. Since they are giving you a happy birthday or anything else like that, then it’s a sign that they still love you and haven’t moved on just yet. This could even go on for a whole year before they finally give up and realize that there is no going back to the relationship that once existed. So be prepared.

  1. You “coincidentally” run into your ex everywhere.

I don’t really believe in coincidences to begin with and I especially don’t believe in them when exes are involved. If you end up running into them when you’re out and about more often than not, then they’re probably showing up there on purpose. They probably got word that you’d be there and are showing up there as a way to either win you back or just see you in general because they miss you. This is a huge sign that your ex still loves you.

  1. He sends you funny memes/pictures to remind you of the “good times.”

When your ex sends you pictures of things that remind both of you of something that happened in your relationship or an inside joke between the two of you, they’re trying to remind you of the fun times the two of you had when you were together. AKA, they want to try and spark your feelings for them because they clearly still have feelings for you. This not only shows that they still love you, but it’s also a huge attempt for them to see where you stand with your feelings and can be an attempt to try and remedy your relationship.

  1. He confesses it.

There’s nothing that can more clearly tell you how they feel about you better than they can. When an ex confesses that they’re still in love with you – no matter who broke up with who – they’re trying to reach you on a deeper level in the hopes that you two can get back together. Although sometimes an ex could say this and be lying just as a means to get back in your pants, it’s usually sincere and can jog some feelings of your own. My advice for this is to think about it carefully before committing to anything more with them. Confessing their feelings is no doubt a true sign that your ex still loves you.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell if an ex still loves you and sometimes it’s so ridiculously obvious that it can be annoying. Have you ever had a gran gesture made by an ex that told you they were still I love with you?


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