12 Signs a Guy is Flirting with You

By on October 3, 2016

Guys have an awfully funny of way of showing that they like you. Some of them will just outright say it and make it really obvious while with others, you’d never be able to tell that they were flirting with you at all!

But there is a silver lining to be seen, here. All guys can have signs that they’re flirting with you even if they’re trying to be subtle. Fortunately, I’m here to give you all of those signs. Some of them may be harder to tell from others, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll know just who’s flirting with you and who is just being friendly.


  1. Eye Contact

On a regular basis, people don’t really give all that much eye contact. Sure, you’ll look up at someone you’re talking to and see their eyes for a second before diverting them by something you’re distracted by. But if there’s a guy that’s spending an awful lot of time looking you in the eyes and not breaking that eye contact, he’s definitely got his flirt on and he’s definitely into you. In order to see if this really works, however, you have to be giving him just as much eye contact. So don’t shy away if you want to know for sure.

  1. Compliments

This is a really obvious sign that a guy is flirting with you. If you’re in person and he just outright tells you that you look beautiful or cute or attractive, he’s obviously flirting with you. But this doesn’t just cover compliments of your appearance, either. If he’s complimenting your interests, hobbies, and intelligence, that’s even more of a sign he’s flirting.

  1. Teasing

We all remember in kindergarten when we would go right up to our crushes and make fun of them on the playground, right? Well, this doesn’t really change when we get older. In fact, if a guy is making fun of you in a cute and playful way, they’re actually just trying to flirt with you. Although this method can be tricky if they cross a line, it’s still very effective at telling whether or not someone is flirting with you.


  1. “Accidental” Touches

Normally, people don’t touch each other too much. We might bump into each other or touch their shoulder to get their attention, but it’s a natural thing between people that are already friendly with each other. Now, if a guy is making a point to touch your arm or even tickle your waist or give you any other kind of physical contact, even if they say it’s “accidental”, they’re really probably just flirting with you.

  1. He Gets Nervous When Talking

If you’re been talking to a guy here and there and whenever he talks directly to you he gets a little nervous and even perhaps looks sweaty and jumbles his words, it could be because he’s trying to flirt with you but is just super nervous to do so. This is a telltale sign that a guy is flirting if he’s not the confident type. Be on the lookout for sweating, stammering, and general nervous behavior.

  1. He Stays Behind Just to Chat with You

If all his friends are heading out somewhere and he stays behind just to talk with you a little longer, it’s definitely because he’s flirting with you. If he mentions that his friends can go ahead without him because he’s happy where he is, this is a MAJOR sign he’s totally flirting with you. When a guy drops a line like this around his friends, it’s basically an announcement of his flirtation.


  1. He Gets Really Close

This really also depends on where you are and the environment that you’re in. If you’re talking with a guy in a quiet place that doesn’t have many people, it’s normal to stand a decent distance apart. However, if you’re in a crowded bar or party, he’ll naturally need to stand closer. But if he’s standing really close to you without a necessary reason to be doing so, it’s because he’s really trying to get his flirt on with you.

  1. He Asks About Your Future Plans

This isn’t really about asking for your future plans as in years from now, it’s when he asks about what you’re doing later next week or later that very day, even. He’s asking so he can figure out where you’ll be and perhaps even go there with you. If there’s a guy talking really friendly with you and making an effort to wonder what your plans are, he’s flirting with you.

  1. He Sends Wink Faces Through Texts

Texting is probably the easiest place to pick up on hints of flirting than anywhere else simply because most guys are a lot more brave over text than in person. If the guy you’re talking to is sending flirting smiley faces after making a funny joke or such, he’s definitely flirting with you. The wink face is a definite giveaway that he’s really trying to flirt with you and show you that he’s into you.

  1. He Tells You His “Secrets”

This is especially true if he even mentions to you, “I haven’t told anyone this before.” When a guy opens up – even if it’s a “secret” that he’s divulged to certain people before – he’s trying to flirt. By letting his guard down and giving you an inside look at a more intimate part of his life, he’s hoping that you’ll begin to feel comfortable around him and you’ll like him back. Any guy that says, “I have a secret for you,” is absolutely flirting with you. The upside to this technique is that he can actually get really close to you to whisper the secret in your ear.

  1. He Tries Impressing You

Now, sometimes this is a really good thing and other times it can fail for them miserably and make them look like a complete fool. Either way, if there is a guy that’s going out of his way in order to impress you, it’s because he’s flirting with you. This can really be just about anything. If he’s telling elaborate stories about himself that make him look good or even if he tells you to, “watch this,” before going out and going something crazy, they all mean he’s flirting with you.


  1. He Always Makes Jokes

Making a girl laugh is always a great way to get to her heart. Guys know this and so when they’re flirting, they’re probably going to be telling you a lot of jokes. Some of these jokes can be really terrible and only make you laugh because they’re so bad, and some may actually make you laugh super hard. Either way, if you’re talking to a guy who’s also showing other signs of flirting with you and he’s telling joke after joke, it’s safe to assume he’s totally getting his flirt on with you!

Flirting is something that everyone does from time to time. It’s natural and it’s a really fun way to get to know someone and show they you like them. If you want to be able to tell if a guy is flirting with you, these tips will help make that happen!


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