Should I Call Him?

By on May 1, 2015

The real question to ask yourself is why you’re stressing over whether to call him. We really put way too much thought into dating that we need to. A relationship should only be a percentage of your life and should only take up a portion of your thoughts. All too often women forget everything they were working towards when they start talking to a guy. First, I need you to stop worrying about who should be calling who. You need to be thinking about your health and your goals. Let the relationship blossom outside of you pursuing your goals.


If you feel like calling him do and if you’re too busy, don’t. Don’t build up stories in your mind about what he might be thinking or why he hasn’t called. Adults don’t play these games in a relationship.

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He’s Either Into You or Not

You’ll know when you use your women’s intuition if he’s into you. The way he speaks to you, the frequency of his communication and the tone of his voice will tell you if he’s interested in making this something serious. So don’t waste your time if he’s not calling you back. If you feel like you’re on a one way communication street, let go of your ego and accept that this guy is just not the one. You’ve got plenty of things to focus on besides why he’s not communicating.


Don’t Worry About Calling Him

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Yes go ahead and call him. If he doesn’t pick up or call you back, you know he’s not interested. If he’s responsive and happy to hear your voice, you’ll know he’s interested. We should never tip toe around what we are wondering in relationships. Real mature relationships are about open communication and if you feel confused about whether or not a guy likes you, just ask him. If he’s dragging you along and sending you mixed signals, don’t waste your time, just move on.


Hold Your Ground

I don’t like those relationship advice articles that tell you to play hard to get. That essentially gives away your power and makes you suffer unnecessarily. Either he likes you or he doesn’t and pushing someone away to get closer to him is not going to create a healthy relationship. You want someone you can be real with, not that you have to trick into liking you. If you feel like you’re having to convince him to like you or waiting around for him to decide if he wants to hang out, this man is not ready for a relationship and you don’t have to put up with his indecisiveness. If he is confused or showing signs that he’s really just using you or afraid of commitment, don’t torture yourself, find someone who is willing to be emotionally open and vulnerable.

He Must Show Respect

If you have called him and he only texts you back, it’s a sign that he doesn’t really respect you. When guys are immature and just looking for a good time, they won’t make an effort to communicate in a sensitive manner. When their goal is to just date a hot chick, they will just treat you like a hot chick and not like the sensitive individual that you are. If you feel like you’re not being treated with the respect you deserve, don’t even call him. The way he communicates with you shows his emotional maturity. If you find yourself wondering why he hasn’t contacted you, chances are he’s going to continue to leave you hanging and you’re wasting your time.


Notice If You’re Relying On Him

Here is the tricky part. If you find yourself thinking about him all the time, it may be a sign that you’re looking for happiness through the relationship. A man will sense if you’re being codependent and it will push him away. If you feel like you’re unhappy when you don’t hear from him, it’s important that you take time to work on yourself. Build your confidence through reading about personal development, getting healthy and looking for ways to make your life fulfilling by helping others. We often get into a mode where we focus on getting energy from others for ourselves through compliments or physical affection but that is actually giving our power away. When we love others and show everyone we care about them, we are no longer energy suckers but energy producers. We are then empowered because we provide our own happiness and if a man does show up to say he cares about us, we don’t need him but it’s a nice addition to our already happy lives.

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If you’re calling or texting him incessantly and he’s not responding, you are way off track. When we are feeling weak, we often look to someone else to fill the void we are subconsciously feeling. We will even become angry that that person isn’t responding. This whole reality we have created is really because we are mis focused. We need to stop having a selfish energy which pushes people away. We need to shift gears and start thinking selflessly. Find ways to spend your time that will grow your brain and give you skills that can be of value in enriching your community. When people live selfishly, they will always find that people don’t want to call them back. This is a very true and empowering realization that we all need to make.


Finally ladies if you feel open and comfortable with a man and your conversation flows naturally, call him whenever you want. Of course, be conscious of how you communicate with him. Don’t just dump your problems on him and vent. When you talk, talk about important things, be complimenting and use your words to inspire him. Think about using communication as a tool to build positive energy in your relationship, not to drain his energy. Words are strong and can breed positivity or negativity depending on our ability to think before we speak. When we communicate with someone thinking about their feelings, the way we communicate shifts dramatically.

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