Sweet Romantic Gestures for Love Life

By on September 14, 2015

Love is a beautiful thing, and although your partner loves to HEAR those three special words ‘I love you’, they love to see it and feel it too. How can you do that? It’s not hard- in fact, there’s tons of simple everyday gestures that are incredibly sweet and romantic and will let your partner know just how much you care.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s break it down with 20 adorably sweet gestures that can work for that special man or woman in your life.

A Thoughtful Text Message
I don’t know about you, but when the person I love is away at work or school, I miss them like crazy! I can’t help but wish they were right next to me so I could smother them with hugs and kisses. Well, that’s not possible. And unfortunately, neither is a phone call. So what’s your next best option? The handy dandy text message of course! Fill their inbox with an adoring text message they can read at break- it will definitely brighten their day.

A Loving Voicemail
Don’t like to text or just don’t think it’s enough? Okay, fine. Go ahead and give your lover a call when you know they won’t be able to answer the phone. Surprise them with a loving voicemail about how wonderful they are, how much you miss them, and of course how much you LOVE them.

Cute Messages Around the House
Two words: post-it notes. If you don’t have them, run down to your local dollar store and stockpile the drawer; you’ll thank me later. Why? Because post-it notes placed strategically around the house with little notes of love is an easy and super cute way to show your partner you care. Place it in spots you know they’ll see: the inside of the refrigerator, on top of the television remote, on their computer monitor- you get the point!

Cook Dinner Together
You’re probably used to having dinner set on the table for your lover come dinnertime. It’s a delicious meal cooked with love and they always enjoy it. And what a nice gesture! But why not switch it up? Cooking dinner with your partner can seriously be SO much fun. Make a whole night out of it! Buy silly aprons, have a bottle of champagne ready on the table for sips throughout the cooking procedure, have a food fight- there’s no limits, just have fun and enjoy a tasty meal!

Surprise Them With Small Gifts
Umm, who doesn’t love a small gift from their partner? And honestly, you could go big or small; it’s whatever is in your budget. But a small treasure is always a big hit in itself, because it was a SURPRISE and a very thoughtful gesture. Find something you know your partner has been wanting or simply just find something that’s unique to them and something you know they will adore. They’ll love that you thought of them and remembered the things they like; that says a LOT about how much you care!

Have Date Night Planned
Who doesn’t love to be picked up by their mate with date night plans already in order? Seriously it’s every girls dream, and I’m sure a man wouldn’t mind having his lady surprise him with a night of adventure.Have reservations ready at their absolute favorite restaurant and don’t forget to have bought tickets for the movie beforehand so they’re ready to be picked up at the front. Hit the ice rink, go to the park for a picnic, or head out to a sports game. The possibilities are ENDLESS! If you want to get really into it, have their entire date night wardrobe picked out and don’t forget the matching accessories!

Bake Them Something
So he likes chocolate chip cookies? Okay, that’s an easy one. Whip em up, use a heart shaped cookie cutter, and surprise him with a delicious baked treat from yours truly. She likes something a little more obscure, like a vanilla and strawberry cake with raspberry creme filling and a cookie crust? Okay, well, give it your best shot. It might not turn out like the store, but she’ll love the sweet gesture anyways. Especially if you can remember the LONG list of ingredients in her favorite dessert!

Always Hold Hands
Wherever you go, always hold hands. Seriously. How simple is that?

Gaze Into Each Others Eyes
Forget about how incredibly corny this might be. If the mood is right and you’re both madly in love with each other, it will feel natural. Of course you want to stare deeply into the eyes of the person you love, right? Give it a shot!

Do Something THEY Love
Everyone has different interests and hobbies, and while the two of you may do your favorite things separately, every now and then it’s a great idea to enjoy your partner’s hobby. Even if you HATE the hobby, do it with them from time to time. It will show them that you care about them AND their interests and don’t mind doing something you despise just to spend some quality time with them.

You can’t go wrong with a massage. One, it relaxes them, and two, shows you want them to feel relaxed, calm, and happy, even if you don’t get one in return!

Breakfast in Bed
Does this one really need an explanation?

Prolong Your Goodbye
If you’ve got a few extra minutes to spare in the morning, why not draw the goodbyes out a little longer? Instead of a quick peck on the lips and a hurried ‘See you later’, try grabbing each other tight and interlocking in a romantic hug for a minute. Look deeply into each others eyes and tell each other you will miss each other and to have a wonderful day at work/school. End it with a passionate kiss and see how madly in love you feel all day long!

Never forget the importance of cuddling, whether you’re going to sleep, watching a movie together, or just hanging out!

Compliment Them
Everyone loves a compliment, especially when it comes from the man or woman of their dreams. You can’t go wrong with a compliment, seriously!

Compliment Them… In Front of Others
Okay, there’s just something about being complimented by your partner in public that is SO sweet. Saying things like “I’m a lucky guy!” to the waitress or telling the barista your beautiful girlfriend will have a vanilla latte does wonders for showing how much you care. You’re not afraid to tell OTHERS how much you adore your partner, and that’s really saying something.

Try Something New Together
New experiences, done together, is an awesome way to strengthen a relationship and tighten a bond. Not only that, but it can be LOADS of fun! It could be something small like a cooking class or something wild like skydiving. What new thing will the two of you try together?!

Remembering the Past
Remembering past moments spent together is an obviously romantic gesture that always gives your partner butterflies. You actually remember things- even the small stuff- and that PROVES you care!

Preheat/Cool Down the Car
Extra cool morning? Get up early and preheat their car. Too hot outside to breathe? Take the risk and cool down their car before they have to get in. They’ll appreciate it like no other and it is a definite romantic gesture; you braved the cold/heat just to ensure they’d be comfortable!

Cute Nicknames
Because calling them by their first name is so boring. You’re in love, so bring out the cute pet names!

What are some of your favorite sweet and romantic everyday gestures?

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