How to Tell Someone You Love Them

By on September 18, 2015

Telling someone you love them is one of those heart-stopping moments that never get easier, no matter how many times you’ve said it or how much you’ve prepared for the big event. And if you’re struggling with the right words to say or simply need some extra advice, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you a handy breakdown describing not only how to TELL someone you love them, but how to show them too.

First Things First: Make Sure You Are Really in Love
It’s unfortunate, but so many people mistake love for lust or need; and I don’t blame them. Distinguishing between the two can be incredibly difficult, especially when the relationship is new and fresh. Do you have a genuine love for this person? Do they make you smile, make your life feel complete, and you look at them with absolutely no judgement whatsoever? Do the two of you have mutual goals you’re working towards together, not just one person relying on the other for their future and happiness? Are the two of you equals, respecting each other with trust and honesty? That is love.
On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting nothing more than to dive into your partners pants and have no actual communication or connection, you may be mistaking those fireworks for lust not love. And if you feel that you HAVE to have this person in your life or you can’t go on, you may confusing love for need.

Don’t Ever Say You Love Someone Too Soon
The start of a brand new relationship is ALWAYS fun. The two of you talk for hours on end, laughing and giggling and flirting like no other. You go on silly and romantic dates and there’s fireworks every time you kiss. It may feel like you’re madly in love right off the bat. But unfortunately, this feeling is almost ALWAYS untrue. While you may end up falling in love with this individual at a later time, don’t throw the words out there too soon. You may end up changing your mind in the long run or worse, scaring off your new mate. Give it time. Relax.

Tell Someone You Love Them Using Your Words
Be brave and say it to their face.
Now, this one might not be for everyone; it can be seriously hard and nerve-wracking to say these three powerful words to someones face. But that’s just the thing- they’re powerful words, and having the courage to say it to your lovers face is the best way to do it. When the time feels perfect, build up your courage, look deeply in their eyes, and say ‘I love you’. Their heart will instantly melt and you’ll see the best facial reaction you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Guaranteed.

Whisper it in their ear.
You could whisper practically anything and it would automatically be amazingly romantic; agreed? Whispering ‘I love you’ in your partners ear is always a great idea. When they’re least expecting it- for instance the two of you are cuddling on the couch watching an adorable movie and exchanging kisses every five seconds- lean in and whisper those three special words with a kiss on the neck. So, SO romantic!

Plan a romantic date night and tell them.
Call your partner in the morning. Tell them you’ve booked reservations for a dinner cruise and to wear their finest attire. Inform them tonight is a very special night and you have something important to tell them- but don’t tell them what it is, no matter how much they pester you. It will be the surprise of a lifetime when you come out with the big L word during an incredibly well planned out and utterly romantic date.

Say it over the phone.
Well, this particular option isn’t really recommended. A lot of people may consider this not heartfelt or romantic in the slightest; after all, the majority of individuals want to be told to their face. But sometimes you have no choice. Maybe the two of you are apart for awhile or you simply can’t draw up the courage. If that’s the case, you’ll have to say it over the phone!

Tell Someone You Love Them Without Actually Saying It
Write him a love letter.
To shy to use your words? Then write them! I don’t know about you, but a love letter is extremely amorous and sentimental, and it’s something your lover will be able to keep for the rest of their life. Your love letter doesn’t have to be incredibly long: just jot down WHY you love him or her and end it with an “I’m in love with you” or “I love you” to seal the deal. They will LOVE this sweet gesture.

Write him a short, romantic poem.
Create your own romantic poem to knock them out of the park, or choose a pre-made one that will still send their heart into an instant flutter. Everyone loves a handwritten romantic poem, but the pre-made classics are always good too.

Get witty with an ‘I love you’ song.
Think you can pull out all of the creativity in your valve and write an entire ‘I love you’ song? Then we say GO FOR IT! They’ll love this fascinating gesture and it’s something they’ll want to remember forever. And you can win extra romance points by serenading your beautiful song to them. Honestly, what’s more glamorous than that? It’s like a romantic movie brought to life!

Write in in the sky.
It may be a LITTLE pricey, but it’s definitely something that will WOW them. Plan your next date during the daytime- a picnic outside at her favorite park perhaps- and surprise them with ‘I love you’ written in the sky.

Write it in the sand.
Take your lover out for a day at the beach and tell them you have a special message to write for them in the sand. They’ll be shocked when the giant letters form an ‘I love you’ confession.

Hidden message.
Maybe you could have the words ‘I love you’ written and placed inside their menu the next time you go out to dinner. Maybe you could plan an entire scavenger hunt where the end message reads I love you. There’s plenty of opportunities and ideas to hide your powerful note!
Tell Someone You Love Them Using Only Actions
Encourage him in all areas of his life.
Supporting someone and encouraging them is an easy way to show them that you love and care for them. After all, if you could care less about their future or life, you wouldn’t stick around to help them during the tough times and cheer them on during the great times. And who doesn’t love to have someone by their side through it all?

Go the extra mile to see him smile.
When you are in love with someone, you will stop at nothing to see them smile; and that’s a FACT. If you constantly go out of your way to make them smile and make it a goal to make them happy every day of their life, they will definitely feel the love coming from your direction.

Care about his thoughts, feelings, and interests.
When you love your partner, communication is key. You consider their thoughts and feelings about anything and everything, big or small, and always listen to what they have to say. You’re there to listen and be the shoulder to cry on when they need it, and you’re there to celebrate the happy news in their life. And you know how much you hate basketball? Well, you’ll still watch a game with him every now and then simply because you love him and want to share his interests. You’ll willingly go and get a pedicure with your girl because she asked you too? Now that’s love.

Accept him for who he is.
Accepting someone for who they are and not judging them based off their looks, past, or quirks, is simply the easiest way to show someone you love them. If you can accept him with ALL of his flaws and never throw it in his face or judge him harshly because of it, then you have shown him how deeply you love and care for him.

Be yourself.
Being yourself is another insanely easy way to show someone you love them. After all, if you’re hiding behind lies and deceit, you’re not giving this individual your all. You’re not letting them in and letting them see YOU for who you truly are, and they can’t truly love you without knowing you to the fullest. That being said, be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your good and bad side. Be open and honest with your partner if you love them and want them to love you back.

Care about his friends and family.
If you didn’t love them, you could care less if their friends hated you. You wouldn’t bother trying to make a good impression with their family. On the other hand, going out of your way to make sure the friends accept and love you and the family thinks your a perfect fit is a great and powerful way to say I love you. And if you’re willing to help out the family with events- maybe bringing some extra food to his grieving uncle or visiting the hospital to make sure her grandma is okay- is another great way to show how much you care. After all, when you love someone, you don’t just care about THEM but everyone who is close to them.

How NOT to Tell Someone You Love Them
Through email or instant messenger.
Okay, seriously. How impersonal is that? I would hate to open my Facebook account, see a new message from my boyfriend, and see ‘I love you’ written in the message box. Absolutely no romance, and he didn’t even go out of his way to say it in a genuinely caring and charming way. Instant mood killer- and if you do end up doing it through email or instant messenger, I can almost guarantee you won’t get an I love you in return.

Through a mutual friend.
Seriously, we’re not in seventh grade anymore. We don’t use our friends to tell our other friend that we ‘like like’ them. If you really love someone- and it’s not fake, phony, or simply just lust- then you need to tell them yourself, no matter how you end up doing it. DO NOT let a friend spill the beans for you!

When you’ve been drinking.
Do I really need to explain this one? Drinking leads to saying things we don’t always mean to the fullest. If you’ve been drinking, keep it flirty and casual. Don’t confess your love to your mate while you’re slurring your words and falling off your chair. That’s not romantic or sweet; it’s just pathetic.

How do YOU tell someone you love them?

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