100 Pretty Girl Names 

By on July 21, 2015

Still trying the perfect pretty name for a girl? This list of 100 pretty girl names is designed to help you out. Ranging from Sanskrit traditional names to flower names, the list includes all of the names you love and some that you have never heard of before. If we missed your favorite pretty girl names, make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Pretty Names for a Girl

1. Aadila

Aadila is a name that means honest. It is the perfect title for your future equal rights activist or non-traditional child.

2. Aaa’eedah

I have no clue how you would even say this name, but it supposed to be an Islamic name that means reward.

3. Aarohi

Recently, Aarohi has developed a new popularity. It is supposed to be a title for a musical tone, but it also happens to be an extremely pretty girls name.

4. Aashi

For the child who is all grins, Aashi means smile.

5. Aashirya

This name is supposed to mean from the land of God. It is an extremely unique name and has an uncommon sound to it.

6. Abeer or Abir

You can choose either spelling of this name. Either way, it means fragrance.

7. Abigail

Abigail is an extremely traditional. One of the presidents of the United States actually had a wife named Abigail Adams. Although this is an old-fashioned name, it is becoming extremely popular now.

8. Abha

Abha is a name that means ray of beauty, so it is perfect for a daughter that will bring a beautiful ray of sunshine into your life.

9. Abhaya

If your goal is to raise a warrior princess, Abhaya is the name for you to choose. It means fearless, and it is perfect for a little girl who is about to set out to conquer the world.

10. Abhilasha

Abhilasha is a foreign name that means ambition or desire. It might not be suitable for an infant, but it would be extremely appropriate for a girl once she has grown up.

11. Aboli

Found in Hindu, Aboli is a name that means flower. It has a beautiful sound to it and is fun to say.

12. Adrika

Another unusual name is Adrika. This name is known for meaning celestial or heavenly. Although she might not match up to this name as a toddler, it will hopefully describe your daughter as she gets older.

13. Afaaf

For another tongue-twister, try Afaaf. You can be pretty certain that no one else has this name. Additionally, Afaaf means pure or virtuous.

14. Ahd

Ahd is short, sweet and to the point. It means knowledge and is a great way to encourage your daughter toward a future of learning.

15. Ai

In Chinese and Japanese, Ai means love. Plus, your daughter will have an easy time learning to write her two-letter name when she enters kindergarten.

16. Akuti

The name sounds chic and modern, but it actually means princess.

17. Akshita

I love the meaning for this name—Akshita means wonder girl.

18. Aleema

Aleema is a name for a girl known for her learning and wisdom. If you are looking for a name that means wise or knowledge, Aleema is the name to choose.

19. Alia

This name means sublime or exalted. Additionally, it has a very pretty sound to it.

20. Alisha

Alisha was a fairly popular name a decade or two ago, but it is not as common today. This name actually means protected by God.

21. Althea

Althea was a person in Greek mythology, so this name has been around for quite a long time.

22. Alvapriya

Hailing from the east, Alvapriya is a gorgeous name for a baby girl. It is known for meaning “music lover”.

23. Amara

Amara is a wonderful name because it means stylish, pretty and strong. It also sounds like the French word for love.

24. Ambar

No, that was not a spelling mistake. It really is Ambar, not Amber. This name means the sky.

25. Amelia

Amelia was the name of the famed female pilot, Amelia Airheart. It is also known for meaning ambitions and industrious.

26. Amodini

Amodini is a very cute, melodic name that means joyful or happy.

27. Amolika

Amolika means priceless. I love how it is the perfect blend of soft and hard sounds.

28. Amora

Amora is known for meaning love in Spanish, and it is a great name for a loving child.

29. Amrita

Amrita has a very serious, other-worldly sound to it. It means spiritual holy water.

30. Anagha

Anagha is another name for the goddess, Lakshmi.

31. Anahita

Meaning graceful, Anahita is an easy name to divide into nicknames.

32. Angarika

In India, Angarika is another term for a bright, fiery flower known as the palash.

33. Anika

Anika has a sassy, fun sound to it. It is another term for the goddess, Durga.

34. Anne

Anne Boleyn was once a wife of the king of England, and it is the name of the famous modern author, Anne Rice. In Hebrew, Anne means favored by grace.

35. Anura

Anura is a name that means knowledgeable.

36. Aphrodite

Forever illustrated in paintings, pottery and sculptures, Aphrodite was the gorgeous Grecian goddess of love.

37. Arabella

Arabella is one of my favorite names on the list. It could be shortened to “Ari” or “Bella”. Arabella also happens to mean elegant and lovely.

38. Aradhya

This is a unique sounding name that means Aradhya.

39. Ariadne

Ariadne comes to us from ancient Greek mythology. In Greek, this name means the most holy.

40. Atiqah

This is another name that means beautiful or loving.

41. Atiya

Atiya means gift or present.

42. Avantika

This name means queen, but hopefully your little one will wait until she has grown up to begin acting queen-like.

43. Bella

Bella means beautiful in Italian, and it just rolls off of your tongue like nectar. I love how easy it is to say, and the meaning makes it even more beautiful.

44. Cassandra

You can spell this name as Cassandra or Kassandra. Either way, it is a reference to the daughter of King Priam of Troy. In mythology, Cassandra could tell the future, but was cursed because no one ever listened to her prophesies.

45. Celine

Celine is the name of a famous singer, and it means the moon.

46. Cer

In Welse, Cer means love.

47. Charvi

This has such a unique sound to it, and itm eans beautiful.

48. Chitranga

In Hindu, Chitrangada was the name of Prince Arjuna of Pandav’s wife.

49. Clara or Claire

It means famed or intelligent, and Clara is an extremely old-fashioned name.

50. Cora

Another old-fashioned name is Cora. This name was made up in the Last of the Mohicans by the author, James Fenimore Cooper.

51. Daisy

Daisy is a cute name for a girl, and one of the cutest flower names.

52. Dakshi

This name means the glorious one.

53. Darlene

Darlene is a name that was possible decades ago, and it means dear one.

54. Davina

This name means beloved.

55. Della

Della means noble

56. Dhara

A unique name that means constant flow.

57. Diana

In mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon.

58. Divya

This name means divine.

59. Elakshi

Della is an easy to say name that is for a woman with intelligent-looking eyes.

60. Eleanor

Eleanor was another name for a president’s wife: Eleanor Roosevelt. It means shining light.

61. Emma

Emma was popular in the 1880s and it means universal.

62. Evelyn

Created in France’s Normandy region, Evelyn was once an English surname as well.

63. Farrah

Farrah is an Islamic name that means happy.

64. Fawziya

An extremely unique name that means victorious.

65. Gunjan

Although it means musical sound, Gunjan has a sharper, weighted tone to it.

66. Hamsini

This is another name for the goddess known as Saraswati.

67. Hazel

This name could reference the hazel tree or a specific color of eyes.

68. Faye

It sounds like a name for the fairy lands, but it means faith or loyalty.

69. Isairasi

Queen of music

70. Jasmine

The name Jasmine calls to mind fragrant flowers and beauty.

71. Juhi

Juhi is a type of Jasmine.

72. Jyotsna

Jyotsna is a name that means radiant fire or flames.

73. Kalila

In Arabic, this means exceptional love.

74. Karisma

Karisma means miracle.

75. Kate

In German, Kate is known for meaning pure.

76. Kaya

Cute and easy to say, Kaya signifies the word “appealing”.

77. Ketki

I love how short and sassy this name is. It is a shortened form of Ketaki.

78. Kusum

Kusum is popular in many regions of the world, and it means flower.

79. Luna

In Italian and Spanish, Luna is a word that means the moon.

80. Mohini

Mohini has a beautiful ring to it and it means most beautiful.

81. Muskaan

This name is known for meaing both happiness and smile.

82. Naila

Naila sounds almost like the name of Nila in the lIon King. It means successful.

83. Nazeen

It means charming.

84. Norah

Norah means shining light.

85. Paris

Paris was a character in the seige of Troy and a famed French city.

86. Penelope

This is another name from Greek mythology.

87. Rachel

Rachel is a very tradtional name.

88. Reveka

This is a unique name that means captivating.

89. Rishima

This is a word for moon beam.

90. Scarlett

For a pretty name, go for the name “Scarlett” which was the main character in Gone With the Wind.

91. Shayna

Shayna means beautiful.

92. Shirina

This name means love song.

93. Shreya

Shreya means auspicious or gorgeous.

94. Swara

This means shining or bright.

95. Victoria

This is a name that was used by the famous British Queen Victoria, and it remains popular today.

96. Violet

Violet is another flower name, and it is often heard in poetry.

97. Willow

Willow is a beautiful tree and a wonderfully unique name.

98. Yaretzi

In the Aztec culture, this name once meant “you shall always be loved”.

99. Yashita

Yashita means successful.

100. Zahra

In Arabic, Zahra means flower.


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