100 Biblical Girl Names

By on September 27, 2016

If you’re looking for the perfect Biblical name for your baby girl, you’re sure to find it on this list. We’ve come up with 100 absolutely adorable names, some of which are very popular now-a-days and some that are uncommon and beautifully unique.



Abigail is currently one of the most popular names chosen in the United States for 2016, but is of Hebrew descent and means ‘my father is joyful’, which is of course a great meaning for a proud father.

  1. Abihail

‘The father is strength’. A powerful, unique name from Hebrew origin.

  1. Abishai

You won’t hear this pristine name very often, but it’s definitely remarkable. This Hebrew name means ‘the present of my father’.

  1. Ada

A beautiful, short name of German descent meaning ‘noble, nobility’.

  1. Adah

A version of ‘Ada’ that’s really adorable and uncommon. This name means ‘assembly’ and is a Hebrew name.

  1. Angela

Simply a lovely, feminine name. It is a Greek name meaning ‘angelic’.

  1. Anna

Anna is definitely a name heard often, a variation of ‘Hannah’ from Hebrew descent meaning ‘grace’.

  1. Ariel

Pretty popular in recent years, Ariel is a cute name that means ‘altar; light or lion of God’. It is a Hebrew name.

  1. Artemis

A name that’s certainly powerful and fierce, this gorgeous name means ‘whole; sound’. An awesome Greek name.

  1. Atarah

Undoubtedly a very beautiful and unique baby girl name, this Hebrew name means ‘crown’.

  1. Bathsheba

Of Hebrew descent, this lovely lengthier girls name means ‘daughter of an oath’.

  1. Bethany

This popular name means ‘the house of song; the house of affliction’ and is a very gorgeous Hebrew name that’s heard somewhat often.

  1. Bethel

With a meaning like ‘the house of God’, you can’t go wrong with this angelic name.

  1. Beulah

This interesting Hebrew name is one not heard often, but is very cute and actually means ‘married’.

  1. Bilhah

This name definitely sounds Biblical and is an astounding, uncommon name. It’s a Hebrew name meaning ‘who is old or confused’.

  1. Candace

From Ethiopian decent, this popular name means ‘who possesses contrition’.

  1. Charity

Charity is such a precious name for a baby girl, a Latin name that means ‘dear’.

  1. Chloe

This adorable name has certainly surged in popularity in recent years, with a meaning of ‘young green shoot’ and of Greek descent.

  1. Claudia

A very pretty name for a baby girl, a Latin name meaning ‘lame’.

  1. Damaris

‘A little woman’, a great Green/Latin name for your little girl.

  1. Deborah

A more common name in this day and age, Deborah is a cute girls name of Hebrew descent that means ‘bee’.

  1. Delilah

Delilah is a stunning, longer name for a girl and means ‘to flirt’. It is of Arabic descent.

  1. Dinah

Dinah is quite a cute, girly name, and means ‘God will judge’. This name is of Hebrew descent.

  1. Drusilla

Unique, Drusilla sounds similar to Priscilla but with its own special sound and flavor. It means ‘fruitful’ and is of Latin descent.

  1. Eden

Simply a gorgeous, very feminine name that means ‘pleasure; delight’. It is a Hebrew name.

  1. Edna

Another sweet name for a baby girl, this Hebrew name also means ‘pleasure; delight’.

  1. Elisha

You may see ‘Alicia’ or ‘Alisha’ often, but Elisha is the Biblical version. It is a Latin name meaning ‘salvation of God’.

  1. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a very popular name that is used across the world frequently, meaning ‘pledged to God’ and of Hebrew descent.

  1. Esther

Of Persian descent, this cute name means ‘star’.


  1. Eva

A form of ‘Eve’ that has been one of the most popular names in recent years, although commonly spelled ‘Ava’. This Biblical version is of Hebrew descent and means ‘living; enlivening’.

  1. Eve

Of all the Bible names, this is undoubtedly the most popular. Eve means ‘life’ and is of Hebrew descent.

  1. Faith

A cute, definitely Biblical name that is Latin and means ‘loyalty; belief’.

  1. Galilee

An adorable, unique name, Galilee means ‘the province’ and is of Hebrew descent.

  1. Grace

Such a lovely and sweet name, this Latin name means ‘favor; blessing’.

  1. Hannah

You’ve undoubtedly heard this popular, lovely name before. Hannah means ‘grace’ and is of Hebrew descent.

  1. Havilah

A very unique name for a baby girl, meaning ‘stretch of sand’. It is specifically a ‘Biblical place-name’.

  1. Honey

Of Old English descent, this cute name means ‘nectar’.

  1. Hope

If you have Hope in the Bible, then you’ll love this Old English name meaning ‘expectation; belief’.

  1. Jael

Cute and girly, Jael is an extremely unique name from the Bible that will probably become more popular soon.

  1. Jasper

‘Treasure holder’, this is certainly an edgy yet awesome name for a baby girl. It is of Greek descent.

  1. Jemimah

There’s something so feisty yet lovely about the name Jemimah. An interesting name that comes from Hebrew meaning ‘as beautiful as the day’.

  1. Jerusha

A very unique and wonderful name for baby girls, this cool name means ‘inheritance’ and is of Hebrew descent.

  1. Jewel

Jewel is obviously a very intriguing and exotic name, fit for a precious little baby girl. The name actually means ‘delight’ and is of Old French descent.

  1. Joanna

This rather popular girls name means ‘God is gracious’. A variation of Johanna.

  1. Joy

Of course Joy is a great name for a new bundle of Joy. This is an Old French name meaning ‘happiness’.

  1. Judith

This sweet name simply means ‘woman from Judea’. A very biblical name that is of Hebrew descent.

  1. Julia

Julia is a very popular name that’s been used often for many decades. This Latin name means ‘downy; soft and tender hair’.

  1. Keturah

A rather intriguing name that means ‘incense’ and is of Hebrew descent.

  1. Keziah

An incredibly interesting name with a striking appeal, Keziah is of Hebrew origin and means ‘cassia tree’.

  1. Leah

A very common name that’s used as a first and middle name often, this Hebrew name means ‘weary’ and was in #36 popularity ranking in 2015.

  1. Lillian

Oh so sweet, Lillian is such a pretty name for a little baby girl. This adorable name means ‘elegant flower; a symbol of innocence; purity; beauty’.

  1. Lillith

This adorable name (and its associative names like Lilly, Lillian, etc.) has risen in popularity in recent years and remains a very cute name for baby girls.

  1. Lois

With a name that means ‘better’, you really can’t go wrong. This Greek name is simply wonderful.

  1. Lydia

Another name that has surged in popularity recently, this lovely Green name means ‘woman from Lydia’. It was ranked #81 in 2015.

  1. Magdalen

Magdalen is undeniably a popular Bible name that comes from one of many interesting stories found in the Bible. It’s an English name that means ‘woman from Magdala or high tower’.

  1. Magdalena

Magdalena is must like Magdalen, and is a very precious name for a baby girl. It’s of Greek origin and means ‘from Magdala’.

  1. Mara

This is quite a stunning and unique name that’s short and sweet, meaning ‘bitter; bitterness’. It is a Hebrew name.

  1. Martha

Meaning ‘lady’ and of Aramaic descent, Martha is a very popular name that has been used frequently throughout the decades.

  1. Mary

Another extremely popular name that’s been used for centuries, Mary is a common Biblical baby name for girls and is of Hebrew descent meaning ‘bitter’.


  1. Mercy

Truly a wonderful Biblical name, Mercy is an English name that means ‘compassion, forbearance’.

  1. Michal

You may see ‘Michael’ used more often- and probably for a boy- but this version spelled as ‘Michal’ is the female Biblical version, meaning ‘who is perfect? Who resembles God? It is a Hebrew name.

  1. Miriam

With a meaning of ‘wished-for child’, Miriam is a great choice for any baby girl. It is of Hebrew origin.

  1. Myra

Myra is an adorable little name that’s of Green descent and means ‘I flow; pour out; weep’.

  1. Naomi

Naomi means ‘pleasantness’, which of course is an adorable meaning for a precious baby girl. It is of Hebrew origin.

  1. Neriah

‘Light; lamp of the Lord’. Wow, Neriah certainly has a deep meaning behind the name.

  1. Olive

Olive is a great name that many people adore. It’s a Latin name meaning ‘fruitfulness; beauty; dignity’.

  1. Oprah

Spelled Oprah or Ophprah, this Hebrew name is a delightful one meaning ‘dust; lead; a fawn’.

  1. Orpah

This is undeniably a unique name you won’t hear too often, meaning ‘a fawn’ of Hebrew descent.

  1. Paula

For your precious little baby girl, a name meaning ‘small; little’ is perfect.

  1. Peninah

A stunning name that is unique and beautiful.

  1. Prisca

Striking, Prisca is a unique name from Latin descent that means ‘ancient’.

  1. Priscilla

A gorgeous name that’s heard somewhat often, but never loses its appeal. This name means ‘ancient’ and is of Latin origin, a diminutive of Prisca.

  1. Rachel

Rachel has always been a common and popular name for baby girls, with a meaning of ‘ewe’. This name is of Hebrew origin.

  1. Rebecca

A very popular name throughout the centures, Rebecca is a Hebrew name meaning ‘fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased’.

  1. Rebekah

In this day and age this name is usually spelled ‘Rebecca’, however Rebekah is the original spelling from the Bible. This lovely name is of Hebrew origin.

  1. Rhoda

Meaning ‘a rose’, this is a very lovely Greek/Latin name for a young baby girl.

  1. Rose

A delicate name that’s perfect for any baby girl. This Latin name simply means ‘a rose’.

  1. Ruby

Known as ‘the red gemstone’, this stunning name is a great choice for any beautiful baby girl.

  1. Ruth

Ruth is a Hebrew name meaning ‘compassionate friend’. It’s a sweet, bold name that’s used somewhat often.

  1. Salome

A beautiful, unique name for a baby girl, Salome means ‘peace’ and is a Hebrew name.

  1. Sapphira

This is a very intriguing and stunning name that comes from English origin meaning ‘that relates or tells’.

  1. Sarah

Ranking in popularity at #58, Sarah is obviously a very common and popular name that’s been used for baby girls for centuries. It means ‘princess’ and is a Hebrew name.

  1. Sarai

A version of ‘Sarah’, this unique take on the name means ‘my lady; my princess’. A perfect choice for your newborn princess and is of Hebrew origin!

  1. Selah

This name has surged in popularity over the last couple of years, and is a lovely Hebrew name.

  1. Sharon

Rather popular throughout the years, Sharon is a Biblical baby girl name meaning ‘his plain; his song’. It is a Hebrew name.

  1. Sherah

This stunning Hebrew name means ‘flesh; relationship’.

  1. Shiloh

Somewhat common, Shiloh is a very lovely, delicate name that comes from Hebrew origin. It means ‘peace; abundance; his gift’.

  1. Shiphrah

If you’re seeking something unique, Shiphrah is a great choice. This Hebrew name means ‘handsome; trumpet; that does good’.

  1. Susannah

A stunning name for a little baby girl, Susannah is a Hebrew name that means ‘lily’.


  1. Tabitha

This beautiful Biblical name for a baby girl means ‘gazelle’ and is of Aramaic descent.

  1. Tamar

In this day and age you’ll hear Tamara or Tammy often, but Tamar is the Biblical version meaning ‘date palm tree’. It is a Hebrew name.

  1. Tamara

This is definitely the more common name from Tamar, and is a Hebrew name meaning the same as Tamar: ‘palm or date palm; palm tree’.

  1. Terah

You can spell this name in a variety of ways, but this Biblical spelling of Terah is a Hebrew name meaning ‘to breathe; scent; blow’.

  1. Tirzah

For something a little bit more unique, Tirzah is a fascinating and divine name that means ‘benevolent or pleasing’. It is of Hebrew origin.

  1. Victoria

A very popular Latin name, Victoria is a lovely name meaning ‘victory’.

  1. Zemira

An interesting name, Zemira is unique and fun, but still very beautiful. A Hebrew name meaning ‘song; vine; palm’.

  1. Zillah

If you’re seeking a name that’s exotic but still sweet, Zillah is a great choice.

  1. Zilpah

Zilpah is quite an edgy and out-there name but still pretty, a Hebrew meaning ‘distillation from the mouth’.

  1. Zina

A fascinating Greek name for any baby girl.

  1. Zipporah

A name like Zipporah certainly won’t be heard often, but it’s a gorgeous name meaning ‘bird’.


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