Ombre Hair Trend for Celebrities

By on July 24, 2013

Ombre hair

Dip-dye, colored ends, gradient. Whatever it is called, the ombre hair look is in and it is in with a variety of different colors. Celebrities are sporting this hot look in huge numbers, and it is catching on with everyone.

Ombre Hair

What is ombre hair? The concept is simple. It is one hair color that is slowly faded into another hair color. The point of transition can be at any level on any length of hair. The key is a smooth gradient transition, though. Any color works well for this hairstyle.

For example, brown and caramel are popular, creating a trend that seems to go from dark brown to very light brown. Jessica Alba sports this look with a dark brown at the top. Anna Kendrick is doing it as well, in a slightly darker way. Mischa Barton is also a fan of this look, as is Kate Beckinsale.

If you are looking for something more dramatic, take the dark brown to a near-black and the light color to a golden color that is nearly blonde. This will give your hair a bright, very dramatic look that will frame your face and make your eyes pop. Lea Michele sports this look quite well, as does Drew Barrymore.

If you want something super chick, a great ombre look is to go from a dark golden color to a light sunny blonde. This will give you a sun-bleached look that is great either straight or curly.

great ombre look

If you are looking for something very subtle, a black top with a brown gradient at the very bottom of the hair will give just a hint of color that will almost go unnoticed, but give you just the touch you are looking for. Alexandra Burke sports this super-subtle look.

Even redheads can get in on the trend. A red-to-blonde ombre is a very popular and very sweet look. It gives redheads a little blast of color for a great chic, girly style. Nicola Roberts has recently become a fan of this look. Some are even taking their hair from a dark amber to a light red color.

What if you are looking for something much more dramatic? This comes in a pairing of any color with a bright non-natural color. Blonde or brown with pink is a very popular combination, but other celebrities are taking it a little further. Jamie King has taken hers from a light brown to a platinum and then a deep blue for a unique look.


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