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By on January 21, 2014

Ageing is an inevitable part of life, one which sadly comes with all the downsides of grey hair and those dreaded wrinkles. Just because ageing is inevitable doesn’t mean we can’t put it off for just a little while longer though. We don’t have to feel defeated when that first line begins to etch itself on our skin, there are ways to continue looking as radiant and youthful as we always have even when we should have been giving in to wrinkles for years.

No doubt one of the first things that springs to all our minds when it comes to ways to stay looking youthful is to go under the knife. We see celebrities do it every day. People go in one day looking old, haggard and with wrinkles sprinkled across their face and come out the next with the complexion of a twenty-something year old. No doubt we’ve all seen or read stories of this sort that make it seem like the surgeon has worked miracles, some women come out looking twenty or thirty years younger overnight. On the flip side of this however, I’ve no doubt we’ve all read a few horror stories on the subject too. Facelifts gone wrong, horrible scaring, pain, paralyzation of the face and much more. Personally, I’d rather deal with a few pesky wrinkles than risk suffering all of these consequences!

Still, growing old with grace is something we all desire yet few of us know how to achieve, especially since we’re all smart enough to know the risks of going under to knife (not to mention the cost!). None the less, it’s entirely achievable and can be done naturally, painlessly and non-surgically too. How, you ask? Read on to find out how you can stay looking as radiant and youthful as ever without having to subject yourself a surgeons knife and a hefty hospital bill.


Liquid Facelifts

The liquid facelift has become ever more common over the years yet you’re probably thinking ‘I’ve never heard of it!’. That’s because liquid facelifts are more commonly referred to as referred to as water facelifts or also Botox.

Liquid facelifts are better suited to preventing the aging process opposed to reversing it but, if done right, they can hold those wrinkles at bay for years to come. The process involves having a mixture or various anti-aging liquid substances injected into your face. Each mix of injectables tends to be different as it’s constructed by doctors to suit each individual – it’s a bit of a pick and mix depending on what your needs are.

While liquid facelifts can give phenomenal results, it is only a temporary fix. If you go down this road then you’ll need to have the procedure redone every few months as the liquid wears off to keep those wrinkles at bay. Make sure you go to a qualified professional for this treatment and ask to see their feedback from other clients and pictures of their work before you commit to letting them near your face too – you’re better safe than sorry.



Pellevé is a great new way to rejuvenate your skin by helping to tighten and firm it. It’s great as it can be used not only as a preventative measure but also as a way to seemingly turn back time on your face. The more work your face needs the more treatments you may require however but this varies from person to person.

Pellevé works by delivering radiofrequency into your skin. This arouses heat between your  layers of skin and fat, stimulating your collagen cells into action. This creates new collagen cells which in turn has an immediate tightening effect on your skin. While you can feel the effects immediately, this treatment does require a bit of patience as it will continue to work over time as new collagen cells are produced. The great thing about pellevé is it’s non invasive, painless and requires no downtime at all. The older and more work your skin is however the more treatments of it you’ll need to look youthful. Passed a certain point, you may require other methods to rejuvenate your skin as the production of collagen may no longer be enough to smooth out deep wrinkles.



ePrime facial treatments produce dramatic results, some of which have been comparable to full on face lifts. The treatment can completely rejuvenate your skin and promises longer lasting effects.

It works by stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in your skin, a combination which can create a radiant glow for your skin. A handheld device which sends micro needles into your skin helps stimulate these areas without being invasive. It’s worth mentioning that this treatment is done under a local anesthetic to numb any pain you may feel, something which may put some of you off.

Despite the amazing results it can produce, ePrime isn’t without it’s cons. First off, there’s the chance of pain I just mentioned, something which may well continue for a time post treatment. Treatment may also leave your skin swollen, bruised and bleeding for a time too so you’ll likely need some downtime to recover after it. On the bright side, it boasts fantastic results which keep on developing months after treatment – all without a knife in sight!



For those of you a little older with deeper set wrinkles, scluptra could be a miracle treatment for you. Once again it’s a type of injectable that focuses on the replenishment of collagen but unlike the other treatments I’ve mentioned it can last up to a couple of years. It helps to restore your complexion by filling out wrinkles, plumping up your skin and adding volume to your face, making for a smooth finish.

On the downside the results take time but if you have a little patience then after six weeks you’ll find yourself looking as youthful and radiant as ever with minimal work.


Laser Treatment

There are various types of laser treatments which can target a number of skin imperfections including stretch marks, scarring, sun damage and of course all those pesky things that come with ageing.

Laser treatment works by strategically targeting damaged areas of skin with light energy. As well as helping to eliminate damaged areas of skin it encourages the production of collagen which in turn fills out wrinkles.

Speak to your doctor about what type of laser treatments are available to you. For an all inclusive treatment that targets wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, spider veins and a few more common problems that come with age, it’s worth looking into Starluxe IPL treatment.


Go Natural!

If none of these options sound like they’re for you then it’s worth considering simply letting your skin age as it will. This isn’t to say you need to allow yourself to be covered in wrinkles – there are things you can do to promote a better complexion and keep your skin looking youthful and radiant for years to come. That’s right, you (not a doctor!) can help to slow down the aging process and keep yourself looking young and healthy. It’s best to start young if you’re going to attempt the natural solution to anti-aging but the effects will still be fantastic if you choose to chart even years after your wrinkles start appearing.

There are some simple every day things you can do to give your skin the love and care it needs to stay healthy for longer. First off, all health starts with a good diet. Eating healthy and including plenty of fruit and veg in your diet and cutting out or at least limiting junk food will give your skin just the glow you’re looking for. Make sure you drink plenty of water each day too, eight glasses a day is the recommended amount, as this will give your skin plenty of moisture.

Using sun block when you’re outside will also have great anti-aging effects. No matter the weather, no matter if it’s sleet, sun or snow, sun block always has great effects. Sun damage is the number one cause of skin aging ahead of time so make sure you protect yourself with a high factor.

Last but not least, moisturise! Dried out skin is sure to damage your youthful look so make moisturising part of your daily routine. It takes two minutes but has fantastic results no matter your age. A thin layer before you put on your makeup and before you go to bed will work wonders. This is especially true if you use powder foundation as it’s known to dry out your skin so you’re best to give your face a layer of protection.


As you can see there are plenty of solutions to keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant for years to come without all the hassle, pain and risks that come with surgical facelifts. You can receive results which are often equally as good and come at a cheaper cost to not only your wallet but your skin on a whole. The treatments outlined above are 100% non invasive and have no damaging effects on your skin. They create amazing results, the only downsides are some of them are better used as a prevention opposed to a cure and you may need repeat procedures either to create the effect you’re looking for or to make your new found radiance last longer. On a whole though, they come with fewer downsides than the surgical alternative. You and your skin deserves the best so these more natural alternatives are definitely work your consideration.


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