7 Long Distance Relationship Aids

By on February 6, 2017

Sometimes we fall for people who aren’t always around. Meaning, they’re people who don’t live in the same place we do. You can’t help what your heart does, even if a long distance relationship isn’t exactly what you were up for. Because let’s be real, maintaining a healthy relationship over long distance is NOT easy.

But if you love someone and you want to make it work, you find a way. There are a lot of different things you can do to make sure your long distance relationship works out but if you need an extra hand, these 7 long distance relationship aids will do the trick.

  1. Kissenger.

Although this product isn’t out there on the market yet, they’re soon going to make long distance relationship SO MUCH easier! This is basically a device that allows you to kiss your partner no matter how far away you are. There’s a silicone-like pad where you can press your lips against at the same time as your significant other and actually feel the real movement of their lips on the pad. It may seem a little odd, but if you don’t get to see them for months at a time, this can help with that physical intimacy.

  1. A traveling journal.

I know there’s texting and snapchat and video chatting, but something that’s a little more intimate and special is a traveling journal. One of you buys a journal and writes down your thoughts or things that happened in your life or even little love notes to them. Then, at the end of a week, you ship it off for them to read and respond. This adds a level of privacy that you don’t get over the phone.

  1. Pillow talk pillow.

This is one of the coolest devices you’ll ever use in your long distance relationship. If you’re a fan of sleeping with your significant other but you can’t when you live so far away, this can remedy that to some degree. It’s a pillow that has lights in the middle of it and whenever your significant other is applying pressure to it, it’ll light up on your end so you can feel connected.

  1. Video chat.

If you don’t video chat with your long distance partner, then you’re not going to be able to make it last very long. I know video chat hasn’t always been around and couples have done just fine, but it’s a lot harder. When you get to video chat, it’s more real feeling. You actually feel as though you’re sitting and talking with your partner instead of just speaking over the phone. You can even coordinate movie dates with certain apps!

  1. Couple App.

This app is really cute and useful for long distance couples. Basically, it’s a simple app you can connect with and draw things and send little messages back and forth. The best part, however, is the thumb kiss! You can press your thumb against the screen and it’ll leave a thumbprint behind so your significant other can give you a thumb kiss right back. It’s a neat way to feel like they’re right there with you even if they’re thousands of miles away.

  1. Clone-a-willy.

Now to talk about the sexy stuff. This device is exactly as it sounds. Intimacy is a huge deal even when you’re in a long distance relationship. Lack of feeling physically close with someone can throw a riff into things and make it hard to feel connected to them. Therefore, there is a device that allows you to clone your man’s willy. It’s something simple for him to do and then he can just ship it to you so you can use it whenever you want!

  1. Virtual reality.

For those of you into virtual reality games, you can help strengthen your relationship through them. You can create characters that look like you and make you and your partner’s meet in this alternate reality and you can chat, interact, and even go on “dates”. Sure, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s still really good.


Other Tips for Making Long Distance Love Work

Even with all of those aids, long distance relationships still don’t always work out due to other reasons. If you want to make sure your relationship stands the test of time – and distance – these tips will help.

  1. Communicate regularly.

Relationships can’t last without communication. You need to be in contact with them every single day. If you can, talk on the phone at least once a day, too. Not only do you have to keep in touch, you have to be clear about how you’re feeling, too. If you need more from them, then speak up.

  1. Make sure there’s some form of intimacy.

You can’t be there in person to heat things up, but you can do things over the phone. Sexting with your partner – as long as you trust them – can help make your relationship strong. So send those naughty pictures and even get on the phone with your clone-a-willy.

  1. Budget to see them.

Traveling is expensive, but you do have to see them in person every now and then. Make sure to budget in order to see them. You have to make seeing them at some point a priority.

  1. Be involved in their life – as much as you can.

Ask about their work, see what their plans are for a big football game they’ll be watching, and be involved in their hobbies as much as you can be from a distance. If there’s an opportunity for you to order and send them food or small gifts for the occasion, do it. Show them you can still “be there” without really being there.

  1. Show them you care about them daily.

This is the most important. If someone doesn’t feel like you care about them, no relationship will work – especially a long distance one. Doing little things and even giving them small compliments every day really helps make them feel loved and appreciated.

Long distance relationship will never be easy, but they can be made doable through certain aids. If you want to make your relationship last, use these tips and put in the work to make it happen.

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