How to Maintain a Long Distance Friendship

By on July 12, 2016

A fact of life that not all of us want to acknowledge is that friends move away. We go to different colleges, move for different jobs, and maybe even our families moving away can drag us in the opposite direction as our friends.

But one thing that we all want is to keep in touch with those friends. We may move away from them but that doesn’t automatically mean that we’ll drift apart. Just like tons of people make their romantic relationship work long distance you can make your friendship last long distance as well.

If your friend just moved away and you want to hold onto that friendship for as long as you can, you may have to put in a little work. This is how you can maintain a long distance friendship no matter where they live.

  1. Visit Whenever Possible


The truth is that a friendship can’t be maintained unless you actually see each other. Now, this doesn’t have to be all the time – especially if they live particularly far away – but you should always make an effort to see them whenever your schedule and budget allows. That way you can really seal the friendship and spend time in person like you always did before.

  1. Surprise Them

Everybody likes surprises – no matter what they say. Your friend is probably no different. You probably used to show up and their house with some munchies in hand ready for a movie night, right? Well, why would you stop doing something like that just because they live far away? Send them a goodie bag! Stuff it full of all their favorite foods and it’ll be as though you were just there when they open it.

  1. Video Chat

There’s nothing that will keep a friendship alive despite your distance from each other like seeing each other face to face. But since you don’t always have the opportunity to see each other in person it’s really important to get as close to that reality as possible – which means that video chatting will become your best form of communication with them. It’s the best way to recreate that in-person feeling to maintain your long distance friendship.

  1. Picture Messages


Snapchat has been such a big tool in maintaining long distance friendship since its launch. Sending picture messages is the next best way to recreate the feeling of actually being with your friend. My best friend and I live about 8 hours from each other and use picture messages all the time to communicate. It makes us forget about the fact that they’re not really there because it feels like they are!

  1. Keep Them Updated

Your friend should know about your life. I know that the friends that live close to you hear about your life all the time and it should be no different with your long distance friend. Call, text, video chat, and just do anything you can to keep them updated on what you’ve been doing, who you’re dating, and what hobbies you’re trying now.

  1. Talk Often


Communication is what’s going to make your long distance friendship succeed or fail and it’s completely up to you. If you really want to maintain your long distance friendship then you have to talk to them often. I talk to my best friend from 8 hours away every single day. Just a quick “hello” or an update on whatever I’m doing is enough to keep our friendship strong.

  1. Make Them Feel Important to You

People that feel unappreciated aren’t going to stick around very much at all.

If you want to make this friendship last then I suggest making sure they know how much they mean to you. Even a simple appreciation text or Instagram post with them will do wonders in maintaining your friendship. You can even send them a surprise present or something simple that will make them know that you like having them in your life.

  1. Do the Same Things


Just because you’re not with them physically doesn’t mean that the two of you can’t be doing the same thing. Make a point to go see the same movie they do or participate in the same type of hobby they are so you can stay connected with them in a way that’s not just talking. This creates the same kind of bond that you had when you two would actually go and see a movie together or went and did a certain activity that was unique to just your friendship.

Not all friendships are meant to last, but if you find someone that you never want to leave your life then you have to do everything you can to keep them there. These are the best ways to maintain a long distance relationship. How do you keep your long distance friendships healthy?

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