How to Talk to a Guy You Like

By on July 14, 2016

Obviously, if you like someone you’re going to want to talk to them at some point in time – especially if you want to move things along and potentially date them. But the question is how to talk to a guy you really like.

Fear, nervousness, anxiety, and the reality that you could be denied creep their way into your mind and cause you to clam up and freeze whenever you’re given the opportunity to talk to a guy you like.

If this sounds like you and all you really want to do is be able to walk up to him and strike up a conversation like you’re old friend, you’ll need some of these tips on how to talk to a guy you like.

Easing Your Nerves When Talking to a Guy You Like


If you’re someone that gets really nervous and freezes up when you try talking to a guy you like, then these tips can help calm your nerves so you can get a real, meaningful conversation going.

  1. Be Confident

The one thing that can make talking to a guy you like so much easier and less nerve wrecking is simply being confident. Work on making yourself the best version of you so you can feel great about who that is and you’ll find it much easier to approach any guy you like and talk to him with ease. Another bonus of being confident is that guys can’t resist a super confident woman.

  1. Realize that He’s Just Like You

He’s just a person! He has insecurities and nervousness just like you do. By realizing that he’s not much different than you, you’ll actually reduce your nerves a lot and that will makes things run much more smoothly. Just picture him as one of your friends and not someone you’re head over heels with!

  1. Maybe He Likes You, Too!

This will get you to relax a LOT. Think about the fact that he might like you, too. He might be just as nervous to talk to you as you are to talk to him. Thinking about this is one way that will relax you since you may not be alone in being freaked out. It’ll make you feel more normal knowing that he could be super nervous, too.

  1. Plan What to Say

If you really want to relax before talking to a guy you like all you have to do is plan out what you’re going to say. Think of different topics to get the conversation rolling and make a plan of action. Being prepared is a great way to ease nerves.

  1. Practice with a Friend


Another great step to prepare for talking to a guy you like that will reduce your stress and anxiety about it is to just practice on a friend. Ask a friend of yours to pretend to be him an then practice what you’ll say and how you’ll talk to them. Your friend can give you pointers and being more prepared can definitely help you seem more confident.

  1. Be in a Group with Him

This will reduce your nervousness by a LOT. Being in a large group of people is really the best way to talk to a guy you like and not get too nervous about it because you have other people as buffers. It takes the pressure off of you to supply the content for conversation and being in the group of people you know will make you feel a lot more comfortable around them.

  1. Get Support From Your Friends

Tell your friends about this person and get their support. Tell them your fears and ask them for advice on how to handle things. They’ll be more than willing to lend a hand and help you land the guy of your dreams! Having their support can do a LOT to make you feel more confident in your approach to talking to him.

Things to Talk About


There’s nothing worse than finally getting to talk to the guy you really like and then not knowing what to say at all. Awkward silences make the entire situation stiff and nerve wrecking. Here are a few things you can talk to him about in case you both come up short with topics.

  1. Current Events

There is so much going on in the world at any given moment and it’s always something to talk about. Ask him if he’s heard about something that happened lately. If he hasn’t yet then you can tell him all about it and get the conversation moving in that direction. If he has, you can easily ask him what his opinion is and talk about that.

  1. Awesome New Movies

If you’ve been to the movies lately, simply as him if he’s seen the movie you just recently saw. This is a great way to find out if you two have similar interests and you can even pick his mind on why he did or didn’t like the movie. This can also open a door to a whole new topic of discussion revolving around favorite movies, characters, and more.

  1. Mutual Interests

If he’s wearing a T-shirt of a band you really like, talk to him about it! Starting a conversation by pointing out that the two of you have mutual interests is basically a surefire way to get him to talk to you a lot. If you start talking about stuff he’s interested in he’ll almost always want to talk more about it and you won’t even have to carry the conversation very much at all.

  1. Talk About Yours or His Pets

If you have pets, start the conversation by talking about a funny thing your pet did recently. Everyone loves to hear a good, funny pet story and he won’t be any different. In fact, you can even ask if he has any pets, too. If he does he’ll more than likely open up about a funny story of his own and you can laugh about your goofy animals together.

  1. Talk about the Crazy Weather

The weather is changing all the time and sometimes it takes a turn for the worse. If you’ve just walked inside after blistering heat or bitter cold, complain about it! Humans love to bond over mutual distaste in the weather – believe me. By opening a conversation about the weather they’ll more than likely be willing to talk more about it since it’s an automatic common interest. Just make sure not to linger on the topic of weather for too long because it can get boring.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Conversation


Now that you have the basics down on how to talk to a guy you like, you need some inside information that can take you from just talking to him to him asking you out. These will help the conversation flow smoothly and make you look appealing to him.

  1. Smile a LOT

Smiling is captivating. When you smile you always look like you’re having the time of your life and humans are programmed to want to be a part of that fun. If you start talking and smile at him a lot he’ll want to keep talking to someone who seems so happy and positive. Not only that, but he’ll also start to realize that you’re into him since smiling is a surefire sign that you like someone a lot.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Don’t look at your feet or at the wall behind him – no matter how nervous you are. If you want to be confident, it starts with the eye contact. Eye contact also commands attention so his thoughts can’t drift when you’re speaking to him. This will keep the conversation alive even if you two don’t have anything pressing to discuss.

  1. Don’t Lie About Yourself

No matter what, never pretend to be someone you’re not. You should always tell the truth – especially when talking to a guy you like for the first time. You want him to like you for who you are, right? Then don’t act like you like something just because he does. He’ll be able to see through you and he won’t like it.

  1. Don’t Give Away Too Much Information

Don’t tell him your entire life story within the first two minutes of talking to him. That’s way too much too soon and he’ll be scared off. You also want to maintain some mystery so he has to press and ask questions in order to get to know you.

  1. Ask Follow-Up Questions

The best way to keep a conversation and let the other person know you’re listening to what they’re saying is to ask questions! If he says he likes a certain movie best, ask him why. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want – just don’t make it feel like an interview.

We’ve all been there before. We have all been super nervous to talk to a guy we like simply because we didn’t know how! These tips will get you moving in the right direction. Tell us about a time you finally talked to a guy you liked!


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