How to Stop Caring About Someone

By on January 9, 2016

The truth is that we just don’t have control over our own emotions. Whether it’s a breakup or just someone leaving your life, it’s hard. Even when we know that we shouldn’t care about someone anymore, we still do. It can really put a damper on our entire mood when that caring causes pain.

However, there are different ways that you can stop caring about someone. Now, these won’t be too easy at first, but after a while they will become second nature to you. Here’s exactly how to stop caring about that one person that can’t seem to escape your busy mind.

  1. Get Rid of Their Stuff

It’s awfully hard to stop caring about someone when you’re sobbing at a picture of them while wearing a t-shirt they gave you, isn’t it? Yes. So in order to combat those caring feelings, you’ll have to get rid of their stuff.

I know it’s really hard and it’s no fun because of all the great memories attached to them, but getting rid of all of it is an easy way to halt those unwanted feelings. If you really feel the need to preserve some pictures and memories, at least store them away in a box that you won’t be tempted to open.

  1. Let it All Out

In order to move on and actually put that person behind you and stop caring about them, you have to first face your feelings and let them all out; the anger, frustration, pain, and heartache. Now, don’t go totaling their car or downing a bottle of whiskey in order to get it all out there.

But you should cry if you want to cry and have a fit if you’re feeling really frustrated. It’s an easy way to get those feelings out of the way so you can start to rebuild different ones and stop caring about them.


  1. Put Something New Into Your Routine

Odds are, you care about them because they were a part of your life – your routine – for so long that you’re missing something in your life now. Put something new in place! If you always used to call them before work, try hitting up a new coffee place and let yourself indulge a little bit instead.

This new habit will not only cause you to forget about your old one, but it will slowly cause your feelings for them to fade away until you don’t even think about them anymore. Putting in a twist into your average routine is just another step in the right direction toward not caring about someone.

  1. Find a New Distraction

No. I don’t mean find a new person to distract you, because that could just get downright messy and confusing. But you should find something to occupy your time and mind while you’re trying to stop caring about that person.

Something that I’ve found works the best is picking up a new hobby that stimulates your mind. Take a language course, learn how to knit or crochet (NO, those don’t make you “old”), or join a reading group. Anything that gets your mind engaging in something other than your feelings for them will cause you to care less.

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  1. Change Up Your Appearance

A lot of people say you should never change the way you look after a breakup or traumatic event that makes you want to stop caring about someone. I, on the other hand, think it’s a great idea if you do something just subtle enough to give yourself that “edge”.

Get a new (not dramatic) haircut, another ear piercing you’ve been thinking about for a while, or just go get your nails done. Do something specifically for yourself that will make you feel better on the inside and out. It will not only distract you from your intense feelings, but it will aid in your efforts to stop caring about someone.

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  1. If You Start Thinking About Them, Get Busy With Something Else

Avoid thinking about them. I know it’s really hard when they come up in your mind and you want to think about them because you miss them and care about them so much, but you need to find something else to think about when that happens.

Little things like watching a movie, listening to music, or even just consciously thinking about something else will lessen the frequency at which you think about them in the first place. And when you stop thinking about someone, you will automatically stop caring about them as well.

  1. Ask Yourself Why

This might seem like it will make matters worse, but it won’t. Ask yourself why you still care about them so much. Were they a huge part of your life and you feel like you can’t let go? Do you think you’ll feel guilty if you stop caring about them? Or do you not even know why you care so much?

In order to get over that feeling and stop caring about them you really have to understand why you care so much in the first place. It will give you an idea on how to approach your efforts to stop caring about them. So sit down just with yourself or a close friend and go over your reasons. You may find that you don’t have a reason at all and that’ll make letting go that much easier.

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  1. Surround Yourself with Other People to Care About

By caring so much about this other person, you’re limiting how much you care about others. You’re putting so much of your time and effort into that other person and leaving out the people who you should really be caring about; your friends, your family, and even new people that could come into your life.

So go be around those people who you should really be caring about. Surround yourself with them and it’ll make caring about that other person a lot harder and eventually you just won’t anymore.

  1. Realize That it Takes Time

Nothing is automatic and nothing happens overnight. You will have to realize that it takes time to stop caring about someone just like it took time to develop those feelings for them in the first place. If you expect your feelings to disappear in a day then you’ll be disappointed and it’ll make the process even harder.

So yes, it will take time. But the truth is, that time will be over before you know it. By doing all of the above things you’ll be distracted and won’t even notice that the time has flown by and you don’t care for them anymore.

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  1. Let the Truth Set You Free

Be honest with yourself. What are you gaining by caring about this person? You have to realize that if you stop caring about them, you’ll be better off. So don’t keep lying to yourself and think that you can’t stop caring for them, because you can. Let that truth set you free.

It might not be easy at first, but you will stop caring about that someone who can’t seem to slip your mind. Do you have any other ideas on how to get them out of your head? Share your insights with us below!

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