How to Spot Hermes Fakes

By on January 13, 2013


The Birkin Bag by Hermes is one of the most elite handbags made in the world, and it is also the most replicated bag in the world. There are always some slight differences, though, between the real thing and the fake. If you want to make sure your bag is real, you can check on these and avoid purchasing a fake Birkin Bag.

Look first at all of the seams of the bag. The original Hermes bag always has perfect seams and no bulges anywhere. This is especially true for the shape of the Birkin Bag. If there are bulges, it is guaranteed to be a fake handbag. A good way to figure it out is to hold the bag straight in front of you and look to see if you can see the sides. You should not be able to with a Birkin Bag.

If you look at the edge of the bag near the same, there will be a slight indentation from the sewing line. This is something that displays the bag was handmade. Right underneath the seam should be the logo. It should not be spotty, but clear, even when it is printed on the leather of the Hermes bag. Always look at edges as well. The edges of the Hermes bag will always be perfect, as the bag is carefully made and very high quality.

The next place to look on a Hermes Bag is the engraved logo if the bag has a metal clasp. The letters should be very thin and look delicate. On a fake, they are further apart and go much deeper in to the metal, making them look larger.

When you look inside a Hermes Bag, especially a Birkin, you should be able to instantly tell if it is authentic. The manufacturing of the inside of a Hermes bag is very unusual. This should be instantly noticeable.

There is one incredibly significant factor to check on a Birkin Bag by Hermes to see if is authentic. The famous lock should be correct. A correct lock will have the key slot going up and very tiny, delicate numbering on the bottom with the word Hermes at the top. All metal pieces have the word Hermes in them, engraved very delicately.

Hermes bags, especially the Birkin bag, are replicated quite a bit. If you want to identify a fake, you can look at these things to tell.

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