How to Spot Chanel Fakes

By on January 13, 2013


If you have a fake Chanel bag, wouldn’t you like to know? I know I sure would! Chanel is a super-luxurious and super popular brand. The famous C logo is seen all over. Unfortunately, a portion of this “all over” is on fake handbags. If you are unsure as to whether the bag you are purchasing is authentic or fake, here are some things to look at that can tell you the difference between a real and a fake bag.

If you look at the quilting on a Chanel handbag, you will be able to see that it matches on both sides. If it does not match up, you are probably holding a fake bag. This is something that reflects on the care taken to craft these luxury bags.

The dust bag included with the Chanel bag is something to look at as well. It will never be any color. If it is a color, the bag is a fake. It is always black with white lettering. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Take a look at the hardware on the bag as well. All of the hardware on the bag should be lined up perfectly with all of the edges, once again reflecting the craftsmanship of the bag makers. The stitching on the edge should always be perfect as well. Chanel makers would not send out a bag with less than perfect craftsmanship.

The bag should always have an authenticity card. The card will be black with gold letters and gold trim on it. It will display the Chanel logo. The serial number of the bag will be on the back of the card and not the front. A tiny label inside the Chanel bag will display these same numbers. The stickers have a hologram. They should always match perfectly. There are actually a string of serial numbers on bags that are commonly used. If your bag has one of these, you should take a closer look at it.

Chanel handbags are not made of lambskin. They are made of calfskin leather usually. This may be something that is hard for the naked eye to tell, especially for people that are inexperienced with different types of leather.

Buying a fake Chanel is a waste of money. If you don’t want to waste your money, you should always make sure that the bag you are considering is an authentic one. These tips can help you to determine if your bag is actually authentic or if it is a fake.

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