How to Show a Guy You Like Him

By on September 5, 2014

For some reason women think that men don’t have to be shown that we like them. They are just automatically supposed to know these things, and we get mad when he doesn’t catch on to our cues. Well, just like us, sometimes men need that extra push to really take the hint. Try out these 15 easy ways to show a guy you like him- ways that will actually get his attention and let him KNOW.

 0d327d5901dce97c706a3a095de8ae881. Be Interested in Him

Because obviously when you’re showing signs of interest in someone, it means you like them- right? But don’t just do it in a friendly way. Try to pay MORE attention to HIM then you do anyone else. Ask him questions to find out more about him and talk to him often so you can get the most information possible.

 body language

2. Use Positive Body Language

This goes hand in hand with being interested him- but taking it one step further. Positive body language is an absolute must when trying to show a guy you like them. Some things you should always consider:

-Try to always be facing him and leaning towards him during the conversation, giving him your full undivided attention.

-Eye contact is absolutely important and should be done often. Of course, you should break the eye contact every once in awhile to avoid awkward situations.

-Try to refrain from folding your arms or doing any nervous habits like biting fingernails or twitching.


3. Smile Often

Want to know one thing that drives men crazy? A woman’s smile. And nothing says “Hey, I like you” like a nice, warm, pretty smile. Smile at your crush as much as possible. When he catches you staring at him, smile, blush and look away. When he looks at you and YOU take notice, give him a nice welcoming smile. Smile during conversations and you can even throw in smiley faces on your text messages!

text him

4. Text Him

In this day and age, at least half of our communication is done through text messages. I mean, they are SO handy and you don’t have to use your voice (which is awesome for people who are insanely nervous and lose their words when they’re around their crush). Don’t be afraid to be the first one to send a text message. Surprisingly enough, that’s a sure fire way to tell him you’re interested in him. You’re not bothering him- send him a cute hello text, but make sure to spruce it up so he doesn’t think you’re boring.


5. Call Him

With text messaging being so insanely popular, nobody hardly finds time to actually call someone on the phone anymore. So, you call him- now what? You actually took the time out of your day to pick up the phone and ring him up. You want to actually TALK to him and hear his voice. That says A LOT. The next time you’ve got some free time on your hands, give him a call. (You know you want to hear his sexy voice anyways).

da86ac48365cf178afdbc4455720703c6. Flirt With Him

What better way to show someone you’re interested than by flirting? I think we can all agree that that’s the number 1 sign of interest. So, obviously, flirt with him as much as possible. You can do a bit of teasing flirting (you know, like we all did back in grade school) or you can make a flirtatious joke. Or you can go the easy route and come up with a compliment you know he’d love to hear!


7. Compliments

Okay, I know I just mentioned this in the “Flirting” section- but I feel compliments are SO important that they deserve their own column. Compliments should be done often- whether you’re in person, talking through text messages, or sending a letter. It’s the best and easiest way to flirt. Why? Because you don’t have to sit there and come up with something super unique and exciting. A simple, “Hey Josh you look really good today” is enough to please a man. (Of course feel free to spice it up if that’s what you have in your mind!)

ask him

8. Ask Him If He’s Single

When you just want to be friends with someone, there is really no point is asking if they have a partner or not. I mean, why should you care? You’re not interested in anything romantic and if they DO have a girlfriend you will certainly find out in the mean time. That being said, asking him if he is in fact single lets him know that you have certain intentions that can only be fulfilled if he is single. So go ahead- be a bit risky and ask him this particular question!


9. Ask His Friends

This might come as a shock to you, but men talk to each other just as much as women do. They might not go into all the grimy details, but they certainly know what’s going on in each others lives. That being said, ask his guy friends if they know anything about him being interested in you. If anything, they will tell this certain guy friend that you’ve been asking about him and that they think you’re interested in him. Yeah, it might be a little cheesy but trust me it gets the job done!


10. Be Confident and Independent

Men LOVE it when a women is confident. So, when you’re trying to show him that you like him, it is absolutely important to keep your confidence and independence high. Don’t follow him around trying to talk to him incessantly. Don’t try to get his attention every five seconds. This will only make you look like a clingy, somewhat desperate woman and I guarantee that won’t get you far in the game of love. So keep your cool. (And I know, it’s hard! Especially because he’s SO cute you can hardly contain yourself. But just do it!)


11. Give Him a Gift

I’m not saying you need to run out and buy him everything he wants (you should never, ever try to buy someone’s love). But a small gift from the heart is an easy way to show someone you care. Remember how much he loved your sugar cookies you brought to work that one time? Maybe make him a special one with a note that says, “Since you liked these so much”. If he doesn’t take the hint from that, I don’t know what WILL get to the point!

like him

12. Flaunt in Front of Him

You know you got it going on, right? So why not use your beauty and your body to get his eyes locked on you? Now, make sure you aren’t flaunting your stuff in front of everyone. He should be able to tell it’s a special thing you do JUST for him. And trust me, he will certainly appreciate this rather sexy form of flirting.


13. Take Interest in His Interests

Let’s say the two of you are talking about what you’re doing Friday night. And let’s say he is going to the baseball game this Friday night for the local college. You tell him you’ve never actually watched a baseball game but you’re interested in it. If he hasn’t already asked you to accompany him, take a girlfriend to the same game and “run into him”. This will show him that you want to like the same things he likes because clearly you are interested in him. He’ll also love knowing you’re the type of girl who wants to try new things and isn’t afraid to be seen at a sports event!


14. Ask Him Out

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you’re asking someone out, then you are obviously very interested in them. Right? Well, make sure you let him know you want a one on one date, not a group outing. You can just come right out with it and ask him, or you can try to be coy about it. For instance: you could tell him you’re dying to see the new Spiderman movie but you haven’t anyone to go with, then ask him to attend it with you. You could also jokingly say “We should go out Friday since we’re both into Spiderman” and if he says yes, then viola! You just made a date with him and it only took a matter of seconds. Brilliant!

tell him

15. Tell Him

Sometimes men just DON”T get the hint (it’s a sad but true fact). Or maybe he’s just being totally incredibly shy and doesn’t know how to respond to the clues. Whatever the reason is, if you’ve tried everything above and he STILL isn’t getting it, then there’s really only two things left to do.

-You can take it as a loss and assume he isn’t interested in you. Quit trying to show him that you like him and try and get rid of any leftover feelings you had for him and move on. This is a risky option because he might just be clueless or shy and you took it as rejection, never knowing the truth (his hidden love for you, maybe?)

-OR you can be the assertive and confident woman you are and simply tell him straight out that you are interested in him, and see what he says. We like this particular option best because it gets straight to the point and you’ll know right then and there for sure whether he is interested in you or not. However, this approach IS a lot more risky so it definitely isn’t for everyone!


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