How to Get a Boy to Like You

By on December 23, 2015

Whenever you find a guy you’re interested in, you automatically wonder if they feel the same way. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell if they’re into you that you sit there pining over him for days – or even weeks – on end just wondering. What if I told you that there’s a way you can get a boy to like you? Follow these tips and that man will be nipping at your heels!

  1. Be Yourself

Be Confident

I know it sounds cliché, but there has to be a reason so many people say this, right? Right! You have to be yourself around a guy you like in order for them to like you back. How can they like you if they really don’t know who you are? I know it can be hard to put aside your nervousness, relax, and let your true self shine through when the man that is making your heart beat as fast as a hummingbird’s is standing right in front of you, but you have to if you really want him to like you for you.

  1. Don’t Overthink

Overthinking how you act, talk, and dress when you’re around your crush can make you act strange and like you’re trying too hard – something no boy is going to like. If you really want to make a boy like you, don’t think too hard about anything. Act as if they’re just your friend and that will allow you to sit back, relax, and not overthink your actions around this amazing person.

  1. Talk to them – often!

This guy is not going to be able to like you if you’ve never talked to him. Talk to him and do it often! Getting to know him and letting him get to know you is vital when it comes to him catching those special feelings for you. Obviously, don’t be so talkative that you come off as annoying, but do talk to him enough that he has a sense of who you are and so you’re always on his mind even when you’re not talking.

  1. Get Your Personality to Shine Through

Be Confident2

This kind of goes hand in hand with being yourself. But even when you are being yourself, there are times when you shield your personality because you’re not sure if they’re going to like it. Truth is, guys completely fall for girls who really have a great personality and show it to everyone they meet. So stop being shy! You can let that goofy, quirky, cute personality shine through and you’ll get a boy to like you.

  1. Dress Your Best

dress your best

Looking good never hurt anyone’s chances at getting a boy to like them. Whenever you’re around your new boy of interest, always try to look your best. Dress in clothes that show off your sexy curves or any other features that are your best. Make sure that when you walk in the room, his head is craning in your direction. It catches his attention and keeps him thinking about you long after you’ve left. One extra tip, don’t overdress for any occasional. Simple is always better.

  1. Show Him You’re Interested

Men have a hard time showing that they like you if they don’t know if you like them. So make sure that you’ve shown them in different ways that you’re also interested in him. Ask him to hang out, initiate some innocent physical contact, or even just flat out tell him you think he’s an amazing person. All are great ways to show him that you’re interested in order to get him to like you, too.

  1. Be a FLIRT


Flirt your little, hot booty off! If you really want to get a boy to like you then you’ve got to do some flirting and get that chemistry into action. You can talk for hours on end but if the conversation is flat and there’s no flirting anywhere in site, he’s not going to feel that “spark” that everyone is always talking about. That’s right. It’s real and you can get it while flirting. Get a fun banter going, make fun of him a little, and smile a LOT. It’ll get his heart racing and blood pumping.

  1. Let Him Know You’re a Great Match

great match

And by this, I mean show him that you two have a lot in common and could get along great. Bring up his interests and talk about how much you’re into them, too. But only if you really are! You never want to lie about the things you like just to get a boy to like you. But if you really have things in common, let him know about it and get chatting. He’ll be surprised and excited that you’re into the same things as he is and that will increase his feelings for you.

  1. Get in Good with His Friends

with his friends

Almost every guy likes a girl who can get along well with his friends and whose friends like her. If you get in good with his friends, they’re more likely to talk you up and he’s more likely to take their word for it. So don’t just spend all your time paying attention to him, talk to his friends and get to know them if you really want to get a boy to like you. An added bonus: you’ll probably get some inside knowledge about him from his friends that could even help you.

  1. Make Him (a little) Jealous

Make Him (a little) Jealous

Sometimes men need a little kick start to let them know they like you. One way to get the wheels turning in their gorgeous heads is to flirt and pay extra attention to other guys right in front of him. He’ll get a little jealous and we all know what jealousy means: feelings.

If you really want to get a boy to like you, following these 10 tips is the way to go! Tell us how they worked for you below.


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