How To Be a Better Girlfriend

By on May 26, 2014
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9. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Silly

Men absolutely love it when a woman can take her hair down and just be silly. Playing video games, making jokes, frolicking through the sand- there’s seriously tons of different ways to just let loose and have fun, and even if you think you might embarrass yourself, we still suggest you give it a shot. He will certainly love seeing you in this new, silly way and the two of you will make a new memory you can joke about for ages. Sounds good to me!

10. Make Him Feel Special

We always hear about how men come home with flowers and chocolate, or they take their girls on random romantic dinners on the beach, or swoop their girlfriend up from work to take her on a dreamy trip to the cabin in the mountains. But what about the man? Doesn’t he get anything? A relationship should never be take, take, take, and I’m sure your guy wouldn’t mind a little recognition here and there. You don’t have to give him a bouquet of roses and a sappy love poem, but there are a lot of other ways to make him feel special. It could be from something as simple as telling him you love him and appreciate him to buying him something he’s been eyeballing for the past few months (like a new tool or piece of sports equipment, whatever he is into). You know your guy best, and you’ll know what kind of things will make him feel warm and cozy on the inside.

11. Treat HIM Once and Awhile

A girl paying for dinner? That’s unheard of! While you probably shouldn’t do this on the first couple of dates, after many weeks or months of being together it’s definitely okay to treat your man to dinner every once and awhile. After all, he’s probably taken the bills several times before and has no problem spending money on you, so why wouldn’t he deserve this? Whether it’s dinner, movies, ice skating rink, or a ball game, treat your man and he will definitely appreciate it.


12. Like… Or At Least Accept His Friend

Okay, we’re not saying you have to totally love and want to hang out with his beer drinking, armpit scratching, loud mouth friends, but you should at least accept them and not mind your man being around them. In fact, you should hang out with them every once and awhile too so they can get to know you. But try to refrain from saying anything negative about his boys (unless it’s something serious, obviously). He won’t appreciate your comments and you’ll probably come across as some nagging, whiny woman who just wants to keep him away from his friends. (Huge turnoff, ladies.)

13. Be Willing to Try New Things

We get it- there is some things you absolutely will not do, like jumping out of an airplane or going deep sea diving. But you should open and willing to try some new things, especially if he’s a huge fan and would like to include you in his activities. Just be confident, secure, and know that your partner is right by your side to help you through every step of the way. You might find out that an activity you once thought was scary or boring is actually one of your favorite things to do, too!


14. Keep Things…Interested

Yes, ladies. We are talking about in the bedroom. A boring sex life leads to a breakup. And that’s just the honest truth. Men need to be enticed and stimulated in the bedroom, so make sure to keep things interesting. Maybe ask him about something he has been wanting to try with you, or try adding some sexy lingerie into the mix. Anything to keep those sparks flying and keep him interested and satisfied.

15. Quit Nagging!
This is probably the best tip of them all: ladies, STOP NAGGING. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched as a woman incessantly nagged or whined herself all the way up to a breakup. If you want to be the best girlfriend you can be and ensure your relationship will sustain a lifetime, you need to stop nagging or whining about him as much as possible. It’s okay to say your opinion, of course- but when all you seem to do all day is nag him about everything, you have a problem. Lighten up and just be sweet and fun with your man. It will seriously pay off.


Every woman wishes she could be the best girlfriend to her man, and with these simple 15 steps you can come awfully close to being the absolute perfect gal.

What do you think about these 15 steps to being a better girlfriend? What do you think the perfect girlfriend should do for their boyfriend?

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