100 Gangster Nicknames for Guys and Girls

By on September 11, 2016

Finding the perfect nickname for your friend is not going to be easy. There are SO many different routes to go down and it’s sometimes hard to decide what fits them best, let alone deciding a specific name.

Lucky for you, that’s where I come in. If your friend is the gangster type or likes to act like they are, then these nicknames will be perfect for them. Just make sure to choose one that matches their personality so it fits them best!


Nicknames for Guys

If you have a friend that’s acting like he’s a total gangster, these nicknames are perfect for him.

  1. King

If he acts like royalty and bosses everyone around, then this is clearly a perfect nickname for him.

  1. Lord

This is another one for those that act like they’re practically royal.

  1. Lucky

If your friend always happens to get lucky no matter what he does, then call him this.

  1. Knuckles

This is a great nickname for a tough-guy friend of yours.

  1. Kingpin

Calling your friend this is basically saying he’s the biggest and baddest of them all.

  1. Ace of Spades

You can call your friend this is they are the best at any given card game.

  1. Baldie

Is your friend losing some hair and acts like an old school gangster? Then this nickname is for him.

  1. Blueman

If he’s intimidating and somber, then this is a great nickname for him.

  1. Bones

Is he the type to be so threatening that they scare you down to the bone? Then this is great for him!

  1. Books

This is a nickname for your friend that is really good at accounting and bookkeeping.

  1. Machine Gun

Does he fire off his attitude rapidly? You can definitely call him this then!

  1. The Boss

Does he boss everyone around or is the leader of your group? Then this is obviously the name for him.

  1. Bugsy

If he’s the type to orchestrate great plans that usually go awry, then you should definitely name him after a prominent gambling king.

  1. Mad Hatter

If he’s crazy in a way that still makes perfect sense, then the Mad Hatter is what you should be calling him.

  1. Rattler

If he’s a sneaky type of guy, then naming him after a rattle snake is the perfect way to go.

  1. Parole

This is for the type that needs to be kept in check and under control.

  1. Butcher

Is he ruthless? Then this nickname is perfect.

  1. Cain

If your friend is the type that fires away and gets him in trouble, this name is for him.

  1. Coon

If he is calculating, smart, and sneaky, a nickname of coon is a perfect match.

  1. Rifle

This is a nickname for a guy with long-term plans that always follow through.

  1. Recluse

A tough guy that likes to be completely along and solitary, Recluse is the nickname for him.

  1. The Prophet

If he someone that likes to make predictions and is often right, then this name is for him.

  1. Rocks

Is he thick, dense, and impossible to break through? Then call him Rock.

  1. The Sandman

The Sandman is someone that puts others to sleep, if this sounds like your friend, it’s an obvious nickname.

  1. Scar

Does he have a defining scar or even an event in his life that left him scarred? Then call him this!

  1. The Don

This is the perfect nickname for a guy that’s Italian, and a boss!

  1. Digger

As in “grave digger”. Does your friend fit this bill?

  1. Deathrow

This is for any of your friends that’s pretty much ALWAYS been in trouble/grounded/or in detention.

  1. Dimebag

Does he walk around with a ridiculous amount of money? Then this is obviously a name for him.

  1. Dreads

This is an obvious nickname for a friends with dreads.

  1. Cottonmouth

This is another great nickname for a snaky friend of yours.

  1. Sharkie

If he seems like a loner, a “lone shark”, then this nickname is great for your friend.

  1. Skinhead

This is a nickname for someone that’s either going bald, or is purposely bald for the sake of looking great.

  1. Snap

If he snaps out of his mood or into a bad temper quickly, this is for them.

  1. Smuggie

Any friend of yours that smuggles any kind of material, then this one is for him.

  1. The Enforcer

If being the boss isn’t enough and he also has to always enforce the rules, this is for him.

  1. Fastfingers

No matter if it’s quick to the trigger or quick on the game controller, his nickname should be this.

  1. Fat Tony

This is an obvious name for just about any bigger friend of yours.

  1. Snake Eyes

Any sneaky friend of yours that has calculating eyes would fit this nickname perfectly.

  1. Stab Happy

Obviously, if your friend likes to jab or poke fun at people, this is a great nickname for him.

  1. Vito

This is a nickname for pretty much any friend of yours that acts like a gangster.

  1. Wheels

If he’s fast or is always the driver in your group, then this is a fitting nickname.

  1. T-Bone

This is a great nickname for your badass friend.

  1. Ice

If he’s cold and not very talkative in general, this is great for him.

  1. Ice Box

This is another version of “ice” for your unfriendly friend.

  1. Headlock

Is he always rough housing? Then call him this.

  1. Guttermouth

If he’s always talking about crap, this is him.

  1. The Godfather

If he has this kind of presence, then it’s a great nickname for him.

  1. 8-Ball

If he’s dark, calculating, and the odd ball in the group, this is him.

  1. Jigsaw

Is he confusing and difficult to put together? This is him.


Nicknames for Girls

If your friend is a girl and acting like a tough-chick gangster, then you should definitely call her something on this list of gangster nicknames.

  1. Angel Face

This is great for an innocent looking girl that’s NOT at all.

  1. Baby

A great nickname for a young gangster friend.

  1. Mama

If your friend is a mom or likes to act like one, then this is a nickname for her.

  1. Magnolia

This is a great name for a delicate friend that packs a powerful punch.

  1. Baby Blue

This is great for a blue-eyed friend of yours.

  1. Bambie

Does she seem delicate but is really strong? Then call her this.

  1. Bandit

If she’s a rule breaker, call her this.

  1. Los Angeles Lolita

If you live in LA and your friend is a little promiscuous, call her this.

  1. Amaretto

Typically a name for a cool Italian girl.

  1. Margarita

If she’s a sassy little Spanish girl with a lot of spunk, call her this.

  1. Miss Demeanor

This is a clever way of naming your delinquent girl.

  1. Banker

If she’s good with money, this is definitely what you should call her.

  1. Brooklyn

This is if she’s from there or basically emulates all of what Brooklyn is, call her by this nickname.

  1. Bug

This is another nickname for a small girl that can get annoying at times.

  1. Bonnie

As in, Bonnie and Clyde.

  1. Missy

This is a perfect nickname for a sassy friend of yours.

  1. The Monalisa

If she’s a fine piece of work – as if she’s a masterpiece – then call her this.

  1. Nails

This is an obvious name for both a tough girl and a girl with long nails.

  1. Pearl

If she’s a gem in the midst of something nasty, call her this.

  1. Pinstripes

Any girl with a unique style and a gangster attitude can be called this.

  1. Pistol

If she’s a fiery girl, this can be her nickname.

  1. The Cardinal

A unique, special girl can be called this.

  1. Cheeks

This can be her nickname if she has bigger cheeks or if she’s talks cheekily.

  1. Cougar

If she’s into younger guys or is just ferocious, this is a nickname for her.

  1. Diamond

Is she prissy and materialistic, she’s definitely a Diamond.

  1. Dollface

This is perfect for a doll-looking girl.

  1. Queen Bee

This is an obvious nickname for your friends that act like a Queen.

  1. Queen

Another nickname for a royal-acting girl.

  1. Red

Another great nickname for a redheaded beauty.

  1. Red Hot

This is a nickname for a fiery girl.

  1. Rosie

If she’s as sweet as a flower but can sting you like thorns, call her this.

  1. Ruby

This is for a girl that is so special, she reminds you of a ruby.

  1. Duchess

Another great name for a girl acting like a total royal.

  1. Stiletto

Does she walk around in high heals at all hours of the day? Call her this.

  1. Felony

A funny nickname for your rule-breaking friend.

  1. Flamingo

Is she tall and love pink? This is an interesting gangster name for her.

  1. Tammy Gun

This is a cute play on the name, “Tommy Gun.”

  1. Frenchie

This is a funny nickname for a girl that loves the French life or is just like Frenchie from Grease.

  1. Games

Does she play games? If so, call her this.

  1. Trigger

If she goes off at the slightest touch, call her this.

  1. The Vicereine

If she’s the girlfriend of the leader in your group, then this is the name for her.

  1. Harlem Hatchet

If they remind you of this iconic gangster, this name is for them.

  1. Jailbird

If she’s always in and out of trouble, call her by this nickname.

  1. Wicked Witch

This is a great gangster name for anyone that seems to always have tricks up her sleeves.

  1. Vixen

Another powerful and devious nickname.

  1. Wifey

If she’s loyal, treats you like a great friend, and acts like quite the wife, call her this.

  1. Widow

If she’s recently lost a boyfriend or someone close (not necessarily death), then this is her name.

  1. Cadillac

If she’s high class and the best, this is a nickname for her.

  1. Jersey

A friend from Jersey, or acting as if she’s from Jersey, should be called this.

  1. Kitty

If she seems sweet and innocent but can bring out the claws, call her this.

Picking a nickname for your gangster friend isn’t always easy, but this list can help. What’s your favorite nickname?

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