Does He Love Me?

By on September 11, 2015

He loves me, he loves me not.

We’ve come a long way from picking petals off of flowers in a desperate attempt to find the answer to our undying question “Does he love me”? Now we have the internet we can turn to for practically anything, including some of the tall tell signs he’s in love with you. And that’s the exact reason why you stumbled over to this blog: we’re going to breakdown the top 17 ways a man shows he loves a woman. By the end of this blog, we’re hoping you pulled out the “HE LOVES ME”! petal.

He Makes Time For You. Always
A man that truly loves you will never be too busy or too preoccupied to see you for date night; even if that means he has to stay up super late the following night to finish up all his extra work. He won’t think date night is a drag and huff and puff every time you mention your favorite Italian diner for dinner. He will actually want to see you and spend time with you, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. He will give up (almost) anything to see your beautiful face!

You Catch Him Staring At You Often
It’s just human nature: we tend to look at things we adore often, whether it’s that brand new Gucci bag or the love of your life. If you notice your man staring at you rather frequently, this could be a very subtle sign he’s in love with you. You’re the love of his life and he thinks you’re stunning in every way possible; why wouldn’t he stare at you all the time?

He Shares Everything With You
The majority of men aren’t good at communicating- until he finds the right woman. And when I say he shares everything, I mean everything. From how his day went at work to the password for his phone. He won’t mind sharing his deepest darkest secrets with you and will even let you in on his emotions, even if it means shedding a tear every now and then. He wants you to be a part of his life and will make sure you know about everything going on. He’ll even want to know about you and your life and secrets too, without complaining!

He Does Things For You- Even if He Doesn’t Want to
You dragged him out to that incredibly boring ballet performance at the downtown theater. He had to dress up in a tuxedo and get his hair professionally cut the morning of the event. He actually went and had a smile on his face the whole time. That, ladies, is love. A man that is in love with you will do things he HATES just to see you smile.

He Still Tries to Impress You, Your Friends, and Family Members
As a relationship progresses, a lot of men (and women) tend to stop trying to impress their significant other and their friends/family. No longer are they the hit of the night, making jokes to make your mother smile at the dinner table or making sure the door is open for ALL of your girlfriends when you all hangout. But a man in love will never stop ceasing to impress his lady and the ones close to her. He will always be the guy that goes the extra mile to make sure he’s not only keeping a smile on the face of his woman, but bringing joy and happiness to everyone around her. He wants her family and friends to say “Wow, what a GREAT guy”!.

He’s Always Hugging You and Giving You Sweet Kisses
Does your man seem to give you a lot of random hugs throughout the day? Maybe he just comes up behind you at random, giving you a tight squeeze and a gentle kiss on the cheek? Does he ever just give you a delicate peck on the lips- and nothing else? If your man just loves to hug and kiss you in the sweetest and gentlest way, it could be a major sign he is in love with you. A man in love can’t help but keep his hands off his woman and show her affection!

He Cares About What You Have to Say and Feel
He totally doesn’t mind that you called him up at 3 o’clock in the morning to rant and rave about your girlfriend and how annoying she’s being. He doesn’t care that he has to be the shoulder to cry on when you’ve had a bad day. He enjoys being there for you through the good and the bad. He wants to know your opinion about things- say the new job opportunity that opened up 200 miles away- and he actually takes your thoughts and feelings into consideration.

He Will Make Changes for You
Now, let’s just be super clear right now: you should never want to change a person, especially when it comes to their looks or personality. But if there is something in his life that needed to be changed so he could actually become better off, and he follows through with it, this could be a symbol that he’s in love with you. Why else would your opinion and words matter so much? If it wasn’t love, I doubt he would change a single thing for himself.

He Loves to Show You Off
A man that is in love with a woman LOVES to show off his special lady. That means he will GLADLY hold you or your hand in public, he’s not afraid to give you a big kiss in front of a huge crowd of people, and he will happily have you and him as his profile picture on Facebook. Oh, and of course he will LOVE bringing you around his friends- he’s got to make them jealous!

He Accepts You for You
That’s the definition of love right there, accepting someone for who they are one hundred percent. He knows your entire background and doesn’t judge you for a single thing. He knows all of your quirks and thinks they are adorable. He knows everything about you and accepts you anyways. Yes, that is the deepest form of love and it’s beautiful.

He Goes Out of His Way to Make You Happy
I think we can all agree that when we love someone, we want to see a smile on their face at all times; whether it’s our mother, our father, our best friend, or our significant other. That being said, if a man loves you he will go completely out of his way just to make sure you’re smiling and happy. This could be anything from buying you those new (rather expensive) shoes you’ve been eye-balling or accompanying you to an extremely boring and girly movie just because you were dying to see it. There’s so many things he can do just to make you happy, and if he gladly does them, he probably loves you!

He Doesn’t Get Mad at You on Your “Off” Days
Okay, we all have our ‘off’ days. You know, those days where we’re just mad at literally everything and hate the world. For some guys, this could result in an angry attitude or just being plain annoyed with us. But for others- the ones who are in love with their lady- it means brushing it off and giving us a hug anyways. If he can brush off those bad days and still keep a smile on his face to help you through it, he loves you.

He Talks About the Future
Men. Don’t. Like. To. Talk. About. The. Future. End of story. They will seriously avoid it at all costs. And if you bring it up, they tense up and run away like they’ve seen a ghost. But wait- you say he’s talking about the future, and actually instigating the conversation? Oh, yes. This is a major, major sign he is head over heels in love with you. He’s talking about his future because he wants YOU to be a part of it!

He Continues to do the Small Things
He’s getting lazy in the relationship? Ah, that’s a bummer. And even if he is slacking in the small things department, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you; he’s probably just being a lazy guy! But if your man has continued to do the small things- even after months and years of being together- he’s certainly in love with you, no questions asked. And if he IS slacking, we highly recommend reminding your man how important the small things are. He may just need a reminder!

He Has Some of Your Favorite Items Stocked in His House
Okay, so your man might absolutely despise pink lemonade, but it happens to be your favorite. And viola- every time you go to his house, he’s got a delicious jug of pink lemonade waiting in the refrigerator. Yes, it might not seem like much; but he’s going out of his way to make sure something you LOVE is waiting at his place. How is that NOT a sign of love?

He Doesn’t Mind if You Have His Phone
I think we can all agree that if a man will give you his phone without hesitation, it’s a sign of not only love, but absolute trust and honesty. Nothing to hide with him!

He Says He Loves You!
Love is more than just a word, but hey, we all like to hear it! If he tells you he loves you often and actually shows it, then umm, he is obviously pretty deep in the love department.

So tell me girls- does he love you?


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