Do Girls Like Facial Hair? (And 15 Thoughts About it)

By on June 29, 2016

Oh, facial hair. From the immense amount of popularity that beards have been getting lately, one might start thinking about why that is. Do girls actually like facial hair or has the idea of growing such a robust beard become such a phenomenon as of late that all men just hopped onto the trend?

The truth is that it can go either way. Some girls LOVE a man with a healthy amount of facial hair while others completely despise it. It’s not just about what the girl prefers, though. Some guys just can’t pull off facial hair while it turns other into Greek God looking creatures descended upon us from the heavens.

If you’re really curious as to what girls think about facial hair and want to explore our minds, you’ve come to the right place. This is what girls REALLY think about your facial hair when we see it.

  1. They’re Scratchy!


Beards are really itchy and scratchy – and not just for the guys. When we see your facial hair we automatically think about how rough it’s going to feel on us somewhere. I mean, since it’s growing out of you, you’re used having a layer on your face whereas us ladies are not used to having something itchy and scratchy touching us at all. On the up side, we do like running our hands down and up the side of your face.


  1. Can You Actually get the Shavings DOWN the Sink, Please?


I would like to take a moment of silence for all the ladies out there who have had to deal with facial hair trimmings in their bathroom sink. Okay, moment over. Yes, this is one of the most annoying things about your facial hair. Honestly, can’t you just wipe it down and wash them down the sink? We don’t leave your shavings in your shower, do we?


  1. Your Mustache is Creepy


I don’t think any man can pull off a creeper-stache. A long mustache on anyone’s face is just not appealing. It may be funny and entertaining to grow out as a joke, but girls really don’t think it’s cute or attractive in any way whatsoever. All we think about is a sex offender or a terrible 70s porn film.


  1. Full Beards are SEXY


Now on the other hand, if you can grow out a really full and sexy beard, then you have our attention! I’m not sure if it’s just because of the trend as of late, but full beards are beyond hot on a rough and tough looking man. They can transform an okay-looking guy into a sexy Greek God in a matter of a few weeks. Girls LOVE beards.


  1. If You Can’t Grow a Full Beard, Don’t Try


It’s just a fact of life that not all men can pull off growing out a beard. Unfortunately your biology gets in the way and you end up growing this patchy, scratchy, scruffy looking thing that barely resembles a beard. In fact, it more than likely resembles one of the nasty bad pirate’s beard form Pirates of the Caribbean.


  1. Neck Beards Can’t Happen


For a little while, I knew all kinds of guys who weren’t able to grow facial hair on their actual face, but they could on their necks. So in order to stick with the trend of growing a beard they would only grow it on their necks and it would get really long – and gross. Neck beards aren’t cute or appealing at all. So really, girls hate this kind of facial hair.


  1. Stubble is Sexy – but Not Comfortable


To kiss, that is. When a guy just has a full beard of light stubble, it makes girls melt. For some reason just casting that little bit of a shadow over the lower half of your face gets us all would up and excited. It’s sexy, manly, and just short enough to not look like you’re going overboard. However, it’s not comfortable to get out face against.


  1. Goatees CAN Work


I think we can all agree that when grown correctly and on the right guy, goatees can be ridiculously hot. Can we just agree that Johnny Depp pulls off a goatee like none other and makes it look dashingly amazing? I think girls can either love or hate this on a guy and it’s really up to their personal taste. I find that they look great on most guys.


  1. Chinstraps are a Hard No


For what purpose would a guy need a chinstrap for? Do you have a helmet on or something? No. so why would you grow your facial hair that outlines your jaw and nothing else? I guess I can understand that maybe it’ll help shape your jaw in a more attractive way, but it doesn’t always succeed and girls don’t like this style of facial hair very much at all.


  1. Get Rid of Your Soul Patch


Girls are not fans of soul patches. They’re almost completely pointless. Really what is the purpose of growing just a small patch of hair under your mouth? It doesn’t look manly or add anything to your appearance otherwise.


  1. If it’s Messy it’s Ugly


Facial hair almost needs more upkeep than your regular hair. While men can pull off messy hair after rolling out of bed, they cannot pull off messy facial hair. Girls only like facial hair that is neat, tidy, and well-kept.


  1. Beard Burn is Painful


I’m not sure about all girls everywhere, but the first thing that I think about when I see a hot guy rocking a beard is the beard burn I would get after macking on him for a while. Beard burn is what happens when a guy’s facial hair is prickly and rubs a girls face until it gets red. This hurts and it can actually give her a little rash. For that reason, some girls do not like facial hair.


  1. Watching You Shave is Entertaining

Mid adult man shaving beard

I think shaving their face is the one time you can see a manly man be really gentle. Obviously, he doesn’t want to hack away at his face and cut himself so you get the rare opportunity to see him very carefully deal with it in such a way that it’s actually a turn on.


  1. Do You Get Food in Your Beard?


I have always wondered how guys with facial hair that gets over their mouth eat. Honestly, I get food in my hair sometimes and it’s not even attached to my face! Girls wonder just how some guys can have such big facial hair without ever getting food in it. And if they do get food in it, we hardly notice.


  1. It Makes You Look Manly and Capable


of handling someone as womanly as me. This is something we all think when we see a man with some facial hair. The fact of the matter is that facial hair indicates that you’re a man. Women love nothing more than when a man look really manly because it just shows us how much we can rely on them to be protective and do all the man stuff around the house – like killing the spiders.


The truth is that some girls love facial hair while other girls simply hate it. No matter how we feel about it, we all have these similar thoughts about your facial hair. Do you have any other opinions on facial hair? Share them below!


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