Dealing With A Bad Haircut

By on January 12, 2014

We’ve all been there – we’ve all made our way happily to the hairdressers picturing which celebrity we want them to make us look like only to return home later that same day with out eyes brimming with tears and our heads spinning with anger. Bad haircuts suck. They make us feel rage, sadness and not to mention stress. Do we really have to go out the house looking like this? Calm down, girls, we’ve all been there – me included. As terrible as it may seem at the time, a bad haircut isn’t the end of the world however. It’s not the fact that your hair seems ruined, it’s how you deal with it that matters.

With that said, here’s some neat tips and tricks to help you go from having an awful haircut to looking stylish…


Curls Hide Everything

When in doubt, curl! Curling your hair or adding waves to it automatically hides any wonky or uneven bits. When your hair is curled, everything is different lengths anyway so no one will notice your bad do. Plus, you can added tighter or looser curls to help even out any extremely bad, ahem, mishaps. Even better, your hair will look wonderfully stylish in your attempts to cover the hairdressers tracks.


DON’T Reach For The Scissors

As tempting as it is to simply reach for the scissors and fix your hair yourself, don’t! Trust me, you’ll only make it worse. I know you may look in the mirror and think ‘how hard can it be?’ or ‘I could fix that’, I’m sorry to say you’re wrong. Hairdressers go through a lot of training to do what they do, it really is an art form. If you start going DIY you’ll only end up making your hair shorter, wonkier and, ultimately, worse. If you think your hair needs some tender love and care asap then visit a professional. They may not be able to magically grow your hair back but they may be able to even it out for you.


Straighten It

If the problem is that your hairdresser has cut an inch or two too much off your beautiful locks and you now feel close to having mans hair, straightening your hair could be the answer. Not only does straightening make your hair look sleek and sext but it also adds length to your locks.



So you’ve got a bad haircut, it’s not the end of the world. If you ask me, now’s the time to get experimental. Try pinning your hair back in new ways, add a bid of volume or backcomb it, slide a few fancy hair clips in or add a headband. Any of this will draw eyes towards what’s new and different about your hair, not what’s wrong with it. Now’s a great time to try new things that you might not have tried otherwise.


Take Inspiration From Others

If you need a little inspiration on how to deal with your hair, have a flick through some celebrity gossip magazines or browse them online. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like, I guarantee that someone famous has a similar style and that they’re rocking it. If they can do it, why can’t you? There’s plenty of hair magazines out there too so why not pick up one of them to see how others are wearing your do? No matter how bad you think your hair may look, there’s a way to pull it off.


Chop Even More Off

This tip isn’t for everyone but, if you really hate your hair and have a bit of bravery about you, how about going even shorter? Since your hair is already so short and uneven compared to normal, maybe what you need is a whole new haircut entirely. Maybe now’s the time to take a leap of faith and try a pixie cut or a bob. You could go really radical like loads of the celebs are doing just now. Take a leaf out of Jennifer Lawrence or Miley Cyrus’s book, they’re rocking their pixie crops so there’s no reason you can’t too!


Don’t Spread The Word

If your stuck with a bad haircut it can be tempting to cry to all your friends about it and spread the word about a terrible hairdresser but trust me this wont help. You’re better off keeping quiet and telling people that this is the haircut you wanted. Act confident and no one will even notice how you really feel about your hair and what’s more they won’t care. This is especially important if all of a sudden you start wearing accessories in your hair or start curling it. You don’t want people asking the reason behind your sudden radical change.


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