I Can’t Stop Thinking about Him – What to do Next

By on July 6, 2016

One thing that happens to us all at some point in our lives is that we can’t stop thinking about someone. We see this one person or even talked to them and then they plague our minds for such a long time it seems as if we’ll never stop thinking about them.

The truth is that sometimes we want to think about these people and other times we just want to forget about them. There are certain people who come into our lives that leave such an impact – either good or bad – and we just can’t get them out of our heads.

If this sounds like you, you are in luck. There are different ways you can forget about him even if it’s just for a little while. If you can’t stop thinking about him try doing a few of these and you’ll forget about him in no time.

  1. Distract Yourself

Nothing will get someone off your mind faster than being distracted. You need to distance your mind from anything that has to do with him and the best way for this is to be out doing something distracting. Whether you watch a new movie or just scroll through some funny stuff on Pinterest, getting distracted is the best way to get someone off your mind. It might not work at first, but the better the distraction the less of a chance there is that you’ll think about him.

  1. Get a New Hobby

I love finding new and fun things to do. If you really want to stop thinking about someone, then you have to get a new hobby. Hobbies excite you and take your mind off of them. Not to mention the fact that if your old hobbies reminded you of him then getting new ones won’t be a reminder of someone you’re trying to forget. Try something relaxing but super fun! Painting, jewelry making, or even knitting some cute scarves and hats will do a lot to get you to forget about him.

  1. Get Support from Friends

Your friends want to be there for you. If you’re having trouble forgetting about someone who did you wrong, then your friends are the best way to do that. Not only will being with them be a distraction, but they’ll do everything they can to help you forget about them.

  1. Don’t Dwell on the Past

Thinking about the past and about him will only make things worse. Don’t sit there and mope about what could have been or about the fact that you can’t stop thinking about him. Dwelling on the past will only make things harder because it’s like you’re reliving everything you’ve done with him. My advice is to go do something that makes you happy so you forget all about him.

  1. Girl Nights!

Go have girls nights! Swear off boys for a while until you can stop thinking about him. Go have a bunch of girls’ nights and you’ll be so grateful for them that you won’t think about him at all. The best thing about girls’ night is that they will never remind you of him. In fact, they’ll be doing everything they can to help you forget.

  1. Delete His Social Media

If there’s one thing that will remind you of him constantly it’s his social media popping up on your feed every time you log in. You have to delete him on everything if you want to stop thinking about him. Logging on and seeing him with someone else or even just him having a good time will make it even harder to forget about him. I suggest staying off social media altogether for a while so you don’t accidentally end up on his pages.

  1. Spend Time with Family

Your family is your automatic support system. They are there for you no matter what no matter when. Whenever you feel upset or that you can’t stop thinking about him all you need to do is go see your family. They’re a great distraction and everyone always feels better after being near their family. There’s something about the company of people with your same DNA that makes you feel a lot better.

  1. Read Some New Books

I love reading. It’s a perfect distraction because it actually brings you to another world and allows you to forget about everything in yours for a little while – like him. Go to the store and guy a few books to get lost in for a little while. You’ll realize that you’re so wrapped up in the drama between the book characters that you won’t even have the time to think about him.

Forgetting about someone you once cared about so much is definitely not an easy task and it will take some time. All you can do is follow the above tips and be patient. Is there someone you can’t stop thinking about? Let us know below!

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