Best Romantic Restaurants for Dating

By on January 22, 2013

The perfect place can often make or break a romantic date. If you want the perfect date, you have to find the perfect romantic restaurant. Here are the top romantic restaurants in USA for that over the top date that will bring her to tears:

1. Addison at the Grand del Mar

Five stars and five diamonds tells you that this restaurant is top of the line. With a super long list of prestigious awards, you may have to make very early reservations to get into this exquisite place.


2. Andre’s at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Of course, such a themed restaurant at such an elegant casino would top the list. This is the top romantic restaurant in Vegas, so it will most likely cost you quite a bit. It will be worth it, though.


3. Bouchard Restaurant and Inn

Bouchard Restaurant and Inn

With such a name, this restaurant would have to be incredibly romantic. Located in a Georgian-style mansion in Edmon, this restaurant serves French cuisine.


4. Castle Falls


This restaurant will be an experience like no other, and is surprisingly located in Oklahoma City. This is an actual castle located on a large area of land with themed areas within the building as well.


5. The Cellar, Fullerton

The Cellar

This unique Fullerton restaurant was built by the creators of Disneyland. It is actually called the cellar because it is in a cellar of a California Hotel. If you are looking for something super romantic and intimate, this is the restaurant for you.


6. Eiffel Tower


Located at the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, this restaurant is the epitome of French romance right in the United States. This will be perfection on a romantic date in Las Vegas, even though it will probably cost you quite a bit.


7. Geja’s Café


Fondue is always a perfect setting for a romantic date. One of the best and most unique fondue restaurants in the nation is Geja’s Café in Chicago. Here, you can enjoy a meal and even see live music played nightly inside the restaurant.


8. Il Bistro

Il Bistro

This Seattle Restaurant is famous for high quality food. This lovely little Italian restaurant features loads of fresh ingredients that are authentic and delicious.


9. The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot

If you don’t live near a large city and still need a great romantic date, you will be pleased to know that this restaurant is a chain restaurant with locations all over the country. And it serves fondue in cute private booths – perfect for a romantic date!




And Italian food takes one more spot. Fine, authentic Italian cuisine and wine paired with live entertainment make for a perfect romantic date. This restaurant is located in Scottsdale.


Those are the top 10 best romantic restaurants for dating. Have you ever been to one of these restaurants?

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