Do Guys Like Shy Girls?

By on August 15, 2016

So, you’re shy. You don’t really like to talk too much and meeting new people scares you to death. You don’t really like to go out all too often and you’re not the type to do well in public speaking. Everyone says you don’t talk enough and you need to open up more. You dress more conservative to draw less attention to yourself and your circle of friends is small. Is there anything wrong with you? Absolutely not. Do guys prefer shy girls over outgoing ones? Well, to put it simply: yes and no. Every man has a different taste in women. But do the majority prefer shy ones? They actually do- and we’re going to explain to exactly why this is a fact.


Reasons Men Like a Shy Girl

1. You’re a Mystery

As we said before, YOU DON’T TALK MUCH! He doesn’t know a thing about you because you keep to yourself. This appeals to the man because you are essentially a mystery he wants to uncover. He doesn’t know what’s hiding in the depths of your brain and he certainly doesn’t have a clue about how you’re feeling- but he wants to. He wants to explore your mind in every way possible and tap into that shyness to get you to open up. It’s fun for him and it’s a big plus for many men out there.

2. You’re Intimidating

Whether you know it or not, being shy can actually be very intimidating; and guys love a gal who is intimidating! But why is this so? Well, you don’t talk a lot and you keep to yourself. This could come across as being conceited or arrogant, which could actually scare a lot of guys away; however, the bulk of men will be intrigued by this fact and want to take on the challenge.

3. You Appear More Feminine

Your shyness is undeniably ADORABLE and you probably dress a lot more conservative than an outgoing gal. You keep your makeup to a minimum and like to show off your natural beauty. This, to the male eye, is extremely graceful and beautiful, and what guy doesn’t a girl with tons of grace and femininity? You will catch his eye with your natural beauty and feminine appearance very quickly.

4. You Make Him Feel Secure

A girl that has a lot going on in her life with plenty of friends and activities may make a man feel like he’s not the number one thing in her relationship, and may even feel insecure about his girlfriend. But a shy girl who has plenty of time on her hands to make her boyfriend a priority, and takes the time to get to know him and show him affection, in turn makes him feel very comfortable and secure in the relationship- which means the two of you will probably last a heck of a lot longer.
5. He Wonders if You’re Not Shy in Bed
Okay, ladies- let’s just be honest here. That quote ‘lady in the street but freak in the sheets’ applies a lot to a shy girl. You appear as the innocent, quiet, feminine beauty that doesn’t like to talk a lot, but are you the same way in the sheets? He will be dying to know if you’re the type that lets loose in the bedroom, and that will honestly be a dream come true in his eyes.


6. He Will Be More Protective of You

Everyone knows that men love to be the ‘knight in shining armor’. They love to help a lady in distress and do anything he can to make her feel better and calmer. Well, the shy girl probably has hard time sticking up for herself. This gives her boyfriend plenty of opportunities to be overprotective of her and be her guard in hard situations. He can truly be your ‘knight’ in all situations and he enjoys taking care of you in that aspect.

7. There’s Less Shy Girls than Outgoing Girls

Especially nowadays, finding a shy girl is a dime a dozen; it seems like every girl in this world is desperate for attention or is incredibly outgoing. That being said, men love to find a woman that’s not like all the rest. Pair this exclusiveness with your graceful beauty and mystery, and you’re the whole package to a guy who is looking for his next girlfriend.

8. You are more Trustworthy

You’re not likely to talk with a lot of guys when you’re shy (let alone other females!) You’re also not the type to hang out at parties or head out to the clubs with your gal pals. You prefer to do something lowkey and you love just being around a few people at once. This, of course, means that you’re less likely to cheat or find yourself in the midst of a potentail cheating situation. This makes you a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of your boyfriend!

9. The Relationship Will Last Longer

Because you are shy and have a hard time opening up to someone, you and your boyfriend are more likely to take things slow and take the proper time necessary getting to know each other before taking any big leaps. Taking this time and digging deep into each others’ minds is the ideal recipe for a strong, long-lasting relationship; and men know this.

10. He Feels More Romantic with You

Just like being  her knight in shining armor, a man will take extra time to give his shy gal the romance she needs. He is more likely to do those cute, adorable, romantic gestures with a shy girl than with any other girl, because she possesses the qualities needed to bring out his manly side. He wants to make you feel like the princess you truly are!


Reasons Men May Not Like a Shy Girl

Okay, it’s not all sunshine and daisies when it comes to being shy, and there’s a lot of reasons why a guy may be turned off by this type of girl. Here are a few of the reasons a guy may not like your shyness or become annoyed by it during the relationship.

1. You Don’t Open Up

I understand it’s hard for you to be open with someone- you’re shy! But if you’ve been dating someone for a few weeks or months and you’re STILL having a hard time opening up and continue to keep your shy wall up, he may become annoyed and lose hope in the relationship.

2. You May be Too Clingy

Of course guys love to get affection from their lady and they love to help her out the best he can! But, there’s a point when it becomes too much. If you’re obsessively clingy and don’t give him any air or if you’re always needing help with things you could probably do on your own, he might get turned off by your ‘helpless’ personality.


3. You Don’t Speak Your Mind

In an argument, you never say anything and just agree with him. When he asks you what YOU want to do tonight, you always say ‘whatever you want to do’. You expect him to read your mind because you never tell him what’s going on. Guys don’t like this. They love shyness, but they still want you to speak up when the time is right; they don’t want to be in absolute control of the relationship and make up every single decision.


Ways to Be More Attractive

You’re beautiful as is, girls! But if you want to hone in on your shyness and be even more attractive to the cuties out there, here’s a few ways to make yourself even MORE attractive.

1. Be Confident

This goes for any girl, whether they are shy or outgoing or some mix between the two. Confidence is undeniably the sexiest thing a girl can wear, so work on your confidence levels and you’ll see yourself catching more attention than you ever thought possible.

2. Don’t Change Yourself

Never, EVER change yourself- for anyone! You don’t have to talk when you don’t want to, you don’t have to go to those big social events, and you don’t have to wear risque clothing if you don’t want to. Stay true to yourself, even if some people may be annoyed by your shy personality. You are who you are, so wear it proudly.


3. Use Gestures More Often

If you don’t like to talk (which I know you don’t!) use your facial expressions and gestures to make more of an impact than words ever could.

4. Be Strong in Yourself

Whether you’re shy or not, you need to learn to stick up for yourself and be strong! This means saying NO when you need to, coming up with ideas for date night, and standing up for yourself in any and all situations. Just because you are shy does NOT mean you should let people walk all over you just because they THINK that they can; be strong, ladies!


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