Best Romantic Movies Of 2013

By on August 9, 2013


Beautiful Creatures 


Lena Duchannes arrives in Gaitlin, a small town in the South, not expecting to make friends. She knows her family’s history with the town will surely make high school harder for her. She was right, but there is one person who does seem to get her, Ethan Wate. Ethan and Lena’s love blossoms quickly as if it were destiny.  Not letting anything keep them apart, Lena finally tells Ethan that her family is a bunch of Casters. Casters are magical beings with the power to do almost anything. When a girl caster arrives at the age of 16 she will either turn good or turn evil. Lena and Ethan battle the supernatural challenges that are trying to tear them apart and look for a way to ensure she turns good on her birthday.

Safe Haven


 A mysterious women appears out of nowhere in Southport, North Carolina. She soon gets acquainted with Alex, the owner of a general store and widowed with two kids of his own. Romance is inevitable between the two and the family starts developing a strong bond. Little does Alex know, this strange young woman is carrying a heavy and dark secret with her.

Warm Bodies


R, a young zombie who can’t remember his name, roams the world with his posse of undead friends. Day after day they do the same thing: Walk around, grunt and eat brains. As the zombies come across a group of survivors, R sees Julie and finds he has no interest in eating her at all. Instead he suddenly feels the need to save her from his zombie buddies. From there out R and Julie develop a bond that has R slowly coming back to life, literally.



Portia, a Princeton admissions officer, suddenly finds her life turning upside down when a friend of hers that manages an alternative high school calls and tells her he might have found the son that she gave up for adoption at birth. Finding herself doing many things she never would have before, Portia lays her career out on the line to do everything she can for the boy she thinks is her long-lost son.

Love and Honor

Two soldiers in the Vietnam war decide to travel back to the U.S.A when one of them finds out that his girlfriend back home is moving on. Dalton, a young man not ready for the love of his life to leave, uses his leave of absence to travel back to find Jane, his girlfriend. With only a week to get to her, Dalton and his war buddy, Mickey, race the clock to find Jane and then get back to the war.





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