Aries Traits

By on August 29, 2013

Have you ever noticed why Aries sign has the picture of a Battering Ram? That’s because Aries believe in living life head first and in the fast lane only. Optimism, perseverance, and vitality form the core essence of Aries. People born between March 21 and April 19 fall into the horoscopic category of Aries and tend to display the following top six personality traits:


  1. Confidence: Although Aries is a sign that do not gel well with this particular attribute because its ruling planet is Mars, the ever eluded and isolated one, but still Aries personalities are confident in their own peculiar manner. Aries can venture on to any journey but don’t feel very comfortable in social gatherings. Social wildernessis a hallmark trait of Aries however, they will never think twice before initiating a hiking plan or taking risky decisions.
  2. Adventurousness: This definitely connects with the kind of confidence that Aries inhabits. Aries happens to be accommodating the most adventurous group of people out of all 12 signs. Aries are eager for trying something unusual, and their innate confidence triggers this natural urge. They believe in exploring newer horizons and bridging the gaps between known and the unknown.
  3. Action-oriented: Never underestimate the energy reserves of Aries as they have plenty of wit, will and vivacity. Aries are always on the move; you cannot expect them to sit back and become a couch potato, it’s just not their thing. They will plan about something and will instantly materialize it.
  4. Spontaneity and straightforwardness: Aries is a fire sign and that’s why they are straightforwardand spontaneous simultaneously. As fire is unpredictable, warm and not always logical, so is Aries, no one can ever predict their next move.
  5. Pioneering: Pioneering is certainly a great quality of Aries. Not many star signs support pioneering capability as strongly as Aries does. They are fully capable of taking an initiative and pursuing their goal with utmost conviction. Although Aries are impulsive to some extent but they are indeed creative andfront-runners at all their jobs.
  6. Competitive: This quality when combined with the impulsive and spontaneous traits makes them hungry for success and that too within a short while. Of course, the battering Ram’s horns are a prominent part of Aries symbol for a reason. However, Aries personality has a subdued amount of competitiveness, and they are definitely good sport.If they cannot achieve success they will never pull anyone down to pave the way for their victory.

Caring and Sincere: Aries are definitely family-oriented. They are extremely sincere, loving and kind hearted.  They are good at remembering birthdays, anniversaries and are generous as well. They are emotionally balanced and you can expect perfect intimate connection with your Aries partner as they tend to be great lovers.

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