Scorpio Traits

By on November 28, 2013

scorpio traits

Scorpio born people can be branded as being extremely mystifying, inexplicable and mysterious individuals. At the same time they are very strong willed, undeterred and determined in their tasks. The Scorpions are born to grab the lime light and be in the focus as they have the guts to make their dreams come true and fulfil their goals and ambitions. However, above all, they possess a magnetic almost animalistic charm that cannot be easily ignored. Besides, they have both positive and negative sides to their personality such as:

Positive traits

Gritty and strong-minded:
Their major strength is their strong willed determination. If a Scorpio-born has set his heart and mind upon something it will be a very tough job to divert their focus or diminish their spirit from their trail.

Bold, Daring and Fearless:
Does not matter how hard and trying the situation arises to be, the Scorpion will face it head on. They will never fret over hardships and difficulties; they will rather fight them with all their force and combat it.

Composed, calm and balanced:
They are good-humoured, bright and breezy, jovial and full of passion. Scorpions may come across as flamboyant and flashy but they are not careless and immature. They turn out to be as extremely mature and poised, and Scorpio-born are extremely pleasant and amusing personalities to spend time with.

Dependable and Loyal:
You can always rely on a Scorpio, for they give a lot of weight age to their word. A Scorpio will always stand by you, if he has promised he would. It is always a treat, to have a loyal Scorpio by your side.

Go-getting and ruthlessly ambitious:

The scorpions are full of ambition and zeal. They aspire for the stars and make sure they get there. Their power boosters are wealth, position and authority.


Spontaneous and intuitive:
Scorpion born people are so intuitive, that they can almost be termed as mind readers. Their mind reading instincts enable them to make the right choices and the right decisions at the right time.
Negative traits

envious and Jealous:
The Scorpio also tends to be extremely jealous and possessive; this negative streak more often disturbs their personal relationships and also their peace of mind.

Guarded and Secretive:
It does not come naturally for them to trust people; therefore, they become extremely secretive, enigmatic and cautious.  The Scorpions will not conveniently share their minds and lives secrets with people, but once someone wins their trust, they will open up for sure.

Indignant, bitter and resentful:
The Scorpions are extremely sensitive and tend to have fragile hearts, which get easily hurt by pessimistic and negative remarks and treatment. They vow to get even with those who dared to insult or hurt them, and will have their revenge eventually.

Overprotective and controlling:
They do have a gift of getting things done their specific way but, while doing so they tend to become over controlling, bossy and ruthlessly dominating.  Although they are compassionate and sensitive yet they will not let their emotions come in their way especially where they have to take firm and tough decisions.