12 Best Apps for Girls in 2016

By on July 19, 2016

The truth is that we are on our phones now more than we’re not – except for when we’re sleeping. Our mobile devices and apps take up most of our free time and with good reason, too.

Some of them are helpful for our lives, some of them shape our creativity, and some of them are just plain entertaining. We are always on the lookout for the newest and best apps to be using in order to stay up to date on the latest trends.

There are SO many different apps out there and I’m sure you want to avoid the ones that are junk. But since a lot of apps look like they’re amazing, you end up losing a lot of money and time if they turn out to be pieces of junk. Lucky for you, we’ve already weeded out the good from the bad and these are the best apps for girls in 2016.

  1. Wanelo


This app is perfect for girls everywhere. Who doesn’t love online shopping? Normally online shopping can get annoying if you’re constantly switching between stores in your safari app. Wanelo gets rid of the middleman and connects you thousands of stores. You can follow your favorites and even follow your friends to see what they’ve been shopping for.

  1. Style.com


If any of you are fashionistas out there you will LOVE this app. It keeps you up on all the latest fashion trends and allows you to follow and even find new designers that could be the next Michael Kors. You can even browse different outfits from celebrity parties and watch runway shows from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Keeper


With all the different apps we have, we have a lot of accounts to go along with them. It’s so easy to forget your usernames and passwords to them and you might get locked out often. This app allows you to save all of them so you’ll never have to go through the hassle of resetting them when you can’t remember – and we all know how forgetful us ladies are.

  1. Wattpad


This is a perfect app for the creative, bookworm types. If you love to read original books or even write your own, then you NEED this app. It lets you not only read books other people have written and published via this app, but you’ll be able to write your own books, too. If you’re an aspiring writer looking for experience, this app is exactly what you need to inspire you to reach your goals.

  1. Instagram


By now I’m sure you’ve either heard of Instagram or have one. This is one of the most powerful and influential photography apps there are. You can make a profile, update it with your own personal photos, and follow thousands of others doing the same. You’ll be able to find photos using specific hashtags and connect with people from all over the world. The big bonus with this app is if you gain a HUGE following, companies will even pay you to sponsor their products.

  1. Vine


If you’re someone who loves making goofy little videos all day or even just watching them, Vine is the app you need to get. It lets you make short videos that can be of anything you want – but they’re mostly just hilarious. It’s a great way to pass time and connect with people in a different way than you ever have before. You can even see how many times your video has been watched. There have been a few people who got famous JUST from this app.

  1. Wi-Fi Finder


I don’t know about you, but I always want to have Wi-Fi just incase I want to upload something or even just incase I get bored and want to scroll through my other apps. The best part about this app is that it shows you where the free Wi-Fi hookups are so you never have to wander around looking. If you need access to the internet and hate paying those expensive data charges every month when you go over your limit, get this app.

  1. Band of the Day


I know there are SO many of you out there that love music – I know I do! If you’re like me, then you’re always looking for the next best artist that you can tell all your friends about. There is so much amazing music out there that doesn’t get the credit simply because they’re not famous – yet. This app introduces a new band or artist every day so you can always stay in the know.

  1. Snapchat


Snapchat has been growing in popularity so much over the past year that nearly everyone has an account. This app allows you to take snapshots and send them to your friends. They can then view them for 1-10 seconds depending on how long you set the limit to. You can also use the fun face filters to make your pictures that much more funny. Sending goofy pictures of yourself or others to your friends is such a fun way to stay connected.

  1. Whisper


This is such a fun app if you’re someone who loves to gossip and tell secrets but doesn’t want to hurt anyone in the process. This app allows you to post secrets (anonymously, of course) and view secrets that other people have posted. You’ll be entertained for hours reading the hilarious and sometimes seriously touching secrets that other people have. Be warned, some secrets can be upsetting and you might end up feeling bad for someone you don’t even know. However, most secrets are really funny and lighthearted.

  1. Duolingo


With the world transforming and becoming more and more diverse, knowing more than one language is extremely beneficial. Not only will speaking multiple languages allow you to connect with a ton more people, but you’ll also be in the top picks when you apply for jobs. Many companies like to hire people who speak multiple languages because it broadens their customer range. Not only that, but learning a new language is so beneficial for a lot of other reasons, too. You’ll make your brain stronger and you’ll have something to be proud of. This app makes learning a new language super simple and doesn’t take much time at all. The plus side? It’s free!

  1. We Heart It


If you’re into serious photography and the social aspect of Instagram just isn’t for you, then this app is exactly what you need. You can connect with other photographers from all over the world and even post your own work for others to see. This app lets you “heart” something and you can put it on a canvas to hang in your home. Not only does this make you a better photographer by getting inspired by other’s work, but the confidence you’ll feel when other people like your work so much they “heart” it will motivate you to keep pursuing your photography dream.

There are so many apps out there and it can be hard to find one that is perfect for you. These apps are the best apps for girls in 2016. Which ones are your favorites?

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