10 Annoying Girlfriend Habits that Guys Hate

By on April 22, 2016

Most guys love having their girlfriends around. They’re pretty, fun, and they really like them. However, sometimes they would rather leave them at home than to deal with their annoying girlfriend habits. It’s not our fault!

Sometimes us girlfriends don’t even mean to be annoying or try to do any of these annoying things. They’re just what we do out of habit. It’s never our intention (usually) to make our boyfriends upset or mad with the things we do.

Most of them we do because we care about them. However, that doesn’t make these habits any less annoying to the guys that have to deal with us. If you want to avoid upsetting your boyfriend, then try your best not to do any of these 10 annoying girlfriend habits because he hates them.

  1. Arguing in public.

If there’s one thing that will make your boyfriend mad, it’s when you try to argue with him in public. They hate that you have to bring up your drama when the two of you are out and about for the day. It’s embarrassing to him and he really doesn’t want to fight in front of people you know or strangers. So if you want your boyfriend to actually discuss the situation later instead of not even talking to you, you better keep that argument pent up until you two are alone.

  1. Criticize them in public.

Criticizing your boyfriend in public is almost as bad as trying to argue with them in public. Not only are you making him feel bad about himself, but you’re doing it within earshot of other people that might start thinking the same thing about him. If you have a problem with the way he chooses to wear his shoes, the way he seems to be interrupting you, or anything else, save it for a time when you can calmly explain to him why you don’t like those things. It’s really irritating for him to have to listen to your criticizing in public.

  1. ‘Groom’ them – ever.

Don’t try to pluck his eyebrows, smooth his hair down with your spit and finger, or straighten his tie. These things are really annoying to any boyfriend. They get it. You want them to look a little cleaner than they do. But guess what? That’s how they like to look and they get annoyed when you try to tidy them up. Not only is it physically annoying to have your hands all over them like that, but it also makes them feel bad about themselves when you continuously try to make them look better. So a word of advice: don’t do it.

  1. Flirt with other guys – even if it’s a joke.

For some reason, a lot of girls think it’s funny or entertaining to flirt with other guys and watch their boyfriends get jealous. While it might may you feel good to have your boyfriend getting jealous over someone else (because it shows he cares) you are deliberately making him mad and he knows it. He doesn’t think it’s cute or funny or entertaining when you flirt with other guys. In fact, it makes him feel like you’re not happy with him and you need to flirt with other guys in order to feel good. This might make him feel inadequate at making you happy and that’s just a bummer for him. So the next time you think about flirting with a cute waiter to make him mad, don’t.

  1. Asking his friends what’s wrong with him when he seems upset.

You should never, ever, ever go to his friends when you think he’s mad about something – especially if you think it has anything to do with you. The last thing your boyfriend ever wants is his friends calling him up telling him that his girlfriend is asking all of them why you’re mad. This isn’t just embarrassing for him, it’s mortifying. It’s basically telling his friends that the two of you are having issues and it takes a huge chunk of his pride when you do this. If something is really, seriously wrong with him, he’ll tell you. If he’s just cranky, don’t worry about it. He’ll get over it soon enough.

  1. Insisting something is wrong when it’s not.

This is something that girls do because girls know how we operate. We think that if someone sounds and looks upset, that something is wrong and we HAVE to get it out of them. The only problem with this is that guys are a lot different than girls. Your boyfriend might have nothing wrong and just look upset and they find it extremely annoying when you keep hounding them about something being wrong when it’s really nothing. You actually make him mad by asking so much.

  1. Constantly trying to change him.

Your boyfriend hates when you try and tell him what he should or shouldn’t wear, do, and even the friends he should or shouldn’t be spending time with. This means you’re trying to change him. Let’s be honest, you would hate it if your boyfriend was constantly trying to get you to like sports when you really hate them. So why do you think it’s okay to try and keep changing who he is? It’s annoying!

  1. Making fun of his hobbies.

It’s so irritating for a guy when his girlfriend just hates on his hobbies. Honestly? You really shouldn’t be making fun of the things that he finds joy in. He loves flying his weird helicopter things. While you might think they’re a bit nerdy and you don’t find them nearly as entertaining, it doesn’t give you the right to tell him this and make fun of him for it. He hates it when you dis the things he loves.

  1. Asking them if you look good – over and over.

I know I’ve done this quite a bit to some guys I’ve dated. If you’re repeatedly asking them if you look good every day, multiple times a day, he’s going to be really annoyed. Firstly, because obviously he thinks you look good. He’s dating you and finds you physically attractive. Second of all, it just makes him feel like he’s not making you feel secure in yourself. He also doesn’t like that you keep asking because you should know that he finds you attractive and even if you weren’t looking your best that day, he most certainly will never tell you that anyways!

  1. Not telling him when you’re upset but you CLEARLY are.

All girls do this. Every single one of us. We get upset and angry and act like it, then when they finally ask us what’s wrong, we deny being upset. Even though we CLEARLY are mad about something. This is annoying because guys can’t read our minds. They want to fix it but don’t know how they’re supposed to do that when you don’t tell them what’s wrong. So stop this and just fess up already!

All girlfriends are guilty of doing some of these annoying girlfriend habits that guys hate. We just can’t help it sometimes! What is it that you do that your boyfriend just can’t stand?

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