7 Best Libra Traits

By on February 26, 2015

Libra sign

Libras are gentle, loving and peaceful. They like to live in harmony and they usually steer clear of conflict. As opposite to other signs of the zodiac, Libras can’t say “no”. They want to please everyone around them, and they consider that it’s important to be liked. On the downside, some Libras are moody and introverted. They do have the power to overcome any sort of shortcoming because they’re extremely intelligent, balanced and diplomatic. If you were born between September 21 and October 20, Libra is your zodiac sign. Here are 7 best traits of a Libra.

  1. Intelligence

Libras have a great intellect. They’re smart, tactful, and brainy. Because they’re also known for being good-looking, very few acknowledge the great powers of a Libra’s mind. This sign exudes grace and elegance, too. Incredibly curios and owning the most deductive skills, Libras are not afraid of showing off their strong character and vivid persona. Graceful and thorough, it’s certainly a blessing to have Libra friends, boyfriends and husbands. They’re caring, attentive, and social.

  1. Diplomacy

Libras are extremely diplomatic. They’re balanced people with an extreme sense of justice, and they could even develop a thriving career in the legal system. The perfect job of a Libra is lawyer or judge; that’s because they’re extremely balanced from an emotional point of view, and they have the ability of assessing thing from numerous perspectives. A Libra is intellectual too; if you were born with this sign it means you can predict the probable outcome of your words and allegations. Libras always know what to say, they never make a fool of themselves, and at times they’re almost too tough-minded and prudent.

  1. Grace

It you’re a Libra, or have people in your life who are Libras, you already know this zodiac sign is characterized by elegance and grace. Libra men are often assimilated with Prince Charming; they look good, they act like gentlemen and they sure know how to make a woman feel special. As for female Libras, they are head-to-toe ladies. They care a lot about their general appearance, and they consider that it’s fundamental to have a lady-like attitude. The elegant attitude of a Libra has nothing to do with money though. In spite of a blue-blooded attitude, people who bear this star are not materialistic or money-oriented. They put a price on quality without appearing superficial and shallow.

  1. Kindness

Librans are gentle and kind, these being two of their coolest characteristics. This sign is probably one of the most special and unique out of the twelve available. Libras appreciate harmony, peace and balance. They despise violence and people’s rude behavior. Because of their calm personalities, it’s literally impossible to make them angry. If you’re loved one is a Libra then you should know he/she is extremely tied to their family and friends. They’re often the glue that keeps a group together, and they’re excellent at making amends just to be at peace with themselves and with those around them.

  1. Hardworking

Libra is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac. People with this sign are extremely hardworking and devoted. They have a particular strength for completing tasks on time, regardless of the situation. Because Libras in general are smart and wise, they don’t have a problem with solving difficult tasks.

  1. Sociability

Incredibly communicative and friendly, Libras like to socialize. They usually attend all sorts of events and gatherings, they like to make new friends and they’re not afraid of interacting with people they don’t know. Talkative and forthcoming, those with star sign have a certain ease of collaborating and interacting with people. It’s probably because they’re so balance and calm. On the downside, Libras are often too curios about things and situations; this could make them over think certain scenarios.

  1. Romantic

They say Libras are excellent lovers, which could be true considering they’re even-minded and calm. Astrologists claim that this zodiac sign is also caring and attentive with loved ones. If you happen to be in a relationship with a Libra, you should expect ingenious gift ideas. These people are adepts of a simple, practical and fulfilling lifestyle. They’re capable of loving with all their hearts, but they want be loved back. Devoted and committed to a marriage, Libras make perfect wives and husbands.

If you have a Libra in your life, don’t let them go. They’re caring people, compassionate and loving. Curious at times and sometimes too relaxed, Libras are ideal life partners and reliable friends. They’re also extremely energetic, social and vivid. They love life and people and they’re capable of dealing with worst situations in the most delicate ways possible.


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