12 Libra Love Compatibility

By on March 20, 2015

Romantic, charismatic, and gentle, Libras are a thing of beauty. They like to live in peace and harmony, and they’re crazy about exploring things and places. Libras are ruled by Venues, which makes them affectionate and dreamy. The star sign’s behavior in a relationship is exemplary, and that’s because a Libra is addictive to feelings of love. Which of the 12 signs are mostly compatible with a Libra? Here the prospects:

love compatibility1

  1. Libra and Libra

They say people with the same zodiac sign don’t fit well together. While this could happen with other star signs, that’s not the case in a Libra-Libra relationship. These two fit great together. The combination is one of the best in the zodiac, and it’s mainly because they complement each other beautifully. Both signs are ambitious, which means they’re incredibly competitive. This could harm the romantic involvement. The key to living in harmony is to accept and understand each other. Don’t forget you’re the same!

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  1. Libra and Aries

There’s a lot of sexual attraction between a Libra and an Arian. From this point of view, we can say that a relationship is steamy hot and extremely pleasurable. However, considering that both signs are visionaries, they might have different opinions about everything. They think differently. Libras like to think about themselves and they would never allow someone to interfere with their personal satisfaction. On the other hand, an Arian may feel threaten by a Libra, and that’s because Libra are keen critics.

love compatibility3

  1. Libra and Taurus

Libras and Taureans both crave fine things. They have a formed eye for craftsmanship and style, so this means they would make the trendiest couple. Chic and detail-oriented, these two are romantic at heart; both of them have unrealistic expectations, although this is a zodiac feature and it shouldn’t be seen as a relationship drawback. It’s really important to be patient with a Taurean; the animalistic and impulsive side of the star sign may come in the way of your happiness. Nonetheless, love can help you surpass all obstacles and have the most tantalizing love connection.

love compatibility4

  1. Libra and Gemini

These two could work out the perfect love affair. Libras and Gemini are great together. They can build rapport extremely fast, and they’re constantly aiming to keep their connection thriving. Both signs know exactly what they want from a relationship; they have ideas to build understanding and they won’t hesitate to express their thoughts if monotony kicks in. Even if Gemini may need some time to accommodate with lover and decide to settle down, a Libra will be right there to help them make the right decision.

love compatibility5

  1. Libra and Cancer

These two are not really the perfect match, and if they choose to get into a committed relationship, some drawbacks may arise along the way. The good news is Libras and Cancerians are settlers. They want to have a home, friends, kids and a stable job. The problem is Libras are thinkers and Cancerians are feelers. They’re opposite and they could engage in all sorts of arguments. Nonetheless, they say anything can happen in love and war!

love compatibility6

  1. Libra and Leo

What an awesome pair! Libras and Leos are stylish and they crave for creativeness and luxury. They’re not superficial though, but they do like quality stuff. Leo has a keen instinct and Libra likes to showcase an intellectual attitude. Together they make things work, and a romantic relationship can go a really long way. On the downside, they’re both drama queens and they will have to compromise in order to reach an agreement and enjoy a beautiful connection.

love compatibility7

  1. Libra and Virgo

Libras and Virgos both value elegance. They want to impress everyone, everywhere and at every hour of the day. Let’s just say there’s a hidden passion between these two, a passion that is not obvious and it has to be uncovered. There’s a lot of attraction between a Libra and a Virgo; because they’re both attractive people, some feelings of jealousy could materialize. In terms of some other drawbacks, Libras love to be alone, while Virgos hate solitude. This love relationship is more like a blend of idealism and realism. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work!

love compatibility8

  1. Libra and Scorpio

A relationship between a Libra and a Scorpio is a very interesting one. These two signs are sexually drawn to each other. There’s a lot of charisma involved from both sides. The only problem is that the flame wears out fairly easily. For true feelings to shape up you have to leave your ego aside and engage in a conversation. Allow a Scorpio to get to know the Libra in you, and you might just build a beautiful love affair together based on full commitment.

love compatibility9

  1. Libra and Sagittarius

Libras and Sagittarians have good chances of building a solid connection. Both of them are culture-lovers. They like to travel and they usually know what they want in a partner. These two signs have a social nature about themselves; they value a healthy lifestyle and they want to be in a relationship with someone who’s equally devoted. As for the downsides, Sagittarians are a bit too jumpy. They make rushed decisions and they like to seize the moment. Libras might get intimidated with a Sagittarian who’s constantly seeking to get an adrenalin rush.

love compatibility10

  1. Libra and Capricorn

A connection between a Libra and Capricorn is interesting to say the least. Both of these signs value love, as well as other fine things in life. If you’re single and there’s someone lurking around and he’s Capricorn, then you should know it’s normal to sense a sexual tension. On the downside, because these star signs are both feisty and powerful, conflicting situations may arise.

love compatibility11

  1. Libra and Aquarius

Libras and Aquarians are crazy about learning new things, including new things about each other. They have an open-mind and they like to have an active social existence. They live with excitement and they couldn’t live their lives without it. The problem with this couple is that they both fear deep feelings. They don’t like to talk about the subject, and this could interfere with their love affair.

love compatibility12

  1. Libra and Pisces

Love is in the air with these two. Extremely romantic and caring, Libra is the perfect partner to a Piscean. They’re both extremely committed and devote to a lover. However, they don’t like to get into conflicting situations; they hate fighting and they would rather avoid delicate subjects than clear them out. In the long term, this could affect their love affair. Nonetheless, provided that these can find a way to build mutual ground, everything will work out just fine.

Are you a sexy Libra looking for Mr. Right? Check out the love compatibilities we just laid out for you. Never forget that you’re a thing of beauty, so it’s impossible not to find a match to go with your heart and soul sooner or later.

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