7 Best Leo Traits

By on February 26, 2015

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Of all signs of the zodiac, Leo is the toughest. Leonians have the strongest and most well-defined leadership skills. They exude majesty and power, although they do have their vulnerable sides too. Driven by a craving to be liked and loved, Leonians are ambitious and they adore being in the center of attention. Rather sensitive to harsh criticism, they don’t like to be judged. It’s in their nature to demand respect, so if you were lucky enough to be born between July 23 and August 22, you are a fierce Leo. Here are 7 best traits that define this sign of the zodiac.

  1. Sociable

Just like most kings, Leonians possess an instinct; they have a natural charisma to their personalities that tells them they have to be in the center of attention to feel good. Some people may perceive them as being arrogant or pushy, but Leonians have the best of intentions. Their amiable nature appeals to most zodiac signs, so this means it’s really easy for Leonians to make new friends. A Leo likes to be in charge, dominate and win over a crowd with their wisdom. Friendly and extremely social, they know how to capture attention in a split of a second.

  1. Natural-born leaders

Creative, energetic and strong, Leonians are natural-born leaders. To them, being in charge comes naturally. This characteristic is fascinating from many points of views. Leonians would make the best CEOs and entrepreneurs. They don’t like to beat around the bush and they don’t hesitate to express out loud if something is bothering them. Incredibly inventive and resourceful, people born with this sign take risks. They speak fluently and are able of conveying messages with extreme precision and clarity. Ultimately, Leonians are loyal and they inspire respect and fortitude.

  1. Ambitious

We mentioned that Leonians are natural-born leaders. This automatically implies they’re ambitious too. In fact, they’re extremely engaged and motivated when performing daily chores and they never back down or give up a challenge. Unlike other signs of the zodiac that are not that brave and adventurous, Leonians would do anything to succeed, even if that means going the extra mile to make something happen. They’re no hesitant when it comes to trying new things.

  1. Straightforward

Leonians don’t complain and they almost never make a big fuss of anything. If you’re a guy and your girlfriend is Leo, congratulations! She’s not a drama queen like most signs of the zodiac. When a Leo wants something he will get that something done, no questions asked. They’re excellent communicators and they like to be straightforward with their ideas. Leonians are also methodical; their goals and strategies are crystal-clear and rational. At times, they’re too meticulous and disciplined, but this only indicates they know what they want.

  1. Attractive

Whether we’re referring to men or women, there’s no doubt about it – Leonians can break your heart. Incredibly sexual, passionate and lusty, they have a fatal allure very few can resist. Even if they’re not conventionally attractive, they exude sex-appeal because they’re really sure of their persuasion abilities. Many people would say Leonians are superficial because of their good-looking appearance; while that could be true, people with this sign also want to love sincerely and be loved back.

  1. Generous

Leonians love the good life. They value fine things and the put a great price on quality. Some would say they’re superficial and shallow; the truth is they’re quite generous. It’s just they don’t like to brag about it. Powerful and rich from various points of view, Leonians are more than willing to help those in need, especially their family and friends. They’re extremely caring people, only they don’t like to show their emotional side in public. If you have a Leo in your life, don’t expect them to cry all day or showcase a sensitive side; they will never do that because their personalities won’t allow them to express their vulnerabilities.

  1. Independent

Leonians have a sense of independence like no other sign of the zodiac. They want and like to live on their own, and they hate it when they must depend on others. Leo men make the best husbands and boyfriends; they don’t live with their mothers at 30 and they’re perfectly capable of making a life on their own. They thrive for freedom and they won’t let anyone mess with their personal space. Furthermore, Leonians would do anything to achieve success, in life and in their careers. This doesn’t mean they want to spend the rest of their lives alone, but they need an equally balanced partner.

Bottom line is Leonians are strong, balanced, and goal-oriented. They know what they want from life and they would do anything to achieve it. Although they’re not the most sensitive and romantic people, Leonians are caring and capable of the deepest emotions.


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