12 Leo Love Compatibility

By on March 24, 2015

Leoneans crave for attention. They can’t be missed because they always want to make an impression. Unlike any other sign of the zodiac, the Leo is the strongest and the most ambitious. Extremely creative and ingenious, every other star sign should want to date a Leonean. Ruled by the Sun and better known as “the king”, they’re natural-born leaders. They need a partner who’s equally strong and decisive and they are. Here are the 12 compatibility prospects of a Leo with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

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  1. Leo and Aries

These star signs have a natural trust for each other. Their mutual respect and admiration draws them together. Their bedroom life will be filled with passion and lust but they will need to be very understanding when other commitments get in the way. They both like to live life in the fast lane and have a huge amount of energy. Both Leo and Aries like to be in charge and this issue will need to be resolved at the start of a relationship. One aspect they will always need to watch is their competitiveness. If this becomes out of hand it can spell disaster for the relationship.

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  1. Leo and Taurus

People born under these star signs tend to be fixed and struggle to be flexible. Flexibility will be needed if they are to make a success of life together. Leos have a love of being in the centre of attention and bask in the sunlight whilst Taurus is happy to stay in the background provided their efforts are being rewarded financially. Both signs tend to want the same things out of life, but this can lead to issues. Leos tend to sort a game plan and then advise other parties. This is sure to go down badly with Taurus who often needs to do things their way. Both signs can be stubborn and dig their heels in leading to a stalemate.

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  1. Leo and Gemini

Both these signs have a variety of special traits which is fully appreciated by the other. They are active and expressive in their feelings, and have a mutual appreciation of each other. Leos tend to be in charge whilst the Gemini is happy to let this happen. This is beneficial to a Gemini’s highly strung nerves. Gemini is also excellent at pandering to a Leonean’s need for attention and praise. There can be issues as Leo acts from the heart whilst Gemini tends to act with their head. A Leo’s passion may conflict with Gemini’s naturally detached nature.

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  1. Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer are like black and white. They’re at the opposite ends of the scale but can easily find common ground. A Leo’s need is to take the commanding role, and a Cancerian is happy to accommodate this need. For a relationship to work between these star signs, both parties must be aware of each other’s wishes and demands. Leo can lift the emotional lows of Cancer while Cancer can temper the natural vanity and ego of Leo. A Leonean is incredibly outgoing whilst a Cancerian is more of an introvert.  There will be a lot of work involved for this relationship to work.

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  1. Leo and Leo

This can be a tough match. The natural dominance of a Leo will mean that both partners will be looking to dominate the relationship. However, if they can both get past this they will find the ability to share the spotlight. The relationship will then be a playful, fun affair filled with passion, generosity and mutual respect.  Two partners with this star sign can be best friends and incredible lovers.

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  1. Leo and Virgo

A Leonean’s desire to be centre stage is enabled by a Virgo’s happiness to live in the wings. Virgo is not impressed with a Leo’s over inflated ego, and for this relationship to work Leo will need to focus more on their fun loving playful side. This will bring the best out of a Virgo and help align their goals. The partnership will help both enjoy the fun side of life although Leoneans like to keep their feet on the ground.

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  1. Leo and Libra

Both these luxurious signs have a taste for fun. They both love to socialize and have a romantic, expressive streak. Libra has a desire to please others which suits Leo’s natural desire to be the centre of attention. On the other hand, a Leo likes to be in control and a Libra can happily allow a future partner to feel this way. Libras will normally gently persuade the dominate Leoneans into the better path for its needs. Generally, these signs are a match made in heaven. The main issue in this relationship is lack of communication.  Libra has a much more thoughtful approach whilst Leo tends to act first.

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  1. Leo and Scorpio

Scorpios may appear cool and distant on the surface but underneath they have a complex cauldron of emotional depth and sensitivity. Leoneans are drawn to this and their energy and enthusiasm for life appeals to the Scorpio. Both signs can be stubborn and there may be battles over leadership. They are both ambitious and work incredibly well together towards a common goal.

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  1. Leo and Sagittarius

These are two signs which match each other in their energy and positive outlook on life. A relationship between them will be fiery yet exciting. They both love social occasions and have a well defined sense of social responsibility.  Sagittarius naturally has a free spirit and a Leo is one of the few signs that can hold their attention. The main challenge to this relationship will be a Leonean’s need to dominate. A Sagittarian does not seek the leadership role but does not like to be dominated. A careful balance of respect and adoration will be required.

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  1. Leo and Capricorn

Leoneans love of being centre stage can be complimented by a Capricorn’s love of power.   Usually, a Capricorn will happily let a Leo take the praise and adoration provided they are recognised for their efforts. The biggest threat to this relationship will be the difference in attitudes. Leoneans live for today whilst Capricorns look to the future and carefully plan how to get there – they never take their eye off the goal.

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  1. Leo and Aquarius

Leo’s are driven by their heart whilst Aquarius comes from the mind. Leo’s love of attention can be balanced by Aquarius’s visionary abilities to stop Leo from over focusing on themselves. Aquarius needs the positive nature of a Leo and their ability to turn an ideal into reality. The biggest challenge to this relationship will be staying focused together. Both signs can be so busy chasing their own dreams that they can neglect the relationship. The answer lies in working towards joint goals.

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  1. Leo and Pisces

Both these signs are romantic and naturally creative. This provides them with common interest to share and appreciate. Pisces tends to be drawn towards the authority and warmth of Leo whilst Leo respects Pisces depth of character and enjoys the appreciation shown. This relationship has huge potential but will only work if Leo finds the time to listen and reassure their mate. Pisces tend to have high emotional needs and Leo must cater for them or the relationship will slowly fall apart.

Being in a relationship with a Leo is not easy. Extremely ambitious, brave, and protective, you should have someone in your life that can make feel just as safe. You are an aristocrat/king/queen. Some may perceive you as being too picky. But he who can get to know the real you shall be your soul mate!

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