7 Best Capricorn Traits

By on March 3, 2015


Capricorn is an extremely puzzling zodiac sign. Well-grounded to reality and self-assured, Capricorns are wise, stable and balanced. Those with this star sign are often called the goats. In their own private space they’re sensible, sensitive and secure, and they almost never take impulsive decisions. On the downside, Capricorns may appear aggressive if they don’t get their way, but this just emphasizes that they’re ambitious and motivated. Loving and dependable, Caps are respectful with others but they demand respect in return. Here are 7 of the best traits of a Capricorn.

  1. High Achievers

At a closer look it’s clear that the Capricorn symbol is a goat. A goat will climb a mountain just to experience the fresh air; just like a Capricorn will excel in whichever field or domain they choose to enter. They have the ability to climb to the top and will travel whatever distance they need in order to get what they want. This can be literal or mental distance.  Capricorns are very good at balancing their natural leadership qualities with fruitful ideas.  They have high expectations which are constantly changing.

  1. Organized

Dedication is important to someone born under the Capricorn sign. Whilst they tend to play safe, they also play fast and hard when needed. Being very organized and taking a systematic approach to everything, a Capricorn would do anything to his/her goals. Featuring a controlled, calculated personality, those born under this star sign are extremely meticulous in everyday endeavours, too.

  1. Patience

A Capricorn’s level of patience seems to have no limit and can wait for what they need for as long as it takes. It is not easy to distract a Capricorn as they focus their efforts on performance. Provided they receive appreciation for their efforts they are known to have a very forgiving nature. Their patience allows them to remain calm under any pressure and they are very slow to anger. Caps are natural-born leaders will work with persistence to attain their goals.

  1. Hardworking

A normal trait of a Capricorn is the unwillingness to let go, preferring to stick with something to the bitter end.  This attitude allows them to become the ultimate winner, whatever the game. They have a sincere attitude and are extremely diligent. It does not matter how great their achievement is, a Capricorn will still not be satisfied. They are often secretive with their work, preferring to demonstrate it only after successful completion.

  1. Friendship

By nature, a Capricorn is caring, sympathetic and loyal to a fault. They’re generous with their time and resources when they are needed by a friend. Helping a friend is second nature and they never require anything in return. If you have a friend who is a Capricorn then you will always have a shoulder to lean on. Caps would never leave a friend to struggle with a difficult decision and will do anything in their power to assist you to resolve it.

  1. Disciplined

Naturally having a large dose of common sense is something that many people might wish for. Capricorns are born with this and are usually very well disciplined. They naturally know how to behave in any given situation and this can assist them in dealing with obstacles throughout their lives. No matter the situation a Capricorn can handle the issue maturely and objectively. Possessing a large amount of determination and tenacity means that a Capricorn can usually achieve their aims and that they’re disciplined enough to do so.

  1. Practical Perspective

Capricorns are not dreamers. They prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground and deal with the situation in hand. They have a practical nature showing quick understanding of any situation and which is the best route forward. In general, Capricorns have active minds, always looking at problems and working out the most practical solution. It is unusual to find them knowledgeable in many fields as they prefer to study one field at a time and learn everything there is to know about it. This makes them experts in their chosen domain and makes for excellent career prospects. Once one discipline is mastered they will move onto the next. A Capricorn does not understand the concept of failure. Either something is completed successfully, as they set out to do or it is not possible to do. There is no middle ground.

Practical, intelligent and down-to-Earth, Capricorns are self-confident and they strongly believe in their abilities to achieve greatness. However, in spite of their rational characters, Caps are also sensitive and capable of deep, meaningful emotions provided that they have the right person by their side.


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