7 Best Aquarius Traits

By on March 3, 2015


Aquarians are famous for their ability to reinvent themselves each and every time they need a change. They’re wise chameleons with a strong sense of independence and progressiveness. Those born under this star sign are free-thinkers, creative and incredibly sociable. Attractive and strong from a character perspective, Aquarians have the ability of accepting people for who they are. Here are 7 of the best traits of an Aquarius.

  1. Intelligence

Naturally intelligent, an Aquarian can often achieve great success with very little effort. Their level of wisdom is often put to good use in assisting friends and loved ones. When they choose to apply their intellect to a particular challenge of field they can achieve wonders. This aptitude can be used to command the respect of a team as they are natural leaders. They do have an affinity with language thus being able to learn foreign languages quickly. An Aquarian will happily engage in a deep and meaningful conversation about their field of expertise in a bid to expand their knowledge.

  1. Sociable

An Aquarian finds something of interest and importance in every person they meet. Everybody has their own story to tell. The more interesting the person the more interested an Aquarian is in adding them to their circle of friends. Aquarians are generally very witty. They can also be charming and are always fun to be around. People are naturally drawn to their friendship by this fun attitude. An Aquarian is likely to change something of their appearance regularly just for the fun of it. They’re also able to adapt to any social situations and blend in perfectly. They’re very much team players and love to be surrounded by people.

  1. Fair

Aquarians have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. This makes them very fair people. They will always try to be fair in their dealings with others and expect the same in return. If they’re presented with an injustice they will usually do everything within their power to correct it. Their strong moral code means that an Aquarian will frequently take on other people’s causes. They will stop at nothing until it has been made right. Although generally they prefer to avoid confrontation they are able to put this aside when helping others.

  1. Creative

An Aquarian’s creative streak comes to the forefront in times of need. They’re always able to think of different and innovative solutions to a problem and love assisting when others are stuck. Their creative nature often leads Aquarians into careers in the arts where their need for a large circle of different friends can also be met. Innovative and extremely ingenious when it comes to dealing with unexpected situations, Aquarians will always know how to get out of an unexpected situation using their resourcefulness.

  1. Kind and Understanding

Aquarians always have time for friends, whatever the issue they will always be your shoulder to cry on. It is in their nature to offer assistance at times of need and this will be offered in an instant. They will not judge you but will provide understanding and kind words to help you recover. Aquarians tend to believe that life is made up of lessons and the important thing is to learn from each of these lessons. If you’re not willing to learn from your mistake then it is likely that the Aquarian will not be your shoulder to cry on again.

  1. Spontaneity

An Aquarian will love to do something on the spur of the moment. They will always listen to their instincts and trust them to be right; this helps them avoid trouble. Even though they can be rational and down-to-earth, sometimes they just want to escape reality and do something crazy just to feel free and live.

  1. Honesty

Whether at wok or at home, Aquarians will provide complete honesty at all times. They’re incredibly loyal and their commitment to their work is often commented on. At times, their honest answers can seem brutal or even sarcastic but you will always know where you stand and can count on them to say it as it is. This can be of valuable assistance when trying to resolve a difficult situation. Last but not least, Aquarians are generally truthful as they care deeply about their friends and family.

Candid, adventurous, and sociable, Aquarians are excellent people. They have a special sense of humor no other sign of the zodiac has, so it’s no wonder that everyone loves the company of an Aquarius. Because they’re deep thinkers, they’re often perceived as being too absent-minded. However, this is just another way of fostering new ideas and searching for a way to apply them in real life.

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