Aquarius Man in Love

By on April 28, 2014

If you ever run into an Aquarius man, you will notice one thing right away: his mind is in constant motion as he scrambles through his many webs of ideas and plans. He’s a thinker at heart and is always trying to come up with amazing new things to accomplish. He is truly the leader of the pact and refuses to be a follower in any form. He will always stick to his guns and likes to live life on the edge a bit, taking the normalities of life a step further. This adventurous and fun attitude is definitely a turn on for many women, that is, if they are able to put up with his somewhat stubborn attitude.


The Type of Woman Aquarius Needs

An Aquarius man is undoubtedly a flirty one, but he still has his eye on a certain woman in particular. Through his on and off again flirty behaviors, Aquarius seeks a lady who is as adventurous as he is and is always willing to try new things and accompany him on his exciting trips. He likes to be able to have a decent conversation with his lady, so someone who lacks the same interest as him will most likely get the boot.

He tries to stray away from woman who seem dependent or needy. This is a huge turn off for an Aquarius man, as he is an independent fellow who enjoys missions on his own. That being said, this man is typically on the lookout for strong and independent women who aren’t shy or needy in the slightest. A woman with a stable career, a busy schedule, and a decent head on her shoulders are a few of the major qualities every Aquarius man is searching for in a lover.


Aquarius in a Relationship

Ever ran into a man who seems to be constantly flirting with everyone? He was probably an Aquarius sees relationships from a playful aspect and will flirt with just about anyone- for the fun of it, of course. And while some might see his playful and flirty attitude as a downside, deeming him a ‘player’, that’s truly quite the opposite.

You see, an Aquarius man is a rather sincere and passionate one. But his playful attitude is equipped differently after entering into a monogamous relationship. He won’t persuade you with the typical acts of love, for instance a box of chocolates or a beautiful card. These typical romantic gestures are boring to the Aquarius eye- he would much rather show his love for you in totally out-of-the-box and magical ways, something you would NEVER see coming. Think along the lines of writing your name in the sky with a helicopter or taking you on an extravagant adventure scuba diving along the gulf shores.

There is two important things every woman should remember before entering into a relationship with an Aquarius man. First things first, the Aquarius lover has a very difficult time saying the words ‘I love you’. It just isn’t a word that the Aquarian throws out on a regular basis. Focus more on his actions than his words, as this type of man would much rather prove his love to you with unimaginable gestures. On the other hand, make sure you give this man plenty of personal space. He doesn’t like to be tied down completely and enjoys his independence. Make sure to give him plenty of time alone and don’t be too needy or obsessive- he will most likely run for the hills.


Aquarius in Bed

Of all the Zodiac signs, it is said that the Aquarius man is the most enjoyable in bed. Why? Because this stud doesn’t resort to the normalities of love-making. As he’s adventurous and loves to experiment in all other aspects of his life, he brings the same mentality when it comes to sexual encounters. He is always willing to try new things and enjoys exploring even the craziest stunts in the bedroom. The Aquarius man loves to be teased and play sexy mind games with his lover, all leading up to an explosive event that could last for hours.

I think it’s obvious to say that woman who are bored of the hum and drum missionary position will enjoy a night with Aquarius- that is, if she is willing to try some of the intense and provocative suggestions of the Aquarian. (Think sexy skinny dips in the pool or trying a sexual encounter out in the open, hoping not to be caught!)

Negative Side of an Aquarius Man

One of the biggest downsides to the Aquarian is their inconsistency. As they are always seeking adventure and don’t like to be in the same spot for too long, they can easily become bored and therefore inconsistent with their day to day lives. Most women will find this as a bad quality as most are looking for a man who is consistent, always arriving when he says he will and being where he says he is going. However, the Aquarius man goes where the wind blows him and one day is never like the next. If you can put up with this inconsistent behavior, maybe he will take you along for the ride?

Aquarian men are bored easily, which can meet difficulties when finding a partner. The Aquarius man isn’t afraid to show it, either, and once you have bored this man he will be running for the hills as fast as he can. Some women might think they have to impress the Aquarius to hold his attention, and they might be somewhat right- especially if you don’t initially have mutual likes and interests.

Lastly, the Aquarian is a bit of a flirt. This can obviously cause trouble in a relationship, especially if the woman is jealous easily. Aquarius is really just a fun-loving guy and doesn’t mean anything by it. And if at the end of the day he comes right back into your arms, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.


Aquarius and Gemini: This is simply an amazing combination. The two of you share the need for intelligent conversation and achieving goals in life. You will be able to throw witty comments and ideas back and forth endlessly, which in turns create a grand time that will keep the both of you interested for the long term.

Aquarius and Libra: You both love being social and having a great time, so pairing together you can expect some really grand adventures filled with plenty of good times.

Aquarius and Aquarius: A pretty great match, considering both of you are intelligent individuals with the same goals in mind. You both love to be social and active, so there is definitely adventures in your future. However, the two of you have a problem showing love in the minimal form, so warmth and love may be hard to achieve.

Aquarius Man in a Nutshell

The Aquarius man is a thinker, someone always looking to have a great time. He loves to flirt with the women around him, but when he finds the perfect lady he is likely to settle down. He’s nothing short of a wild beast in the bedroom and requires a strong, intelligent, and courageous woman to accompany him through life.


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