6 Things You Should Never Reveal on Facebook

By on December 30, 2012

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Come on guys and girls; we’ve all seen the Meme’s on Facebook – you really CAN put too much information on Facebook! Now, before you OMG and STFU at me – let’s take a peek at the six things you probably shouldn’t be putting on social networking sites….

  • Your personal details. All you need to steal someone’s identity is a date of birth, name and phone number. In fact, all you really need to steal someone’s identity is one snippet of their personal information. Guess where all of this information can be easily found – your Facebook! Why would you give someone complete access to all details of your private life like that? You wouldn’t invite a complete stranger to come into your home and go rummaging through your things so for heaven’s sake; put everything on your Facebook on PRIVATE!
  • “Dave is a complete idiot. How could he sleep with that other woman and give me a disease?!?!” Seriously girls and boys – have some dignity. Shouting this out on Facebook not only makes you look like a fool, it also makes you look like you are crying for attention. There’s no reason to air your dirty linen in public – relationships should be private, between two people. How on earth do you expect to anything to go right when you are inviting 500-odd other friends to take part in it?
  • THAT photo of you when you got drunk three months ago and dressed up in your partner’s underwear, downing a one liter bottle of vodka as you do so. Did you know that employers now have the ability to search for your Facebook page, and other social networking pages, while they are going through the motions to hire you? Some pre-employment contracts actually state that they will do a media search on you. Do you really want your future employers to say no to you because you were an idiot on a big night out, and put the photos up on the internet for all and everyone to see?
  • Break ups/make ups.


You and your girlfriend have a fight, she screamed at you “It’s over!”, you change your relationship status on Facebook to “Single” You are going to look pretty dumb in three days time when you change it back again for the sixteenth time this year because you decided to get back together. We repeat – YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS MEANT TO BE PRIVATE!

  • “I’m going to Mexico for a week in two days time!”

You know what this status says – ROB ME! You wouldn’t put a poster on your front door saying that you are away for a week and no one will be home, so why would you put it publicly on the internet? You may think that all of your friends are really your friends, but how well do you really know that guy from school that once went to prison for robbing cars?

  • You have a 50 inch TV that cost over three thousand bucks! Yes, great! Well done for you! Now post photos up of it! Yes, everyone is falling down with envy. Now match that up with the home address you have on there, and the fact that in three days time, you will be heading to your parents for the weekend and you have a recipe for disaster. Oh yes, and why don’t we throw a complete plan of your home into the mix with all the pictures that you keep on posting. That’s great folks – now everyone knows when you are going to be at home, what valuables you have within it, as well as the fact that your backdoor has a bit of a gap that you can reach your lock with, as shown by that photo from last week when you were showing off your “duck-face” skills!

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