50 Wedding Wishes

By on September 26, 2014
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Marriage is beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re struggling with what to ay on your loved one’s big day, it might seem more of a nuisance than a glorious celebration. We’re here to help with 50 amazing wedding wishes from short and sincere to long and romantic- even a few silly ones, too!


1. I give my blessing and best wishes to two incredible people. I am honored and proud to be able to call both of you my friend. I hope the two of you enjoy each other and have a wonderful marriage!

2. You are now a team of two. I wish for a happy and successful marriage for this unbeatable union!

An unbeatable union? Yeah, that’s right! Pump up the bride and groom for their future with this adorable wedding wish.

3. Congratulations on making one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Here’s to hoping that the two of you always find time to cherish and love each other and enjoy every second of this union!

4. Marriage is finding someone you love unconditionally, the one person who makes all of your dreams come true. Cheers to finding true love and having that dream come to life!

Simply an adorable message they will both love to hear.

5. Here’s to sharing a lifelong commitment with each other. Remember, that only applies to your marriage, not with your wardrobes!

Haha! This one is SURE to be a huge hit! If you’ve got a friend who’s wardrobe is already stuck in the 1960’s, this will definitely make him laugh!
6. My sincerest wedding wishes to two wonderful friends. I hope your life together is filled with joy, happiness, and plenty of love!

A simple, yet sincere wedding wish that is perfect for any type of wedding. If you’re tongue-tied about what to say, consider this short, to-the-point wedding wish.

7. As the two of you start this new journey together as one, I hope every day is filled with plenty of wonderful new and shared experiences!

Wishing the newlyweds a wonderful life filled with fun experiences? You can’t go wrong!

8. With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share!

A cute, little poem is exactly what the newlyweds will love to hear on their special day together. We absolutely love this rhyme!

9. On this incredibly wonderful and beautiful day, I hope the two of cherish this moment and the many moments to come. 

Because marriage IS something that should be cherished- but so should every day afterwards. LOVE this wedding wish!

10. Two beautiful people, now husband and wife. Enjoy all of these precious memories for the rest of your life!

Another one of those adorable little rhymes that will make bride and groom smile from ear to ear.

11. May you share all of your aspirations, secrets, and dreams with your loving partner, and spend the rest of your days traveling through the journey of life and making those dreams come true. Have a wonderful marriage, you two!

12. Bliss to fill your souls, Peace to fill your spirits. Joys to fill the home, And love to fill your hearts. I wish all of these things for both of you on this wonderful day of starting your new, married life!

13. Two people, two different lives, but only one kind of love. Enjoy a love that grows forever with no end! 

There’s no other way to describe it: this wedding wish is cute and clever all wrapped up into one adorable phrase. Ten out of ten!

14. Love is best when it’s shared by two. You know that together you are strong and together you are one. Enjoy a beautiful life filled with happiness and love!

Another wonderful wedding wish that is rather short, but definitely adorable.

15. Congratulations, and I send the warmest wishes to the both of you on your very special wedding day. 

This is probably the simplest wedding wish you could ever send, but it is filled to the brink with sincereness and wonderful, positive energy. If you don’t want to say too much but still want to send your warmest wedding wish, this is definitely one to consider.

16. You know what? I always had a feeling in my heart the two of you were meant for each other. Congratulations you two, and I hope you both remain this happy for the rest of your married life. 

17. The both of you are incredibly lucky to have found each other. Congratulations, you two, and here’s to a marriage filled with happiness and joy. 

18. To love and be loved is the pinnacle of happiness, richer than gold and more precious than the rarest diamond. May the two of you never lose sight of this precious treasure for as long as you’re together. 

Isn’t THAT the truth!

19. For the groom: The best way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget it- but just once! Always answer the “Do I look fat in this?” questions with, “Of course not! You look beautiful AND skinny”, and answer every other questions with “Yes, dear!”

Follow up with number 20!

20. For the bride: Always make sure you tell your husband how much money you saved before saying how much you’ve spent. Always give your man room to grow and believe in him. You never know what he is capable of!

21. In order to have a good marriage, you always have to have the best intentions at heart. This has been proven by many studies that have PROVEN that marriage is the key cause of divorce.

This one ought to make them laugh! They’ll think you’re being really serious until the very last sentence.

22. May you always feel as close to one another as you do on this day. May the two both of be blessed with food health and a happy home. May your love only grow stronger than it is on this day. And may your future be more wonderful than you ever imagined!

23. My greatest wish for the two of you is that in your many years of marriage, your love grows so strong that you will look back on this day as the day you loved each other the least.

24. Marriage is the day when a man and a woman decide to become one- the only problem is, they can’t decide which one! Love and care for each other, but always give each other room to grow and be your own person!

24. There’s a saying, it goes something like this: a happy man will marry the girl that he loves, and a happier man will love the woman he marries. Remember this always!

25. May the hope and love of your marriage bloom like a beautiful flower. Happy Wedlock!

Simple, yet oh-so-beautiful. The bride will especially love this beautiful wedding wish straight from the heart.

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