50 Best Summer Hairstyles

By on May 9, 2014

It seems like all of a sudden summer is right around the corner which means it’s time we prepared ourselves for summer sun, beach parties, late nights, and getting ourselves nicely tanned. And what would summer be without some great summer hairstyles to show off while we enjoy endless days on the beach? If you’re stuck for some inspiration when it comes to summer hairstyles then have no fear, I’ve been doing some digging to come up with fifty awesome hairstyles that will ensure you look gorgeous this summer. This list is a true mix – I’ve found styles for long hair, medium length hair, pixie cut hair, colourful hair… You name it, I’ve found it! Whether you’re preparing to hit festival after festival, are packing for a summer holiday, or are simply looking forward to sunny days spent with friends then you ought to check out these fifty awesome hairstyles, each of them worn by your favourite celebrities. Here goes, enjoy!

1. Jennifer Lawrence Summer Hairstyle: Classic Beach Waves


Of course, no list of summer hairstyles would be complete without mentioning classic beach waves. This in my opinion is the perfect summer style. It’s quick, it’s easy, it looks great, it doesn’t matter if it gets a little windswept (in fact it probably looks better then!), and it works no matter your face shape or what type of bangs you have. Provided your hair is long enough to add waves to there’s no reason you can’t do this classic summer style.

2. Nina Dobrev Summer Hairstyle: Classic Pontyail


I love being outside during summer, as I’m sure most of you do. There’s just something about the warm air and the gentle breeze that I find alluring. The biggest problem with being outdoors so much however is that you’ll find your hair all too often gets tangled from being exposed to the wind. This makes it unruly and often sore to brush out. To combat this, why not use a classic summer ponytail? You will look great, your hair doesn’t get tangled, plus more of your skin will be exposed for tanning.

3. Nicole Kidman Summer Hairstyle: Slick Ponytail


For some people a classic ponytail just isn’t stylish enough, plus it still exposes you to the risk of a few strands of hair being windswept. Still, a ponytail is a great idea if you’re facing a windy, summer day so why not try out this slick ponytail? By pulling your hair back ever tighter you’re creating a sleek look which is virtually untouchable by the wind. Plus, more of your skin is exposed for tanning as I mentioned earlier. The one downside I’ll point out is that you shouldn’t wear this style too often or it could damage your hair.

4. Hilary Duff Summer Hairstyle: Rockchick Waves


This is the perfect hairstyle whether you’re thinking of hitting a festival or are just going for a stroll on the beach. It looks somewhat similar to classic beach waves but with a little more attitude. The overall effect doesn’t have to be quite as precise and it doesn’t matter if some curls and waves are smaller than others. By pulling some strands back like Hilary Duff you’re exposing your face more, allowing you to get a summer glow, and you’re adding to the rock chick style. Rule number one of this look – don’t worry if it’s a little bit messy, it will just enhance your look.

5. Rachel McAdams Summer Hairstyle: Choppy Bob With Coloured Highlights


I’m a massive fan of the choppy bob hairstyle like Rachel McAdams is modelling above. It’s great because you can style it anyway you like meaning it’s suitable for any face shape. If you’ve got long hair and are considering a change this summer I highly recommend this style. Plus, why not try adding a splash of colour to really bring your style to life too? Or maybe a few colours? This is a fab idea if you’re going to a festival!

6. Hilarie Burton Sumer Hairstyle: Permed


Curls seem to be all the rage when summer time comes around. Some people find themselves spending hours daily curling their hair and so I ask you, why not get your hair permed so it’s permanently curled (or at least for a few months). That way you’ll have loads more time to spend enjoying the summer sun. Hilarie Burton looks great with her tight curls but some people don’t suit them. If you’ve got a rounder face you’d likely suit loose curls better. Before taking the plunge consult your stylist on what type of curls would suit you best.

7. Drew Barrymore Summer Hairstyle: Flower Up Do and Coloured Hair


If you’re looking for a truly unique style to hit the festivals with then you’ll love this summer flower up do. All you need to do to create it is to pull all your hair back and tie it into a messy bun and simply slide your favourite summer flowers in around the crown. To make the most of this effect why not dye your hair a startling colour like Drew Barrymore has done. This will create a truly memorable summer look.

8. Sophie Turner Summer Hairstyle: Simple Elegance


If you don’t have much time to do your hair before heading out into the sun then why not do something really simple like Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. She looks beautiful and ready to take on summer here yet with minimal effort. All you need to do to create this look is brush out your hair, sweep ones side of it behind your ear and pin it in place with a delicate sum me flower.

9. Selena Gomez Summer Hairstyle: Half Waves


If you’ve got a round or heart shapes face you might find that a full head of waves is too much of you. In that case a flattering alternative is to have only half your head waved. This means only waving or curling the bottom half of your hair and straightening the top half. This is far more flattering to round face shapes yet still gives you a great summer look.

10. Rihanna Summer Hairstyle: Bold, Accessorised Up Do


If you fancy a real stand out summer style then this is a great look to do for. There are so many great thing about this style of Rihanna’s! Firstly, her bold choice of colour is perfect for summer. Secondly, her curled up do just screams ‘festival’. And thirdly, she’s done a great job of accessorising her style a her wonderfully summery bow. Note how she’s matched her bow colour to her hair – this is a tip you should always follow when style. Make sure the colour of your accessory is suitable.

11. Emily Osment Summer Hairstyle: Delicate Braid with Layers


I love seeing long, chunky braids in summer time – it’s a great festival style – but never fear if your hair isn’t long enough to do this, there is a great alternative. This style by Emily Osment is the perfect way to still wear a summer braid even if you have fine, layered hair. Note how she’s only braided the underside of her hair, creating a delicate braid, and had gently curled her top layers. This creates a truly dynamic loco with tonnes of texture.

12. Nina Dobrev Summer Hairstyle: Centre Braid


Here Nina Dobrev is wearing is beautiful braid which spawns from the centre of her head, not the side as you often see. Note how she’s teased the braid to make it look thicker. This is a great look if you want a style a little less intrusive than a side braid or if you have medium length hair too.

13. Kate Hundson Summer Hairstyle: Sleek and Straight


Of course there’s no rule that says summer hairstyles have to be complicated. Take Kate Hudson’s look here for example. All she’s done is gently straightened her hair, making it look sleek, stylish, and effortless. This is a great choice for a summer style if you don’t have much time to work on your hair. Plus, it’s a great all year round look too so you need not stop wearing it come fall. Even better, this look can be pulled off no matter your face shape or your hair length.

14. Miley Cyrus Summer Hairstyle: Long Curls


This is one of my favourite styles of all time – long curls. In my opinion, curls look fab no matter the season and on any length hair but there’s no denying that Miley looks great here with he flowing locks. If you’ve got highlighted hair or are looking to get them then I definitely recommend this style. This is a great look for summer as it’s a simple twist on beach waves.

15. Miley Cyrus Summer Hairstyles: Thick Side Braid


Remember before when I told you about thick side braids? Well this is them! Doesn’t it look great? To make the most of this look don’t strive to make your braid look printing. It looks even better if you have a few fly aways and your layers are allowed to flow freely like Miley’s. This is a style that works for most face shapes but you’ll find it works best on round and heart shapes faces. Try playing with your bangs in this style to see where they look best too.

16. Rachel Bilson Summer Hairstyle: Half Up Do


This is a fab style for summer as it takes mere minutes to do, giving you more time to spend in the sun, plus it gets hair off your face so you can soak up a summer glow. There are lots of variations of this style but the best is this classic, simple style shown here by Rachel Bilson. Why not try experimenting by curling your loose hair and pinning the top of your hair back in different ways?

17. Selena Gomez Summer Hairstyle: Loose Layers


If it’s a windy day but you don’t want to tie all of your hair back then this is a great alternative. Just tie back the majority of your hair but leave your layers to flow freely in the breeze. Selena Gomez really rocks this look, doesn’t she? Especially with her curled layers!

18. Scarlett Johansson Summer Hairstyle: Side Swept, Wavy Bob


Bobs are perfect for summer as they’re easy to maintain and expose more of your skin to the sun. I love Scarlett Johansson’s style here – her wavy bob looks fab and the fact thats she’s swept her hair into a side parting makes the style look even better. She’s really captured a lot of texture and volume in her look. This look is best work if you have a slim face.

19. Sophie Turner Summer Hairstyle: Slicked Back


If you have an important event where you need to look your best (prom or a wedding for example) you should give this look a go. It doesn’t matter how long your hair is or what shape your face is, you’ll be able to pull this look off perfectly. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, and it just screams elegance.

20. Hillary Duff Summer Hairstyle: Rough Ponytail


This is perhaps the perfect summer ponytail as it’s quick, easy, and looks so stylish. All you need to do to create it is brush through your hair and then pull it all back into a rough ponytail with your fingers. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, that’s the whole point! If you can, try to keep you bangs hanging loose too. This is a great festival look.

21. Emma Roberts Summer Hairstyle: Carefree with a Side Parting


This style is incredibly stylish despite only taking a few minutes to do. All you have to do is brush your hair through, create a dramatic side parting, and sweep your hair over one shoulder. This is a fab look if you’re wearing a top with a fancy back too s it really shows it off.

22. Demi Lovato Summer Hairstyle: Bright Dip Dye


If you’re looking for a style to really make a statement then look no further! Dip dying is all the rage just now but forget about natural colours. Summer is coming which means it’s time to be bold, be bright, and be free. Here Demi shows us a beautiful shade of pink but depending on your skin tone and natural hair colour you could look just as good with blue, green, purple, orange, anything! The choice is yours!

23. Kristen Bell Summer Hairstyle: Trilby Hat 


Just because it’s no longer cold out doesn’t mean you have to stash all your hats in the attic. There are plenty of hats you can wear even now that it’s summer time! Take Kristen Bell in this trilby for example, she looks fabulous and ready to take on the sun. Depending on your face shape and hairstyle I suggest you try on a number of hats to see what suits you. Oh, and try to always expose as much of your hair as possible as this will really make your look pop.

24. Scarlett Johansson Summer Hairstyle: Delicate Hairband


One of the biggest problems with wearing your hair down is keeping it out of your face – sound about right? If it does then why not make like Scarlett Johansson this summer and make use of a simple accessory to push your hair out of your eyes while you take in the sight of all the festivals and sandy white beaches. It’s a great way to add volume to the rest of your hair as you can see too.

25, Vanessa Anne Hudgens Summer Hairstyle: Dip Dyed Locks and a Summer Hat


Vanessa looks completely festival ready here, I’m sure you’ll agree. Her purple cowboy hat looks fab with her summer outfit and helps to protect her from the sun. Make note of her lovely, natural dip dyed locks too. With her beautiful hair, cowboy hat, and sunglasses it looks as though she doesn’t have a care in the world.

26. Emma Roberts Sumer Hairstyle: Curls and Polkadots


Wearing a chic headband like Emma Roberts is a sure way to set your look alight this summer. Her polkadot headband looks fab and is a classic look that will never go out of fashion. Headbands are a great way to sweep your hair off your face while spicing up your look. No matter your hair length or face shape this is a look you ought to try!

27. Scarlett Johansson Summer Hairstyle: Messy Bun


Simply throwing your hair into a messy bun is a great summer look. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it allows you to pull your hair back so more of your skin can soak up the summer sun. Don’t panic if you don’t have long hair, as you can see Scarlett’s hair isn’t long either. This makes for some interesting fly aways that in my opinion only enhance the look. It’s summer, not a court meeting, why would you want to worry about being perfect?

28. Kirsten Dunst Summer Hairstyle: Pinned Back Sides


This is a great look that’s truly effortless. Kirsten’s delicate waves have been pinned back off her face using cute, white pins whig reveals her face and adds volume to the rest of her hair. Note how her bangs are left to fall across her face, something which helps to soften her look. The longer your hair the better for this look but of course it has many variations so don’t be afraid to play around no matter your hair length.

29. Kaley Cuoco Summer Hairstyle: Braided Up Do


You may need a little help if you’re thinking of trying to create a braided up do but it’s completely worth the hassle. While this isn’t an everyday look, this style is perfect for a formal evening somewhere. If you have a thin face try sweeping all your hair back but if you have a round face then leaving a few stands of hair down to frame it will really enhance this summer look.

30. Emilia Clarke Summer Hairstyle: Low Sleek Ponytail


I don’t know about you, but every time I try to do a normal ponytail I find myself fiddling on for ages because it keeps slipping. That’s where the low ponytail comes in handy. This is a great alternative that still gets your hair out of your face without all the fuss. Plus, it really shows off the length of your hair, something I love about it. The biggest downside is that you need to have medium to long hair to pull off this style so it’s a no go if you have short hair. If you’re trying this style, the sleeker the better as unruly hair doesn’t often work in a low ponytail.

31.Rachel Bilson Summer Hairstyle: Natural Dip Dye


I Mentioned before about bright dip byes but don’t be discouraged by the style if you don’t want pink hair. There’s nothing wrong with doing for a more natural tone like Rachel Bilson has done. It looks great, is still bright and summery, plus you don’t need to worry about if your boss will allow it either!

32.Selena Gomez Summer Hairstyle: Extreme Side Parting and Volume


Before we move on, I think we should just take a moment to appreciate how flawless Selena Gomez looks in this picture, something I’m attributing to the great lighting, her natural beauty, and not to mention her incredible hairstyle. She’s swished her long hair into an extreme side ponytail, create tonnes of volume and an asymmetrical look which makes her look chic and fearsome. No matter the length of your hair you should try brushing your hair over like this, you’ll likely be surprised at the results. Plus, this style means you get to look chic as you run your hands through your hair to maintain it too!

33. Kirsten Dunst Summer Hairstyle: Summer Accessories and a Curled Up Do


How great does Kirsten look here? And so summery! It seems she’s picked out the ultimate summer accessory to go with her summer up do. While we may avoid over the top accessories for the rest of the year it seems to me that summer is the time for expression so make the most of them. Choose an accessory that really compliments your hair and eye colour, something that makes you stand out.

34. Kirsten Dunst Summer Hairstyle: Full Frings


If you’re looking for a quick change from summer then why not invest in a full fringe? A full fringe can instantly change your face shape and ultimately your entire look. If you’ve got a small forehead then this is a great look for you as it will stop your hair from falling in your eyes and will make your forehead look longer.

35. Emma Watson Summer Hairstyle: Rugged Bob


Emma Watsons rugged bob is incredibly suit and makes the most of the bob style mixed with classic beach waves too. This style is loos best if you have a delicate face shape and a sharp bone structure.

36. Jennifer Lawrence Summer Hairstyle: Side Bun


Side buns are perfect for summer. They’re quick, easy, stylish, and simply a little different. They’re not as straightforward as usual buns and you can throw them up in seconds while you hang out on the beach. While Jen has no bangs here, you have complete creative control with this style so style your bangs however suits you.

37. Shilaine Woodley Summer Hairstyle: Brushed Through


And who says you have to spend ages styling your hair anyway? There are days when you simply don’t have time, or you’d rather be out enjoying the summer sun instead. In this case simply grab your brush, detangle your hair, and head out your front door. Explore your natural beauty and let your hair flow freely.

38. Kiera Knightley Summer Hairstyle: A Line Bob


If you’ve got a delicate face shape then an A line bob is sure to do wonders for your look. They’re great for bringing out the best in all your features and exposing your skin to the sun. Having them a little rugged like Kiera’s is a great choice as it makes them look chic yet not too serious.

39. Katy Perry Summer Hairstyle: Bold and Bright


Can’t decide on one particular colour to brighten your look this summer? That’s okay, you don’t have to! Simply make like Katy Perry and throw all your favourite colours in there. The result will be bright, bold, and undeniably beautiful. Admittedly you have to have guts to do this but it’s well worth it!

40. Jennifer Lawrence Summer Hairstyle: Fluffy Bangs


Some people don’t like heavy bangs but that’s okay. Instead why not try this great alternative? Jen’s bangs are fluffy and light, giving her the same great look without having to sacrifice the length of as much of her hair. This look is perfect for heart shaped faces.

41. Sophia Bush Summer Hairstyle: Side Braid


Not sure what to do with your bangs? Pinning them back in a side braid is a great option. It looks so chic, is perfect for festivals, and it saves them from falling in your face as you swim in the sea or chill on the beach. You don’t even have to worry about styling the rest of your hair either as this makes for a great boho style.

42. Jennifer Lawrence Summer Hairstyle: Pixie Cut


Summer is a great time for installing change so why not take a deep breath and get a pixie cut. They’re so cute, great as they’re light for summer, and believe it or not you can style them numerous ways. I know,  I know, it’s a scary idea but I’m sure you’ll agree it looks fab!

43. Vanessa Anne Hudgens Summer Hairstyle: 60s Chic


I love Vanessa Hudgen’s hippy look here and I’m sure you’ll agree she looks so summery and festival ready. Her tight curls and flowery headband screams summer and sixties all at once, making her look like she was born to be a festival goer. I can’t wait to try this style!

44. Demi Lovato Summer Hairstyle: Be Bold


Summer to me simply means sun and bright colours, something Demi has captured perfectly here. Her gorgeous purple hair shows that she’s ready for summer and filled with confidence. Of course, you don’t have to go with purple. Choose any colour you like – blue, green, pink, you name it!

45. Emilia Clarke Summer Hairstyle: Beach Ready


I love Emilia Clarke’s effortless look here. Sure, she’s not done much with her hair to create a style but I’m sure you’ll agree she looks perfect for the beach. If you’re hitting the beach don’t worry about your hair, as soon as you get in the water you’ll have the perfect look anyway!

46.Hayden Panettiere Summer Hairstyle: Short Ponytail


Hayden may not have the longest hair but she looks fab with her short ponytail. This look works best if you have a delicate face and you can pull all your hair back but it’s worth trying even if you have a round face and bangs too.

47. Natalie Dormer Summer Hairstyle: Zig-Zag Parting


Natalie Dormer looks fab with her chic zig-zag parting. It’s a great look for summer as it looks so fresh and unique. This is a style anyone can pull of no matter their face shape and even something you can add to ponytails too. It’s definitely worth experimenting with.

48.Hayden Panettiere Summer Hairstyle: Soft and Sleek


Hayden looks great with her straightened hair here. It makes her hair look so soft and is a style you can create in minutes with the right styler. No matter your face shape or hair length this is a great style, though the rounder your face the more volume you may wish to add.

49. Paris Hilton Summer Hairstyle: Half Braid


Adding a braid down one side of your hair is a great way to pull your hair off your face and looks especially good if you style the rest of your hair too. It looks great with either curled or straight hair, the choice is yours.

50. Emma Stone Summer Hairstyle: Layered Ponytail


Layered hair makes for a rugged ponytail like Emma Stone’s, something which is great for summer. It makes you look like a beach babe and a little bit windswept. As a general rule, the longer your hair the better this will look.

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