50 Best Short Curly Hairstyles

By on July 29, 2014

Chopped your hair short but don’t know how to style it? No worries! We’ve selected some of the top 50 best short curly hairstyles, all inspired from some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood including Nicole Richie and Julianne Hough. You’ll find everything from simple and trendy to elegant and classy in this list- so there’s something for everyone. Switch it up and find the style that’s right for you!

1. Katherine Heigl Short Curly Hairstyle: Bangs Flipped Back

Celebrity-Short-Curly-HairstyleKatherine Heigl’s hairstyle is the perfect combination of flirty attitude and bouncing fun. She tussles her short, bright blonde mane into a few flirty curls and flips her bangs bag, which opens up her face to show off more of her superb features and flawless bone structure. The whole style is incredibly bright and summery, perfect for those lazy summer days on sandy beaches and cool cookouts in your neighbor’s backyard. Overall, this bouncy style gets a 10 out of 10!

2. Halle Berry Short Curly Hairstyle: Voluminous Natural Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_2At one point during her career, gorgeous Halle Berry traded in her trademark pixie haircut for this voluminous style. Her set of tight curls are thick, bold, with just the right amount of funky attitude to set it apart from the crowd and instantly be an eye pleaser. Casual yet cool, these voluminous curls are perfect for gals with naturally curly hair. Try out this afro-inspired ‘do and don’t forget to leave out a few bangs for an added splash of femininity!

3. Eva Mendes Short Curly Hairstyle: Dark Blonde Waves

Short Curly Hairstyle_3Eva Mendes is a well-known celebrity and is noted for having such incredible sex appeal, and with this cute short haircut she certainly kicks it up a notch. Eva Mendes decided to go with dark blonde locks that accent her skin tone majestically, while the seductive light curls and waves gives her look some serious hotness. Give your hair a seductive makeover with a generous side part and loose curls- and if you’re daring enough, try on this warm shade of blonde that’s perfect for every season.

4. Milla Jovovich Short Curly Hairstyle: Layered with Front Bangs

Short Curly Hairstyle_4Milla Jovovich’s short curly hairstyle is the perfect combination of subtle layering and loose curls to create a delightful and flirty style. She adds a bit of bounce with layers all around her hair, and the addition of adorable front bangs that aren’t too thick or overbearing only adds to the charming design of this ‘do- not to mention they frame her face magnificently well. We’d have to agree that this is probably one of Milla Jovovich’s absolute BEST hairdos.

5. Rihanna Short Curly Hairstyle: Shoulder Length Natural Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_5Singing sensation Rihanna is always stepping out with remarkable hairstyles, and we can certainly add this one to the list. Rihanna lets her natural curls speak volumes (literally) with this shoulder length style. The middle parting works like magic on her heart shaped face while the alluring auburn brown hair coloring glistens delicately against her skin tone. Ladies with naturally curly hair will love to wear this subtle ‘do, or you can use hair curlers to achieve this very curly, voluminous style.

6. Charlize Theron Short Curly Hairstyle: Loose Curls & Side Bangs

Short Curly Hairstyle_6Here we see Charlize Theron, the seductive and remarkable actress, sporting a haircut that frames her face beautifully: a short bob just above the shoulders that frames her delicate heart shaped structure to a tee. The addition of loose, romantic curls makes this the perfect alluring style for date night while the few, flirty side bangs pull the whole look together magnificently. Touched up with light pink lipstick and a little eyeliner, this is an incredibly sensual look that works wonders on any woman.

7. Pink Short Curly Hairstyle: Loose Curled Pixie

Short Curly Hairstyle_7This edgy pop diva knows a thing or two about hair, and we’re loving this particular hairstyle. Here we see Pink sporting her ever-popular pixie haircut, only this time it’s adorned with a long, loose curl on the side of her face, which adds some delicateness to her look. The platinum hair color keeps her edge going strong and the addition of light purple highlights keeps her trademark look in check. Overall, we think this is a dazzling and thrilling hairstyle that can easily go from day to night.

8. Rihanna Short Curly Hairstyle: Curled Pixie

Short Curly Hairstyle_8We love Rihanna with longer hair, but we absolutely adore her with this hot pixie cut. The short style accentuates her flawless bone structure magnificently and really brings out her alluring cheek bones. And for anyone who said you can’t curl a pixie cut, Rihanna is here to prove you wrong. She adds some simple curls to the top of the head, which adds pure elegance to her overall look. Polished off with a set of golden accessories and bronze makeup, this is a look that kills the runways.

9. Ashley Benson Short Curly Hairstyle: Middle Length Soft Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_9Gorgeous model Ashley Benson knows a thing or two about looking fabulous any time of the day. We love this simple, yet totally flirty hairstyle that’s full of life. Layers throughout her mane gives it a fun bounce while soft curls and waves give the look some serious personality. Long bangs and an asymmetrical part frame her face beautifully. Definitely a popular hairstyle that would look great any time of year, especially in the summer!

10. Julianne Hough Short Curly Hairstyle: Loose Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_10This pure beauty is sporting a simply gorgeous hairstyle that just so happens to be the perfect length. It’s not too short, but not too long, leaving wisps of hair to brush delicately against her chin. Julianne Hough shows us that achieving an elegant look is easier than it seems. A few loose romantic curls sweeping away from her face adds divine femininity while the red hot lipstick and dazzling jewel earrings give her some sexy attitude. Who said being fabulous had to be a challenge?

11. Rita Ora Short Curly Hairstyle: Voluminous Asymmetrical Bob

Short Curly Hairstyle_11This wonderful starlet shows us just how much fun it can be to chop your locks. Here we see Rita Ora sporting a wild and funky asymmetrical bob with plenty of volume and texture. She easily turns heads with her eye-catching red lips accented wonderfully by platinum blonde locks with plenty of textured style and bouncy loose curls. Achieving this look is easy: give your hair a generous side part, tease the sides for some serious volume, and polish it off with loose curls for a little added boost of volume and fun!

12. Nicole Richie Short Curly Hairstyle: Wild Colors

Short Curly Hairstyle_12Nicole Richie is known for stepping out with trendsetting styles- and this was definitely one of them. Needless to say, she looks vibrant and funky with this bright shade of purple- which, by the way, just so happens to look magnificent against her light skin tone. With the inclusion of subtle waves and curls surrounding her mane, this hairstyle becomes a lively and entertaining masterpiece that could (and should) be worn anywhere. The next time you feel like taking a risk, why not try some wild colors for your short style like Nicole?

13. Julianne Hough Short Curly Hairstyle: Side Swept 

Short Curly Hairstyle_13I know, we just talked about Julianne Hough. But we loved this hairstyle so much we simply had to add her again. This lovely side swept hairstyle has sex appeal written all over it: the generous side part gives her a bit of mystery while the red hot lipstick provokes seduction and intimacy. We’re loving the addition of loose, voluminous curls into her bright blonde locks and think this would be the perfect look for date night with your man.

14. Taylor Swift Short Curly Hairstyle: All Natural Waves

Short Curly Hairstyle_14Most celebrities don’t step out wearing only their natural tresses, but when beautiful Taylor Swift pranced about we were pleasantly surprised. Her sandy blonde locks are bouncy and cute with just the right amount of waves. She spruces up her rather faint style with some signature scorching red lipstick and cat-eye liner for a look that kills. Recreating this style is easy if you’ve already got natural waves- just let it dry naturally or tussle your hands through a bit and enjoy!

15. Audrey Tautou Short Curly Hairstyle: Tussled Long Pixie

Short Curly Hairstyle_15Did I hear somebody say “bed head”? Much like Taylor Swift, stunning starlet Audrey Tautou has a set of dreamy all natural locks that any woman would kill for. Here we see her jet black long pixie cut dolled up with natural looking waves and curls throughout, giving her a fun and comfortable style that can easily be worn to the Oscar’s or the movies. To really get the curls working, try applying some product after washing your hair and let it dry naturally.

16. Alexa Chung Short Curly Hairstyle: A Touch of Soft Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_16Alexa Chung looks dazzling with her elegant soft curls. Her dark chocolate locks are left straight and smooth, the ends being dolled up by a few loose curls for a very sophisticated style. Achieving this look is easy: make sure your hair is nice and straight, then add curls with a hot iron. Let your face be on display with the addition of pink cheeks, subtle eye makeup, and gorgeous red lips.

17. Emma Stone Short Curly Hairstyle: Bright Blonde Big Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_17There’s no doubt about it: Emma Stone looks provocative and heavenly with big, luscious curls. A beautiful side part gives her hair plenty of thickness and volume while bright blonde locks are enticing and eye-catching. She spices up her style for a seriously fierce look with red hot lips and a sexy lacy black dress to match. Pulling off this look is easy: start out by parting to your hair to the side. Use thick rollers or a big hair curler to produce bold, luscious curls. Sweep your bangs off to the side and polish off this sensuous style with dark lipstick and minimal eye makeup.

18. Jessica Chastain Short Curly Hairstyle: Red Hot with Simple Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_18Any hairstyle gets an instant makeover when you choose a spicy hair color like red. Jessica Chastain looks beautiful sporting a rather subtle tone of red that plays off her light skin tone majestically. She leaves her hair down and puts simple curls towards the ends of her hair, including her bangs for a very casual yet sophisticated hairdo that rocks the runway. Add an extra splash of delicateness with a light shade of lipstick and a pearl earrings.

19. Kate Moss Short Curly Hairstyle: Updo with Loose Curled Bangs

kate mossUpdos are always hairstyle options when it comes to fancier occasions, and if you’re looking for something that’s extremely elegant and different than the rest, consider Kate Moss’s adorable updo hairstyle. Sure it’s nothing over-the-top, but it is highly sophisticated and frames the face wonderfully. Begin by tying your hair up into a mid-height bun. Don’t forget to leave some strands loose for curling. Give the loose strands a few tight curls and enjoy this classy style!

20. Christie Brinkley Short Curly Hairstyle: Hollywood Old School Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_20Christie Brinkley restores and energizes the classy and popular Hollywood curls with these beautiful old-school locks. The hairstyle brings back a certain aged essence of Hollywood that can’t be dismissed. Pair this fabulous ‘do with subtle makeup and a red dress or top to glamorize this traditional style even further.

21. Christina Aguilera Short Curly Hairstyle: Messy Ringlets

Short Curly Hairstyle_21This pop princess is always stepping out with flawless hairstyles, and this is definitely one of them. It’s completely opposite to straight tamed locks- Christina Aguilera showcases a wild style full of messy ringlets that look like she just stepped out from the ocean. The result? A gorgeous, seductive hairdo that can be worn just about anywhere. Kick it up a notch with fiery lips and bold eye makeup for a fierce look that kills.

22. Taylor Swift Short Curly Hairstyle: 40’s Inspired

Short Curly Hairstyle_22We couldn’t be more in love with this hairstyle. It’s a sexy and seductive flashback to the 40’s when women were dainty and elegant. Taylor Swift gives this old school ‘do a seriously hot makeover with lovely curls and slicked back bangs- not to mention her spicy red lips and gorgeous earrings to match. Wear this classic hair to your next fancy event and I guarantee you’ll make heads turn. Don’t forget to pair this fancy ‘do with a 40’s inspired dress!

23. Alicia Keys Short Curly Hairstyle: High Updo with Accenting Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_23Alicia Keys’ sky high style accents her cheek bones magnificently. She couldn’t possibly look anymore more beautiful than she did that night. We love everything about this updo. Not only is this hairstyle the definition of fierce and high style, but the accenting curled bangs give it a remarkably seductive touch that can’t be ignored. Take the slicked back and sleek route and opt for a high updo with curled bangs for your next glamorous outing!

24. Anna Kendrick Short Curly Hairstyle: Loose Side Bun Updo

Short Curly Hairstyle_24Anna Kendrick sports a hairstyle that has coquettish and cute written all over it. The nude lips and soft eye makeup gives her that elegant tone while a side bun keeps things cool, classy, and trendy. She tosses in a few loose curls to give her hair a bit of flirty attitude that plays off of her style perfectly. Overall, this is a soft and elegant hairstyle that can be done in a matter of minutes.

25. Solange Knowles Short Curly Hairstyle: Very Curly Afro

Short Curly Hairstyle_26

Dealing with very curly hair like Solange Knowles? Take a page out of her hairstyling book and go for a totally funky and all natural style that is unique and spontaneous. Solange shows off her stylish and quirky curled mane in an afro look that looks great wherever she goes. She definitely made her mark on the hairstyling industry with this ‘do and if you’re feeling brave enough, give this awesome hairstyle a chance.

27. Amy Poehler Short Curly Hairstyle: Low Chignon with Accenting Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_27Sometimes the best updos are the ones that are really basic and can be thrown together in minutes. Amy Poehler looks like a million bucks as she steps out wearing a low chignon at the nape of her neck and cute, tiny curls around her face, giving her a dose of delicateness while the pale shade of pink lipstick gives her a bit of color against the platinum blonde locks. We love this look and it’s so low key it can be worn to anyone event.

28. Jennifer Grey Short Curly Hairstyle: Flipped Back

Short Curly Hairstyle_28

Jennifer Grey gives us a dose of 1970’s style with her Farrah Fawcett inspired locks. She flips her hair back away from her face, opening up her face and giving her an inviting look that shows off her features with ease. Looking vibrant and bright, we’re loving these simple tousled curls that gives her hair so much body and oomph. A great style to wear to the beach, a wedding, a sports game- anywhere!

29. Milla Jovovich Short Curly Hairstyle: Curly with Accessories

Short Curly Hairstyle_29Milla Jovovich shows us yet another hairstyle we’re dying to steal. The short hairstyle lays just cheek-level and the placement of curls ends in a cute and playful style that bounces with every step. The adorable ‘do works well on its own but with the addition of the pleasant headband, this cute to chic instantly. Dress it up with a golden neck piece like Milla Jovovich and a darker shade of lipstick for a very enticing style.

30. Gwen Stefani Short Curly Hairstyle: Romantic Height

Short Curly Hairstyle_30Just because you’re rocking gorgeous short hair doesn’t mean you can’t still dive into the realm of height every once in awhile. Gwen Stefani proves that even shorter manes can get height and volume with ease. She teases her whole head of hair for some high volume action that is fierce and fun. Next she spruces up her locks with some very romantic curls that are enticing and energizing. With the addition of solid red lips and dark eye makeup to offset her platinum blonde locks, this whole style is polished and sexy and would work wonders for date night.

31. Eva Pigford Short Curly Hairstyle: Curled Faux Hawk

Short Curly Hairstyle_31Eva Pigford proudly gives us another example of how short locks can get some surprisingly high volume. Here we see this gorgeous woman wearing a faux hawk with plenty of edgy attitude and chicness. She simply gels her hair up and tussles it to produce natural looking curls for a bit of texture. The end result? A hot hairstyle that is surprisingly chic. Get an even bigger dose of edginess by adding hints of bright blonde to chocolate brown hair!

32. Aly Michalka Short Curly Hairstyle: Curly Side Ponytail

Short Curly Hairstyle_32From sororities to Red Carpets, side ponytails are always in style. They’re cute and flirty and work for literally any occasion. Aly Michalka spices up a trendy and traditional side ponytail by twisting her golden blonde locks up with plenty of loose curls. She teases her mane to give it plenty of seductive and wild volume and gives her entire look an elegant touch thanks to gorgeous dangly earrings. All in all, this is the perfect look for summer nights, whether the attire is formal or casual.

33. Corinne Bailey Rae Short Curly Hairstyle: Voluminous Overthrow

Short Curly Hairstyle_33There is something oh-so-seductive and alluring about an overthrow, and here we see the beautiful Corinne Bailey Rae sporting an overthrow that is bold and beautiful Her ‘bedroom head’ hairstyle works anywhere and we love how eye-catchingly voluminous it is. It’s a hairstyle that will charm and dazzle wherever it’s shown, and with the addition of bold lipstick, this look is a sexy yet elegant ‘do that works wonders. The next time you want to shake things up a bit and conquer that seductive style, give this voluminous, extra curly overthrow a try.

34. Bella Thorne Short Curly Hairstyle: Simple Updo with Accents

Short Curly Hairstyle_34Bella Thorne has soft, innocent features that are very pretty, and she showcases them perfectly with this simple yet gorgeous hairstyle. The updo is rather simple: a basic bun at middle height in the back of the head. She leaves a few lovely strands loose and gives her pretty light red hair a few romantic curls. With the addition of the cute black floral accessory on the side of the head, this sophisticated style goes from classy and simple to classy and adorable instantly. See how a basic accessory such as a black flower can spruce any hairstyle up? It’s as easy as one, two, three!

35. Kate Bosworth Short Curly Hairstyle: Retro

Short Curly Hairstyle_35With vintage style being at its height of popularity in recent years, there’s no questioning why this gorgeous ‘do from Kate Bosworth is such a big hit. She slicks down her dirty blonde hair on one side, instantly transforming her look to an old school elegant theme. She gives her remaining locks a series of tight retro curls to complete the style, and touches it up with soft and sophisticated eye makeup that isn’t overpowering. Lace and dazzling silver earrings tie the style together magnificently for this throwback style!

36. Paris Hilton Short Curly Hairstyle: Marilyn Monroe Inspiration

Short Curly Hairstyle_36Speaking of throwback hairdos, here we see blonde bombshell Paris Hilton trying to revive the ever-popular Marilyn Monroe hairstyle with heavenly light blonde hair and big, big curls. The intense volume paired with rolled, romantic curls gives her the 1950’s style while the bright red lipstick, gorgeous silver jewelry adorning her ears and neck, and decadently seductive smile pulls off the Marilyn look to a tee. All in all, we give Paris Hilton 4 out of 5 stars. Nobody could ever be Marilyn Monroe, but we think she’s come pretty darn close.

37. Kelly Carlson Short Curly Hairstyle: Hats and Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_37We can’t get over how charming and refined Kelly Carlson looks with this  curl and hat duo. She starts off with a gorgeous short haircut in a sandy blonde color that plays gracefully against her light skin tone and lovely rosy red cheeks. Next she plants some big, romantic curls throughout her entire mane. She finishes off the look with a big hit: a gorgeous black hat that would work wonders during fall or winter. When the cold season arrives once again, spruce up your style with a hat like this. (In the summer, choose more casual hats like baseball caps!)

38. Kerry Washington Short Curly Hairstyle: Big Curls and Short Bangs

Short Curly Hairstyle_38Kerry Washington is a knockout as it is, but with this delightful hairstyle she gets a serious dainty and elegant makeover. We love how she chose lively loose ringlets to liven up her hairstyle, and the blend of dark brown highlights against her jet black mane looks incredible. She finishes off this five star hairdo with some short, chopped bangs that are wispy and fun. Short bangs like these never go out of style and they’re a wonderful way to liven up your hairstyle and really shake things up a bit.

39. Miley Cyrus Short Curly Hairstyle: Curly Ombre

Short Curly Hairstyle_39Before this young starlet decided to chop her locks, Miley Cyrus sported an adorable and super trendy short haircut with appealing ombre coloring. She decides to let the roots go natural with dark brown, touching up the ends of her locks with a pretty dark blonde that complements her entire look beautifully. The tight ringlets give her hairstyle some serious bounce and a flirty attitude that’s inviting and fun! Recreate this style starting off with the ever-trendy ombre coloring, then finish off with a side part and ringlets all around. Quick and easy styling that’s oh-so-cute!

40. Scarlet Johansson Short Curly Hairstyle: Side Bun

Short Curly Hairstyle_40Scarlett Johansson is looking oh-so-envious with this dignified and fashionable hairstyle. We love the beautiful auburn hair color she’s chosen, which looks seductive and stylish against gold earrings and dark red lips. She throws her ringlets into an alluring side bun, giving it plenty of vivid volume and plenty of texture. Creating this envious look is simple: start with loose, romantic ringlets, and pull them back into a graceful side bun.

41. Eva Longoria Short Curly Hairstyle: Curled Ponytail

Short Curly Hairstyle_41Ninety-nine percent of females, when they hear the word ‘updo’, will automatically think of a ponytail. Ponytails have been around for centuries and are always the go-to hairstyle when you need something quick and easy, yet cute. Eva Longoria shows us that it’s A-OK to sport a ponytail, and it’s even better when you shake it up with some glorious curls. She leaves a few strands loose to frame her delicate face while the rest of the ringlets are pulled back into a medium height ponytail. Full of life and texture, this voluminous updo is absolutely beautiful and can be even more dolled up with pink lipstick and silver hoop earrings.

42. Reese Witherspoon Short Curly Hairstyle: Pinned Back Bangs

Short Curly Hairstyle_42Reese Witherspoon oozes style and class with this ridiculously adorable hairstyle. She dolls up her bright blonde locks with loose ringlets, giving her hair plenty of volume and life. But instead of dealing with pesky fly-aways and other bang mishaps, Reese decides to pin her bangs back in a voluminous bump-it style that is sophisticated and totally on-trend. We think this is the perfect hairstyle for spring or summer and looks great with bathing suits, shorts and tanks, or even a cute black dress like this!

43. Blake Lively Short Curly Hairstyle: High Ponytail

blake-Short Curly Hairstyle_43Fancy a high ponytail over a side or medium height one? No worries! Blake Lively has you covered. Here we see this gorgeous lady sporting a very delightful hairdo that is bouncy and fun. Her natural blonde hair color looks lovely pinned back into a high ponytail, and the few loose curled strands surrounding her face gives her whole look a bit of casual and playful fun. We love this look! Finish off this high pony ‘do with some candy-colored lip gloss like Blake Lively to give it that California girl feel.

44. Julianne Hough Short Curly Hairstyle: Headband Braid

Short Curly Hairstyle_44It seems like in this day and age everyone is dumping old school headbands and choosing something a little more detailed and fun. I introduce you to: the headband braid. This cool hairstyle has become increasingly popular in recent years and now it seems everyone is giving it a try. We love it on Julianne Hough because it works wonders with the rest of her curled blonde locks. The whole style is obnoxiously cute and flirty and would look great in the summer sun!

45. Diane Kruger Short Curly Hairstyle: Elegant Braided Updo

Short Curly Hairstyles_45Diane Kruger steps out in a glamorous updo we can’t wait to try. She goes with the ever-popular braid trend to fill in her updo, leaving her with a piece of art that we can’t steer our eyes away from. We love how much detail and depth there is to this look, and with the accenting delicate curled strands surrounding her face, this is a sophisticated and high class look that kills. Pair this updo with some soft pink lips for a very charming and elegant appearance.

46. Laura Dern Short Curly Hairstyle: Very Short Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_46What’s not to love about Laura Dern’s super short curly hairstyle? The extremely short bob cut takes ages off of her look, leaving her with a vibrant and young expression that is simply stunning. Laura Dern look flawless with her lusciously curled blonde hued locks, and we love the addition of short wispy bangs framing her face and giving her a youthful touch. This hairstyle would easily work on women of all ages, and its shortness makes it comfortable and easy to work with any day of the week!

47. Sarah Hyland Short Curly Hairstyle: Voluminous Updo

Short Curly Hairstyle_47If there’s three things we absolutely adore, it’s volume, curls, and updos. Sarah Hyland found a gorgeous way to combine all three: with a voluminous updo with plenty of loose curls surrounding the face. It’s elegant in its entirety and with the addition of pale pink lips, this hairstyle gets a hint of flirty style that works well anywhere. Totally on-trend and up-to-minute, we would definitely consider this particular bold and voluminous hairstyle at our next wedding, reunion, or fancy party.

48. Alison Lohman Short Curly Hairstyle: High Side Ponytail

Short Curly Hairstyle_48You rarely see high ponytails anymore. They have a certain 1980’s look to them that many people aren’t comfortable enough to sport. But Alison Lohman shows us that you can be not only cute, but classy with a high side ponytail too. We’re loving her bouncy and fun hairstyle with plenty of textured curls for a very sophisticated finish. Who would’ve thought this ’80s flashback could be so darn fabulous?

49. AnnaLynne McCord Short Curly Hairstyle: Tight Curls

Short Curly Hairstyle_49AnnaLynne McCord rocks an all-natural ‘do that is nothing short of fabulous. Her extra tight curls are voluminous and fun, giving her plenty of life. A bit exotic and seductive, these lovely brown curls have just the right amount of blonde highlights to make a very dazzling hair color to suit her style.

50. Gemma Arterton Short Curly Hairstyle: Curls and Thick Bangs

Short Curly Hairstyle_50Gemma Arterton is rocking a lovely short bob haircut with plenty of bold curls. Her style is totally trendy and with the addition of thick bangs, she achieves a stylish and chic appearance. Thick bangs are almost always on-trend and they work perfectly with oval face shapes like this.

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