50 Best Friend Quotes for Girls

By on November 10, 2014

Your best friend. One of the most important things in your life. The two of you are closer than ever. You’re practically sisters! These cute, adorable, and sometimes silly best friend quotes for girls are exactly what you need to show how much you care and make your friend smile from ear to ear.


1. A friend will always be there when you need them, but a best friend will always be there whether you need them or not.

Best friend Quotes for girls01

Anyone who has a BEST friend knows that this is absolutely true.

2. If all of my friends jumped off of a bridge, I wouldn’t jump with them- I’d be at the bottom waiting to catch them.

Because a friend, especially a best friend, is always there to catch you and pick you up.

3. Friendship is a lot like wet cement. Once you stick your feet in, it’s hard to get them out, and you always leave your footsteps behind.

Best friend Quotes for girls02

So true- even when a friendship is broken, the memories are still there.

4. A true friend will see the first tear, catch the second, and stop the third.

Such an adorable and oh-so-true quote. Friends are ALWAYS there, especially in your time of need.

5. Another day, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter and summer too, but there can never be another you.

Best friend Quotes for girls03

Of course your best friend is one of a kind, what better way to tell them.

6. The people around you can hear what you say. A friend will listen to what you say. But a best friend will listen to what you don’t say.

Best friend Quotes for girls04


7. Best friend: somebody you can’t stay mad at for too long because you have too many things to tell them.

I think every girl has been in this situation AT LEAST once in their lifetime. And it’s such a terrible feeling too! So much juicy gossip, forget that silly fight you guys had!

8. That was the thing about best friends. Like sisters and mothers, they could piss you off and make you cry and break your heart, but in the end, when the chips were down, they were there, making you laugh even in your darkest hours. ~Kristin Hannah, Firefly Lane

Sounds about right.

9. A best friend can easily turn the worst days upside down into the best day of your life.

Best friend Quotes for girls27

So unbelievably true!

10. You can always tell when two people are best friends: it won’t even make sense how much FUN they’re having with each other!

Yeah, because we’ve all ended up laughing hysterically over NOTHING with our besties!

11. A best friend is someone who should bring out the best in you. And you do!

So true!

12. Best friends? Well, yeah, you could definitely call us that. But I think we are more like SISTERS.

We all have that certain best friend from another mother!

13. Best friends: it’s a promise, not a label. ~Author Unknown

I’m sure you’ve heard this popular quote before! And what a great promise to keep with your besty.

14. Sometimes, simply talking to your best friend makes everything better. It’s all the therapy you need.

Best friend Quotes for girls06

Best friends just have that power to make everything right.

15. There’s nothing quite like the pain in your stomach from laughing too hard with your best friend.

Best friend Quotes for girls07

Such a wonderful, cheerful pain it is, right?

16. Let’s swear each with our pinky
We’ll be the best of friends
Until we are old and wrinkly!
~Author Unknown

Best friend Quotes for girls08

Haha! I love this adorable poem. Definitely one that will make you and your best friend giggle.

16. A best friend is someone who has the power to make you laugh hysterically, even when you think you will never smile again.

Best friend Quotes for girls09

You know, after your boyfriend breaks up with you and you think your smile is broken, then suddenly your best friend makes you bust out laughing. Yeah, that’s what best friends are for.

17. A friendship isn’t made up of just one big thing; it’s made up of millions of little things built together perfectly.

Ah, such a sweet saying that is certainly true.

18. A best friend is the one person who will always come in, even when everyone else goes out.

Best friend Quotes for girls10

They’ll always be right there for you.

19. A best friend is someone you can sit right next to, all night long, and never say a word, but walk away feeling like you’ve had the best conversation of your life.

Because best friends don’t need words to communicate.

20. Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~Author Unknown

Probably one of the simplest, yet most beautiful quotes I’ve ever heard about friendship.

21. Your best friend is someone you can call at 4 A.M. and they won’t get mad.

Best friend Quotes for girls11

Okay, maybe a little mad- but you two will laugh it off in a matter of seconds.

22. Friends are connected heart to heart. Distance and time can’t break them apart. ~Author Unknown

Best friend Quotes for girls12

Such an adorable saying. Love it!

23. A best friend is someone who knows everything about you but loves you anyways.

Yes, she even loves us for our craziest times, our silliest moments, and those days we’re just simply down in the dumps. She’s the best!

24. A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find, but lucky to have. ~Author Unknown

Best friend Quotes for girls13

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

25. Being a best friend is one of the greatest things you could ever be. Having a best friend is one of the greatest treasures you could ever receive.

It’s true- being a best friend and having a best friend is a wonderful, rare gift we should always cherish.

26. There’s nothing better than a best friend- unless that best friend has chocolate.

Seriously, that’s the perfect combination. Your best gal pal and a huge chunk of delicious chocolate. Doesn’t get any better than that!

27. A best friend is someone you feel like you’ve known forever.

Best friend Quotes for girls28

I think we all have someone like that in our lives, and it couldn’t be any truer, could it?

28. Friend: Calls your parents “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

Best friend: Calls your parents by their first name.

Friend: Has never seen you cry.

Best friend: Always has the best shoulder to cry on.

Friend: Never asks for anything to eat or drink.

Best friend: Open the fridge and makes herself at home.

Friend: Asks you to write down your number.

Best friend: They ask you for their number. (They always forget!)

Friend: Borrows your stuff for a few days and then gives it back.

Best friend: Has a closet full of your stuff.

Friend: Only knows a few things about you.

Best friend: Could write a biography on your life.

Friend: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.

Best friend: Will always be with you.

Hilarious- but VERY true. That’s what being a best friend is all about!

29. When it hurts to look behind and you’re afraid to look ahead, just look beside you and see your best friend.

Best friend Quotes for girls29

Because she will be there every step of the way!

30. A best friend is like a really great bra: rare, supportive, and close to the heart.

Best friend Quotes for girls16

A really silly quote, but hey- at least it’s true!

31. Of all the friends I’ve ever had, you’re the one I won’t forget. And if I die before you do, I’ll be waiting up in heaven for you.

Because the two of your will be best friends even in the after life, right?

32. The only reason why we’re best friends and not sisters is because one mom couldn’t handle us both!

Ah, so THAT’S why you FEEL like sisters, but you’re not. Now it all makes sense!

33. I believe in angels sent from Heaven. I’m surrounded by them. I call them my best friends.

Because your besties are really gifts from heaven, aren’t they.

34. As we grow older, we realize that having one true friend is far more important than having tons of fake ones.

Best friend Quotes for girls17

Ain’t that the truth! I’m sure we can all relate to this, because as we get older, the fake friends seem to drift away faster than ever.

35. When you fall down, a good friend will pick you up. But a best friend will laugh hysterically, pee their pants, and call you names- then help you.

Ah, of course. Best friends- they’re such jerks right? No, they’re just hilarious. And I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation a time or two before. Love it!

36. Friends are like stars, they come and go. But the ones who stay are the ones that glow. ~Roxy Quiksilver

Best friend Quotes for girls18

Definitely a true quote, as I’m sure we’ve all had plenty of friends who have came and went- until that one special friend came along who actually stuck around through everything.

37. A best friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you for the way you are today.

Best friend Quotes for girls19

That’s so true.

38. People always say how hard it is to find a best friend. Well that’s just because the best friend is already mine!

How incredibly adorable is this quote? Tell this one to your best friend. You will have her blushing in a matter of seconds.

39. Here’s to the crap we talk, the guys we stalk, the way we shop, the laughs we can’t stop, the gossip we spill, the looks that could kill, to havin’ each others back, to the next morning gettin’ the facts, downin’ the beers and spillin’ the tears, we’ll stay together through the years. ~Author Unknown

Best friend Quotes for girls20

There’s no way around it: I LOVE THIS ADORABLE QUOTE. It’s the perfect explanation of best friends! Who else agrees?

40. So many memories, so many stupid fights. So many inside jokes, so many crazy nights. It seems like all the crazy things I do, always seem to happen with YOU!

Hey- a best friend is supposed to do all those crazy things with you, right? I love this quote. It’s cute and totally, brutally honest. Your besty will definitely get a kick out of this funny quote!

41. A best friend is someone who makes you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live a little better.

Best friend Quotes for girls30

Amen to that!

42. Friendship is a lot like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.

Okay, this quote is just plain hilarious. Makes me laugh EVERY time. But it’s also true. Double win! Your besty will love to hear this one!

43. Silly pictures and crazy times, sisters at heart and partners in crime.

Best friend Quotes for girls22

Because we both know that your best friend is definitely your partner in crime, too.

44. A good friend will keep you from losing your mind, but a best friend will join you in the craziness. 

What are best friends for?

45. We’re the type of best friends who will be sitting right next to each other on the couch but still texting each other.

I’m guilty of doing this, how about you?

46. Smiles and tears, giggle and laughs.

Late night calls and cute photographs.

I’ll be there for you till the day of my death.

Best gurlies forever till my very last breath.

Best friend Quotes for girls23

Super cute. I’m in love with this lovely little poem!

47. We’ll be best friend until we’re old and senile. Then we’ll be ‘new’ friends.

Even when you can’t remember a thing, you’ll still be side by side. How cute is this quote!

48. A best friend relationship must be built on a solid foundation of sarcasm, inappropriateness, and shenanigans.

Oh, definitely. Who agrees?

49. Friendship isn’t about who has known you the longest, it’s about who came into your life and actually stayed no matter what.

Best friend Quotes for girls26

So true.

50. A best friend isn’t someone who tells you everything they know, but the one who keeps every secret you tell.

Best friend Quotes for girls25

It’s so hard to find someone who will actually keep your secret- not tell a soul. And if you’ve found that person, you KNOW they’re your best friend.

We loved all these incredibly adorable and TRUTHFUL quotes about best friends. What’s your favorite best friend quote? Tell us below!


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