50 Best Bun Hairstyles

By on February 8, 2014

There’s something about a bun hairstyle that is simply gorgeous, adding an unspoken amount of elegance to any woman it adorns- not to mention buns are one of the hottest hairstyles of this year. If you’re tired of throwing your hair into the same old bun hairstyle day after day, check out these 50 best bun hairstyles. You’ll see a blend of gorgeous to high-class styles, girly to crazy styles- and so much more.

1. Mila Kunis Bun Hairstyle: The Voluminous Bun


Look past the pure beauty of Mila Kunis and notice the voluminous bun. This style adds a significant amount of depth to the hair, giving the appearance of fuller and thicker locks. It’s a gorgeous look with plenty of versatility that can be worn day or night, with any outfit.

2. Nicole Richie Bun Hairstyle: The Topknot


Plainly stated, the topknot is top notch. It is an utterly smooth and sexy style that is paired beautifully with a set of classic side bangs. With the addition of the gorgeous braid intertwined in the bun, it is a fanciful look that is ideal for high-class social situations.

3. Katy Perry Bun Hairstyle: The Braid Bun


Funky yet fabulous, Katy Perry’s braid bun is a whimsical style that can be thrown together with ease. Simply braid the hair and wrap it around like a regular bun. The finished product? A voluminous bun with plenty of detail that is unique and trendy. Wear it down to the beach for fun in the sun or showcase this fun look downtown with your favorite dress.

4. Jessica Stroup Bun Hairstyle: The Gorgeous Wavy Bun

35th Annual People's Choice Awards, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, America - 07 Jan 2009

When elegance is a must, then consider Jessica Stroup’s gorgeous wavy bun. This particular style calls for plenty of waves throughout the hair, which gives the bun volume and style- not to mention a splash of femininity and beauty. It’s the go-to bun for fancier occasions.

5. Kiera Knightley Bun Hairstyle: Swept with Blunt Bangs


If you’re a fan of bangs, then you will love Kiera Knightley’s bun style. It’s really a simple messy updo which leaves a few strands of hair around the face for a softer look. The blunt bangs finish off this hairstyle with plenty of trend and flare for an overall high-style finish.

6. Heidi Klum Bun Hairstyle: Loose Top Bun


Heidi Klum’s bun hairstyle might be loose and wispy, but it’s surely nothing short of sophisticated. This lovely style combines feminine loose bangs and detailed twists in a top bun we adore. This style can be worn virtually anywhere and goes from casual to classy instantly, depending on your wardrobe selection.

7. Amy Adam Bun Hairstyle: Sleek Side Bun


Fan of the side bun? Then you will adore Amy Adam’s bun hairstyle. This simple, yet sultry style lays flat for a sophisticated ‘do that pairs nicely with your finest attire. The generous side part adds a splash of attitude and high-style that frames the face perfectly.

8. Nicole Kidman Bun Hairstyle: Twisted Side Bun


Nicole Kidman’s bun hairstyle is a step up from the typical side bun, adding plenty of style and dimension with its array of twists and loose strands. The fancy look is perfect for classy events when elegance is everything. The soft side part with long, layering bangs works as an added touch of femininity.

9. Katie Cassidy Bun Hairstyle: Twisted Voluminous Top Bun


A little bit quirky, a little bit crazy, but a lot of fabulous. Katie Cassidy’s twisted voluminous top bun is an obvious work of art. The tangled twists (which is actually just five separate ponytails intertwined) adds so much playfulness while the top bun style gives it a modern touch. End result? A gorgeous top bun for every occasion.

10. Nikki Reed Bun Hairstyle: Sleek Updo


Nikki Reed’s updo is simply a stunning piece of art, with a collection of beautifully curled strands clipped together in a sleek and polished way, it’s the go-to style for ladies looking for simplicity at its finest.

11. Naomi Watts Bun Hairstyle: Pulled Back and Soft


This lavish, womanly bun hairstyle is the perfect candidate for fancy events. The hair is softly pulled back into a loose bun, instantly giving the face a delicate appearance that any woman can enjoy.

12. Reese Witherspoon Bun Hairstyle: High Ballerina Bun


For a revamped take on the classic ballerina bun, consider Reese Witherspoon’s high ballerina bun look. This simple style can be completed in only a matter of seconds. Simply pull the hair near the top of the head and wrap into a ballerina bun style. End result: chic bun with plenty of attitude.

13. Shay Mitchell Bun Hairstyle: Soft Top Bun


For a more delicate take on the popular top bun, consider Shay Mitchell’s style. This top bun leaves the hair looser than normal, giving it a softer and graceful physique that can be worn just about anywhere.

14. Jennifer Lawrence Bun Hairstyle: Reinessance Bun


Beautiful. There’s truly no other word to describe Jennifer Lawrence’s bun hairstyle. It is the epitome of elegance and beauty with an alluring combination of loose curls and small, sensual braids peeking throughout. The blend gives it a Reinessance theme and is ideal for luxurious events paired with your fanciest dresses and jewels. If you want to look like a princess, consider this gorgeous updo.

15. Kate Hudson Bun Hairstyle: Retro Bun

1128-kate_hudson_hairstyle_idea_bd Warning: Flashback from the 70’s alert. But who’s complaining? Kate Hudson makes the 70’s beehive look modern and stylish. With a loose pull-back with accompanying loose top bun with strands pulled softly around, the style completely revamps and reignites the 70’s favorite.

16. Charlize Theron: Braids of Glory


Talk about an elaborate hairstyle. Charlize Theron rocks a glorious braided bun unlike anything we’ve seen before. With a multitude of beautifully braided strands wrapped up into a super tight side bun, this gorgeous style is as elaborate as it is chic. If you’ve got the time, try out this stunning style and really make heads turn.

17. Zooey Deschanel: High Side Bun


Who said a side bun had to be low, close to the neck? Zooey Deschanel rocks a high side bun that is so, totally cute- putting an end to the typical low side buns. The high placement of the bun adds playfulness and fun to the look, while the fringed bangs give this style a burst of style and energy. Needless to say, this bun is perfect for the funny gals who love to look cute.

18. Ashanti Bun Hairstyle: Formal Braids


This beautiful bun hairstyle is perfect for fancy settings. The hair is pulled back into a collection of lovely braids, nestled together brilliantly to create a gorgeous low bun. The added volume towards the front of the face gives this stunning style a bit of height, framing the face and finishing off this ‘do magnificently.

19. Paris Hilton Bun Hairstyle: The Bow Bun


It’s no secret that bows in the hair have become increasingly popular in recent months, so why not rock a bowed bun? Paris Hilton shows us that we can rock this new fashion trend and look great doing so. Bows are fairly easy to put together, and with perfect placement (near the top of the head, show here by Paris), onlookers can easily spot your girly bow and basque in all its greatness.

20. Hillary Duff Bun Hairstyle: Volumed Bun

Cool Bun Hairstyles

Hillary Duff takes the classic bun and goes one step further: by adding tons of volume at the top of the hair in an elegant fashion you simply can’t ignore. The height in front combined with a loose pull back creates a very modelesque style that is mature and womanly- perfect for black-tie social events. Paired with subtle makeup and a stunning dress, this simple volumized ‘do works wonders.

21. AnnaLynn McCord Bun Hairstyle: Curly Messy Topknot


Nothing says ‘keeping it cute and casual’ quite like this adorable look from AnnaLynn McCord. The best part about this style is it can be worn anywhere- out with friends, to parties- even to the gym! The casual style lets curly-haired females rock their curls in a messy and fun way. Lift your locks up into a messy bun and enjoy the lovely ‘do all day long!

22. Sarah Michelle Gellar Bun Hairstyle: Messy Braided Bun


If you want to add a little oomph to your usual low bun, try adding a few flirty braids on the side of the head like Sarah Michelle Gellar. This cute style is simple, yet still has plenty of life thanks to the addition of two matching braids on either side of the head. It only takes a matter of minutes to accomplish, but is well worth the added splash of style. This look is incredibly versatile and can be worn casual or classy.

23. Hayden Panettiere Bun Hairstyle: Textured Topknot


Topknots are obviously all the rage this year. But why stick with the same, basic topknot style? Hayden Panettiere shows us that we can rock this popular style while still adding a bit of flare to it. This edgy, textured topknot adds a bit of dimension and attitude, simply by twisting the hair a bit, giving it some volume and craze rather than sleek and tight. However, keep in mind you don’t need to mess with the hair too much. You don’t want a loose topknot, just a textured one as you see here.

24. January Jones Bun Hairstyle: Extremely Sleek


Ah, January Jones’ incredibly sleek low bun. If you want to rock this style, it’s going to take a lot more than just grabbing your hair and pulling it as tight as you can into a bun. No. Think gel- and a lot of it. You want your hair saturated in gel so the finished product appears tight, sleek, and shiny. The end result? A very sophisticated and classy style that oozes high-style, perfect for important affairs. (We’re thinking that little black dress would love this hairdo).

25. Olivia Wilde Bun Hairstyle: Undone Bun


The undone bun has the casual and flirty look that we love. Not too polished, not too extravagant, yet still completes any style nicely. To pull off this simple and fun style, simply pull some of your strands loose from your bun. It’s like a ponytail bun hybrid- and it’s definitely something that we love. You just can’t tell me Olivia Wilde doesn’t look amazing!

26. Jennifer Lopez Bun Hairstyle: Megabun


Just take a second to look at Jennifer Lopez’s bun. This is the megabun, no doubt about it. Just look at that height. Look at that volume. Look at that definition. It’s the bun of all buns that oozes with fashion. The megabun is simply the god of the topknots- with plenty of volume placed right smack dab on the top of the head. It’s the only choice for ladies look for intensity and drama wrapped up into one, eye catching hairstyle.

27. Kirstin Dunst Bun Hairstyle: Embellished Updo


There is nothing more feminine than a woman adorned with flowers, so why wouldn’t Kirstin Dunst’s embellished updo be the epitome of daintiness? This gorgeous style combines gorgeous twist accents around the back, pinned beautifully into a classy updo we adore. Finished with a floral headband around the crown, this feminine style lasts through the spring and summer seasons with ease. Match it with your favorite floral sundress or even wear it with a pair of jeans and a crop top for a funky fresh look.

28. Zoe Saldana Bun Hairstyle: Textured Ballet Bun


The ballet bun may be one of the simplest bun hairstyles to create, but that surely doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most gorgeous ones. Zoe Saldana has taken the popular ballet bun and added texture, simply by placing bobby pins throughout the bun. This gives it a textured, rippled effect that creates dimension. The rest of the hair is pulled back for a sleek physique. You may even want to add gel to obtain the ultimate sleekness.

29. Beyonce Bun Hairstyle: Braided Top Bun


The topknot is already extremely popular and oozing high-style. But what better way to dazzle up this trendy look than with an elegant braid? Beyonce shows us that we can easily amp up the topknot with a gorgeous braid wrapped around the base of the bun. The finished look offers a boost of elegance that suits even the fanciest of occasions.

30. Bella Thorne Bun Hairstyle: Bun with a Bow


Surely there’s nothing cuter than a huge pink bow. It’s so feminine, so fragile and innocent. What lady doesn’t want to show off their dainty side once and awhile? This look from Bella Thorne is the perfect way to show off your flirty and feminine side. Simply throw your hair up into a cute high bun and adorn it with a bow- preferably pink- for a style that can’t miss. Don’t forget to pair it up with your girliest apparel- we’re thinking dresses, skirts, and sandals here!

31. Sienna Miller Bun Hairstyle: Braided Crown Updo


Sienna Miller’s bun hairstyle is surely one of the most simple, yet highly elegant styles we’ve seen. The large braid around the crown of the head gives it an elegant and sophisticated tough while still adding a bit of boho hippie style we absolutely love. It’s a great look for any time of day, no matter where you’re headed.

32. Jessica Alba Bun Hairstyle: Bun with Curls


If there is one thing every woman loves, it’s curls. There’s just something about curls that add dignity and beauty to any lady, giving the face a softer appearance and making the hair look perfect. This beautiful bun look from Jessica Alba is certainly one every woman should pull off at one point in her life. The low, loose bun is subtle and the simple curled bang around the face adds a significantly layer of beauty and bliss. The perfect hairstyle to go with your favorite little dress.

33. Lilly Collins Bun Hairstyle: Tuck and Twist


It may not look incredibly different from the front (hair pulled back to form a sleek and tight appearance), but anyone who glances at the back of this hairstyle is surely in for a pleasant surprise. Lilly Collins showed us a really cool twist and fold type low bun, which is totally boasting with chicness. The modern look fans out below the twist for a style that really rocks. Wear this look and we can almost guarantee you’ll make heads turn.

34. Natalie Portman Bun Hairstyle: Sleek French Style


What comes to mind when you think of France? Perhaps the busy city streets, the Tower of London, the gorgeous views? Or is it the undeniably gorgeous fashion statements that continuously stroll out of Paris? Natalie Portman’s bun hairstyle is nothing short of a French look we absolutely love. With close attention to detail forming a stunning twist, this sleek French bun comes with all the chicness you’d expect from a French inspired look. Definitely one to consider for your next formal outing.

35. Rihanna Bun Hairstyle: Contrast Colored Roots1B8FEE05

Ok. There are way too many reasons to love this style. Let’s start with the adorable short side bangs. So obviously trendy and they frame Rihanna’s face beautifully. And check out that color! It completely contrasts with the roots, giving this bun a ombre-inspired theme that is insanely hot right now. Finished with an extreme topknot, and this contrasting-colored bun hairstyle is an obvious win. If you’re not already dreaming about giving this style, you definitely should be.

36. LaLa Anthony Bun Hairstyle: Double Braid Twist


If you love braids with buns, then you might just melt when you see LaLa Anthony’s bun hairstyle. This gorgeous style includes two (count ’em, TWO!) side by side braids leading back to a high bun. To put it simply, this hairstyle has all of the beauty and flare we love to see in a style, with a glamorizing finish that can be worn from day to night. Wear it to the office, wear it to the club. It works everywhere!

37. Tyra Banks Bun Hairstyle: Braided Extreme Top Bun


Tyra Banks never fails when it comes to beauty and fashion, so it’s really no wonder why her gorgeous bun hairstyle made our top 50. Tyra’s gorgeous bun is laid on top of the head which catches on to the chic trend while incorporating a stunning, thick braid to tie the whole look together. The style may look complicated and complex, but it really only takes a matter of moments to complete, leaving you with an easy way to get a shockingly sophisticated and gorgeous look. Definitely a hairstyle to consider the next time you’re headed to a grand event!

38. Anne Hathaway Bun Hairstyle: Center Part with Elegance


By first glance at this lovely bun, you can obviously see the pure elegance and beauty of the style. A center part lets the hair flow beautifully to the sides of the face, producing a gorgeous frame around the face. And with the added simple curls, daintiness with a splash of chicness comes into play. The look is loosely pulled back into a low bun which works wonder for the femininity of the entire look. A great candidate for fancy occasions to pair up with your nicest dresses and coats.

39. Scarlett Johansson Bun Hairstyle: All Naturale


Scarlett Johansson let’s us know it’s okay to go natural once in awhile with her gorgeous all natural look. She let her hair stay in its natural wavy goodness and threw it into a semi-high bun. The result? A beautifully full, thick, and completely natural style that strays apart from the competitor buns that are typically straight and sleek. If you’re a woman with beautiful wavy or curly hair, feel free to switch it up and throw your naturally stunning locks into a bun that rocks.

40. Gwen Stefani Bun Hairstyle: Slick and Chic


If you know anything about Gwen Stefani, you know she’s got plenty of style, attitude, and class- so why wouldn’t she wear a bun hairstyle to match? This gorgeously chic, slicked back ‘do is so incredibly different than other slicked back buns we’ve seen. I mean, just look at that unique style. The hair is pulled from the front leading to the bun so we are unable to see the clips or hairband, giving a smooth and complete design that is simply flawless. It’s a wonderful style that goes well wherever it’s taken!

41. Eva Longoria Bun Hairstyle: Braids and Bows


Is there anything more cute and girly than braids and bows? Surely not! That must be why we absolutely fell in love with Eva Longoria’s adorable bun hairstyle. It incorporates a stunning braid wrapped up into a thick bun, finished off with a black satin bow. This look works wonders in every situation it’s worn- whether it’s a casual day out with the ladies or a formal event where dressing sharp is key.

42. Amy Childs Bun Hairstyle: Voluminous Side Updo

National Television Awards 2012 - Arrivals

Who said a voluminous updo had to be placed in the back of the head? Amy Childs shows us you can add plenty of beautiful volume to the side bun. I mean, WOW. Just look at all that crazy volume! It’s filled with tons of gorgeous curls, all balled up into a side updo that takes the show. Not to mention her side bangs are absolutely perfect, tying the look together magnificently. Polished off with her beautiful red colored hair, this voluminous side bun hairstyle is one we will definitely try out in the near future.

43. Sarah Dunn Bun Hairstyle: Classy Side Bun

National Television Awards 2008 - Arrivals

At first glance at this style, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? We thought of something the First Lady might wear with her finest attire to a high-class social event. Yes, this glamorizing side bun from Sarah Dunn is nothing short of elegant. Pulled delicately to the side of the head in a soft sweep we love, this simple side bun is a perfect match for your little black dress and silver jewelry. Take a page out of Sarah Dunn’s book and rock this beautiful style at your next important event- you won’t regret it.

44. Lauren Conrad Bun Hairstyle: Loose Bun


Here, Lauren Conrad gives us the perfect example of a loose low bun that can be worn virtually anywhere. The cute middle part and loose sweep makes it the perfect bun hairstyle for casual days down at the pool with a martini, while the accenting loose curls frame the face gorgeously.

45. Kendra Wilkinson: Glamorous Bun with Flipped Bangs


Kendra Wilkinson looking hot and styling her hair in an even hotter way- surprised? Me neither! What more could you expect from this spicy gal? Kendra Wilkinson throws her hair back into a messy bun with plenty of detail and texture, the final result ending with plenty of flare that looks absolutely glamorous. The look is pulled together magnificently with beautiful side swept bangs, curled away from the face beautifully, paying more attention to her stunning features. Wear this look to your next black tie affair and we guarantee you’ll look fabulous.

46. Keri Russell Bun Hairstyle: Floral Waves
This lovely style from Keri Russell leaves us thinking about a day laying by the ocean in a hammock, sipping on a tropical smoothie, letting the breeze blow gently through our hair. This lovely side bun is casual and pretty all in one. The waves leave us with a beachy theme that is very flattering, and with the addition of the floral embellishment on the base of the bun, the pretty gal look is completed perfectly. This style works wonders for spring and summertime with your favorite maxi dress.
47. Kourtney Kardashian Bun Hairstyle: French Braids
A french braid? What’s not to love about a sophisticated french braid? These detailed braids take the casual braid one step further in a very elegant and lovely way, as you can clearly see here in Kourtney Kardashian’s bun hairstyle. She starts the style off with a cute side part (which looks great with her face, by the way) and leads the hair with a pair of prestigious french braids on either side of the head leading back to a polished bun. It’s a high-style look that can’t lose, and definitely one to try in the near future.
48. Dianna Agron Bun Hairstyle: Front Fishtail Braid
18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards  - Arrivals
We are all very well aware that fishtail braids have become super popular in recent months. They look really unique and complicated, but they are actually rather simple to put together and come out with a really extravagant appearance that women love. This fishtail braid from Dianna Agron is such a stunning sight. The tousled bun is finished off with a brilliant fishtail front braid which adds plenty of style and dimension to the basic, messy look. Why go simple when you can add a cool fishtail braid and come with a whole new, exciting appearance?
49. Rachel Bilson Bun Hairstyle: The Faux Bob
Art Of Elysium's 5th Annual Heaven Gala
Wait, did Rachel Bilson cut her hair short?! Oh, no. She’s just rocking one of the hottest recent trends, the faux bob. This awesome style gives the illusion that your hair is short, when in fact it’s just a series of curls tied and clipped to the base of the neck. So if you’ve ever wondered how you’d look with short hair but don’t want to take the plunge, try this unique bun style on for size. You can’t deny how adorable this hairstyle is!
50. Emma Watson Bun Hairstyle: Straight Faux Bob
If curls aren’t your style but you still want to try the faux bob look, take a page from Emma Watson’s book and try the straight faux bob. All you need to do to accomplish this look is make the hair as straight and sleek as possible. Pull it back tight and loosely clip the hair to the base of the neck. And there you have it! A style that makes your hair straight and short, what a shock for those around you.

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