15 Unique 30th Birthday Ideas

By on October 23, 2014

“The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits.” -Hervey Allen. These words couldn’t be any truer! Whether you’re planning on leaving your 20’s with a bang or want to keep it quiet and simple, let’s all follow in the path of Hervey Allen and celebrate in style with these unique and [totally fun] 30th birthday ideas!


1. Dirty Thirty Party Theme

Yes, of course- dirty thirty. We’ve all heard that popular term at one point or another. Is it true or just a rumor? Whether it’s the truth be told or not, having a dirty thirty themed birthday party is always a huge hit. You can gather tons of ideas for this type of birthday party online. Maybe you’ll keep it simple with a barbecue and drinks at the house, or maybe you’ll get wet and wild at a Mud Run? The options are endless!

2. Dirty Thirty Camping Trip

What better way to bring the ‘dirty thirty’ phrase to life than with a fun and exciting camping trip! I mean, really. Just think about it. Where is the one place where you can get as dirty as you want and sleep on top of Mother Earth gazing at the stars above you? At a camping spot, of course! Bring a couple of your best friends along and share some crazy good times as you explore nature and [hopefully] get dirty in the process.


3. Chic Party Theme

For some, turning 30 may be a sign of growing older and becoming more sophisticated. Sound like you? Then you definitely need to ditch the ‘dirty’ party idea and explore more sophisticated and regal options. I introduce you to: the chic party theme. I’m talking beautiful glass wine glasses, the most prestigious flavors of wine, and salmon cooked perfection. Oh, and your friends all wearing their finest jewels and apparel. Can you think of a more gorgeous way to spend an evening?

4. Chic Dinner

If you’re not able to host the party at your own home, the next best option (or maybe the best, depending on your person preference) is to have a chic dinner at one of the fanciest locations in town. Go scouring the town for the most well-known steakhouse or French cuisine spot and enjoy a regal, refined dinner with a few of your friends.

5. House Party

Some people like to keep it simple. And you know what? That’s A-Okay. If you can’t figure out what to do and you’re not one for planning and preparation, than why not just have an easy-going house party? It doesn’t have to be like the parties you remember from high school (or maybe you don’t remember them, hehe). Fire up the barbecue, throw on your swimsuits, and just sit back and relax with a couple of your best buds. Now that sounds like quite a relaxing and fun way to bring in the thirties!


6. 1930’s Theme

For the people who like to go ALL out for their birthdays, this one is for you: a 1930’s themed party. How cool is that? It’s an awesome idea for several reasons: the adorable costumes, the lovely decorations, and of course the cute 1930’s music and dancing to throw it all together. But I have to warn you: if you decide to go with this particular theme, you absolutely have to go all out. People should really think they are walking back in time when they enter your house. Leave them speechless with your decorations and make sure everyone is in costume.

7. Escape!

It’s your birthday. You should be able to get away from all the busyness and stress of life for just a few days, right? You deserve it! For your 30th birthday, why not plan an incredibly fun escape that’s away from the usual. Maybe you could spend the weekend at your favorite lake or beach? Maybe you’ll choose something more extravagant like a cruise along the Bahamas or a dreamy cabin vacation to the Alpines? There’s plenty of choices. Choose one and go for it!

shopping spree

8. Shopping Spree

It really doesn’t matter what age you’re turning; every girl loves a shopping spree. If you’re not sure how you want to spend your 30th birthday, why not just call up a couple of your girlfriends and invite them on a shopping spree? Head out to the biggest mall around, grab a couple drinks, and shop ’til you drop.  I’m sure they won’t say no.

9. Get a New Hairdo

Maybe, in your eyes, you think saying goodbye to your 20’s should mean making some changes in your life. So why not switch it up and ring in your thirties with a brand new hairdo? Maybe it’s just the thing you needed to be excited about turning 30. Go totally crazy with a chopped cut and different hair color or keep it simple with a few streaks here in there. As long as it’s new, you’re golden!

10. Spa Day

On your birthday, you deserve to be pampered. There’s no arguing that. So what better place to go on this incredibly beautiful and exciting day of your life? A day spa, of course! Plan to be pampered from head to toe for a day or make a weekend out of it. Enjoy a deep tissue massage, relax in the mineral baths, and drink the finest cucumber and lemon water in town. The key word here: relax. And of course, have fun.


11. Go Extreme

Umm, you’re only turning 30. You are no where near old- so don’t act like it! Show these younger kids who’s boss and do something totally wild and crazy on your birthday. Will you decide to go skydiving, or explore the deep unknown as a scuba diver? Will you decide to climb the tallest mountain you can climb or maybe even get a tattoo?

12. See a 1930’s Movie

Going to the movies is always a cool idea for a birthday. But this year, you can make it extra special by finding an awesome movie from the 1930’s! A lot of movie theaters will show older films, but if you can’t find any playing nearby you can always rent a movie and watch it at home with your friends.

13. Hit the Casino

Well, now that you are 30, you’re hopefully a bit wiser, so why not head out to the casino- where this time around you [hopefully] won’t end up throwing away over $100 only an hour after walking through the door.

14. Wine Tasting

Feeling a bit more refined and cultured as you enter into your thirties? Well, there’s nothing more classy and elegant than a night in the country with plenty of wines for tasting. Don’t forget to point your pinky as you take a sip, ma’am!


15. Go Back in Time

Okay, maybe you can’t really hop into a time machine and go back to when you were 10. But you sure as heck can fill a room with plenty of old pictures and items from your youth that hold plenty of beloved memories. Spend an evening going through some of your old things and relive the past with this nostalgic 30th birthday idea.

What are you doing for your 30th birthday?


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