12 Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

By on March 6, 2016

So your hubby’s birthday is coming up and you have NO idea what to do? Well, birthdays are a special day- so we are here to help you come up with a really awesome idea he will absolutely love. Here are 12 great birthday ideas for your husband.


  1. Surprise Birthday Party

Okay, I don’t care if you are 5 years old or one hundred and five years old- everyone loves a surprise birthday party! Have everything set up so when he comes home from a long day at work he’s surprised by his friends and family. He will love and appreciate all the work you put in to get everyone together and have everything planned without him knowing. Don’t forget the decorations and a yummy cake!


  1. Bake Him Something

You don’t have to be a professional chef to bake your husband a special treat. Heck, you don’t even have to be necessarily good. The fact that you took the time out of your day to bake your husband’s favorite treat should be enough. Seriously, baking something is so much more heartfelt and unique than simply buying something. So think about your husband’s FAVORITE type of dessert and give it a try! It will probably come out absolutely amazing and he will devour it in one bite.


  1. Romantic Dinner

Females may like a romantic dinner a bit more than males, but what husband could resist a fancy dinner with the love of his life- especially when she is dressed up head to toe in his favorite dress and those sultry red lips he can’t get enough of? Seriously, ladies: doll yourself up like you have never done before and take your man out to dinner at that steak place he loves. He will love it, and don’t forget to tell the waiter it’s his birthday so he can turn red being sang to in the middle of the restaurant!


  1. Go to a Sports Game!

What guy doesn’t want to go to a sports game? And as most women hate to go a game, this will certainly be an awesome surprise for your hubby. Get tickets to see his favorite team, get dressed up in a sports jersey and don’t forget to add your team colors to your face and hair- just go crazy with it and have FUN.


  1. Go on a Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway with your husband? Um, yes please! You can’t go wrong with a weekend getaway: just the two of you, relaxing together, having fun, checking out the sights- it’s really just an amazing way to spend some quality time together while celebrating his special day. So whether you’re heading to a luscious beach spot or trekking up the mountain to a beautiful snow cabin, have fun with your husband and make him feel like the special guy he is. Maybe even set up a small itinerary for your trip so you can see all the best spots and visit the best places!


  1. Give Him a Day Off

Your husband does a lot (so do you, but let’s give the men credit for just a minute!). He probably works, takes out the trash, fixes the car, and a whole lot of other things. He probably doesn’t see his guy friends all TOO often, either. On his birthday, give him the day off. Let him do (within reason) whatever he wants. If he wants to go watch the game at his buddy’s house, let him! If he wants to go eat 6 hamburgers and 3 large fries at McDonald’s, let him! It is his special day to indulge in what he wants and simply enjoy himself. No chores, no work, no nothing. So don’t ask him to do anything on this ONE day!

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are SO much fun! However, they take a WHOLE lot of work. If you put together a super special birthday scavenger hunt for your husband, he better appreciate it! But in all seriousness, a scavenger hunt birthday should be done at least one time in your marriage. He will get a kick out of it and you will love the look on his face when he reaches the end. There’s tons of unique birthday party scavenger hunt ideas online, so do a bit of research and put together the coolest scavenger hunt ever.


  1. Sexy Surprise

Well, ladies, one easy way to make your husband ecstatic on his birthday is to offer up a sexy surprise. You can do this in MANY different ways. Perhaps you give him a sexy deep tissue massage with baby oil and everything. Maybe you decide to go buy a new lacy outfit that will make his jaw drop. Maybe you finally decide you’re ready to try something *new* with him that he’s always wanted to do with you. Maybe you go and get some boudoir pictures taken for his eyes only. Seriously, there’s SO many ways to offer a sexy surprise to your husband, and I GUARANTEE he will like it.

  1. Do Something He’s Always Wanted to Do

We all have something we have always wanted to do, but have yet to do it. Find out something he’s always wanted to do or try, and do it! Maybe he will want to jump from an airplane or go snorkeling, or maybe he wants to visit China. Maybe he simply wants to try a new food like octopus or go mountain climbing. There are a lot of crazy, unique things out there. Ask your husband and surprise him on his birthday by making his dream come true.

  1. Surprise Him With a Present He’s Always Wanted

So your man will NOT STOP TALKING about this (stupid) fishing rod. He goes on and on and on about it day in and day out. He just HAS to have it. But, of course, he doesn’t have the money. Well, surprise him on his birthday with it! He’s been asking for it (well, practically begging for it), so you know he will love it. Instead of simply guessing what he wants or accidentally buying things he has no interest in, find out what he REALLY has been wanting and get him that for his birthday. He will appreciate it more than anything!


  1. Do Something Silly

Go Karts are only for teenagers? Yeah right! Take your guy to the amusement park and let your inner child come through. Buy some cotton candy, make silly jokes, and have some good old fashioned FUN. You can’t go wrong with a fun birthday idea like that!


  1. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Remember where you guys went on your first date? Maybe it was a quick dinner at the local diner and a movie at the drive-in. Maybe you went mini golfing or took a trip to the aquarium. Well, take a lovely trip down memory lane for his birthday. It’s an adorable and sentimental idea he’s bound to love. Try to remember what you WORE on that special day, too, and wear something similar. Completely re-do the first date; how cute would that be?

Ladies, what cool birthday ideas have you done for your husband? What birthday ideas to you plan to do in the future? We want to hear your ideas!

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